Abdominal etching cost in Turkey

Written by Émilie Gervais

All about abdominal etching in Turkey ! What is the average cost in Istanbul ? Our tips for a successful abdominal etching in Turkey.

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How much does an abdominal etching cost in Turkey?

The average cost of an abdominal etching in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,950. Depending on the needs, abdominal etching costs from £1,550 to £2,350 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Abdominal etching£1,950£10,000

What is abdominal etching?

An “ideal” body is generally characterised by a muscular physique and defined abs. Despite diet and exercise, many do not achieve this desired result. Today, however, there is a shorter way to achieve a six-pack abs without so much effort.

Experts at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami developed a new method of cosmetic surgery called abdominal etching, a procedure that removes excess fat from the stomach and reshapes its muscles to give it a toned appearance as if we were rigorously attending the gym.

What is abdominal etching?

As research recently published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains, abdominal etching in Turkey employs a more defined orientation for power-assisted liposuction, a method that connects a vibrating tube to a hoover, suctioning and removing accumulations of fat beneath the skin.

In this way, a plastic surgeon can shape several layers of a person’s belly fat in a way that defines their natural abdominal muscle markings (typically three vertical markings for women and 6 horizontal markings for men).

The procedure is tailored to the priorities of the patient, who may choose more subtle and shallower abs, or a more defined and chiselled appearance, as well as better defined hip lines.

The research involved a total of 50 people (24 women and 26 men with an average age of 26 years), who were in perfect condition thanks to a healthy diet and permanent physical activity, but who were trying to get rid of some accumulations of fat in the abdomen.

An “ideal” body forever?

As with almost all aesthetic procedures, there are specific rules that must be followed during the postoperative period following abdominal etching in Turkey, such as the use of foam dressings to maintain the etched marks while the body is recovering. We will also have to visit the specialist periodically to check that there are no complications in this regard.

And we can’t forget about diet and exercise if we really want to keep the abdominal engraving. According to the authors of the study, the most important thing is to follow a healthy lifestyle, including strict physical activity after 30 days, in order to maintain a firm abdomen.

Unfortunately, we cannot simply leave the clinic, spend several months lying on a couch and pretend to have a sculpted figure all the time.

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