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All about blepharoplasty in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful blepharoplasty in Turkey. provides information on a blepharoplasty in Turkey and helps you book surgery with qualified surgeons. This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a blepharoplasty cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a blepharoplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,400. Depending on the needs, a blepharoplasty costs from £2,100 to £2,700 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price

What is a blepharoplasty?

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the face. Eyes with bags or droopy eyelids look sad and tired, and cannot accurately convey the person’s feelings. With a blepharoplasty in Turkey, we can improve the eyes and with it the whole face, which is rejuvenated and gains vitality thanks to its lifting effect around the eyes.

What is Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is a short-term surgery to correct excess and sagging skin and bags of fat in the upper and lower eyelids that cause an aged look. The operation lasts between 40-60 minutes and gives permanent results, with no visible scarring.

This is a minimally invasive surgery performed under local anaesthesia and sedation and does not require hospitalisation. It is a conservative procedure, as the orbicularis oculi muscle is never touched.

It can also be combined with a wide range of other treatments, from medical procedures such as Botox or hyaluronic acid to other surgical treatments such as a facelift or lip and cheek augmentation.

The main benefits of this intervention are:

  • Reduces bags
  • Lifts drooping eyelids
  • Tightens the skin around the eyes
  • Gives vitality and strength to the eyes
  • Rejuvenates the entire face

What Blepharoplasty consists of

At Maxilodexeus, we do not only perform eyelid surgery. Our concept is that of eye surgery, as we cover everything that has to do with this very basic part of the face. There are several elements, beyond the eyelids, that are equally important in the overall result of the gaze.

When planning blepharoplasty, we assess all the parts that affect the gaze, even those that go beyond the eyes. We take into account all the elements of the lower and upper eyelids, the position of the eyebrows and eyelashes, interocular wrinkles, crow’s feet and personal expression, among other aspects. All of these are essential to achieve natural results adapted to each patient.

Through a thorough study we can determine the most suitable type of blepharoplasty and how we can enhance it with other facial treatments. Thus, in the same intervention we can treat different aspects so that the rejuvenation of the gaze is total and vitality returns to the entire minimally invasive face.

Upper blepharoplasty

With this procedure we can lift the eyelid and eyebrows, remove excess fat and skin from the upper eyelids, firm the eyelid skin and lift the eyelashes. This option is recommended for people who have problems mainly in the upper eyelids as their skin is not yet affected by the passage of time. As a result of the intervention, the eyes will look more lively and rejuvenated and future ageing will be delayed.

Lower blepharoplasty

If we want a more global result or if the ageing process is more advanced, it is advisable to opt for a blepharoplasty of both eyelids. With this procedure, we can solve all the problems with the eyes in a single operation. In this way, as well as lifting the upper eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes, we will remove fat and drooping from all four eyelids and firm the skin for a more spectacular effect.

Blepharoplasty prices

Our blepharoplasty is more than just eyelid surgery, it is a surgery of the eyes. In our individualised planning we take into account everything that has to do with the eyes, which is why we treat several aspects in one surgery, minimally invasively and under local anaesthesia.

Before and after Blepharoplasty in Turkey


What causes dark circles under the eyes?

As we age or prematurely, the tissues of the eyelids sag excessively. The skin in this area becomes thicker and bags grow due to excess fat, making the eyes look sad and tired.

Will I have scars after the eyelid surgery?

No, the skin of the eyelids is so thin and we make the necessary incisions in an area that allows the scars to be very well concealed, invisible to the eye.

I have droopy eyelids, is it possible to correct this with blepharoplasty?

Yes, whether you have an upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty or both, droopy eyelid correction can be performed in the same procedure.

What type of anaesthesia is used in blepharoplasty?

Yes, the patient will feel a small prick during one minute of the infiltration of the local anaesthetic. Afterwards, the patient will not feel any pain as the area will be asleep.

Will I need to be admitted to hospital after blepharoplasty?

No, blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure that lasts 1 to 2 hours, depending on the patient.

How long will I be on sick leave? When will I start to live a normal life?

The patient will be recovered in 4 days and will be able to lead a normal life within a week.

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