Breast implant cost in Turkey

All about breast implant in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful breast implant in Turkey. provides information on breast implant in Turkey and helps you book surgery with qualified surgeons. This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a breast implant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a breast implant in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,300. Depending on the needs, breast implant costs from £2,000 to £2,600 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Breast implant£2,300£4,600

What is a breast implant?

The bust is a key element in a woman’s beauty and proportionality. It is also a sign of femininity that dates back to the beginning of time.

The experience in performing this technique for many years and a multitude of studies assure us that it is a safe procedure with very good results.

Whether in women with hypoplasia (small breasts) since puberty, or in those who have lost volume after pregnancy, breast augmentation with breast implants of the highest quality, produces excellent and very durable results in Turkey.

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty or boob job, is the technique by which the surgeon can increase the volume of the breast, improving the shape of the breast.

Choosing the type of breast implant in Turkey

The choice of the type of implant (shape and volume) should be a process of meeting between the surgeon and the patient. Always be wary of a surgeon who presumes to choose everything for you, because no two women are alike, and you must be an active part in the process of selecting the prostheses.

Breast implant placement for breast augmentation

There are three possible approaches (scars) after breast augmentation in Turkey. The most used, due to its excellent aesthetic results and its safety is the SUBMAMMARY (in the sulcus, below the breast). With time, this small scar (3-4cm) is confused with the wrinkle of the sulcus. Other possible approaches depending on the characteristics of the patient are the AREOLAR (by the lower outer margin of the areola) or the AXILLARY (by the armpit). The doctor will recommend which is best for your individual case.

There are also three positions where to place the implant. The submuscular position (below the pectoralis major muscle) is the most used and recommended for most patients. It provides the best aesthetic result and is the safest except in some exceptions. Other possibilities are Subfascial and Subglandular.


Careful tissue management, advanced electrocautery muscle separation, efficient surgical time, implant insertion without traumatizing the breast, and no drains mean that patients recover much sooner and experience much less discomfort after breast surgery.

In the case of submuscular breast implants (under the muscle), as is the majority of cases, the postoperative discomfort may be somewhat greater during the first few days, but the better aesthetic result and better behavior of breast implants in the long term justifies that small effort.

Drains are not used in the vast majority of cases, since they are not necessary when performing a good technique in the operating room, and can even be harmful because they cause more pain, scarring on the side and a greater risk of infection, as has been shown in several scientific studies.

With the No-Touch technique, the implant is inserted without being in contact with any other element, only touched by the surgeon’s recently changed gloves. This technique minimizes the risk of infection and capsular contracture.

The intervention will take place in a hospital, with all the means (Anesthesiologist with extensive experience in Plastic Surgery, expert nursing, assistants etc…). Admission to the ward, with one night of hospitalization included in the price and facilities that have advanced ICU.

Which breast implant is right for me?

The implants we use today are, in their great majority, textured and filled with silicone. There are many different brands in the market, with very different prices and different manufacturing processes, warranty and after-sales service.

It is important to know that there are two types of breast forms: Round and Anatomical.

Round implants fill out the cleavage more and, in thin girls, they can give a more “artificial” result. These silicone prostheses are widely used in mastopexy with prostheses.

Anatomical implants, fill the breast in a more proportional way, and therefore usually give a more natural result in very thin patients or with very little breast, as they give a softer appearance, making the breast start little by little from the neckline. These silicone prostheses are the best for patients who want a very natural result.

How long do the prostheses last?

The duration of the prosthesis is variable, in general it is estimated between 15-30 years, but this is very dependent on each patient. They do not have an “expiration date”, that is, if in the long-term revisions they are still good, it is not necessary to replace them.

In recent times, implants with polyurethane cover, which have a low rate of capsular contracture, have been used more and more. Generally they are useful for cases already operated or replacement of prosthesis that have given problems, but in some occasions they can be a good choice in primary cases (not previously operated).

Postoperative breast implant

It is expected that you will have some discomfort or pain (mild in the vast majority of cases) in the first 2-5 days after surgery. In most cases, you can return to work after 3-5 days.

In the case of submuscular prostheses (under the muscle), as in most cases, the discomfort may be somewhat greater during the first few days, but the better aesthetic result and better behavior of the prostheses in the long term justifies this small effort.

In the first weeks, the shape and size of the implants will not be definitive. Little by little the implant will distend the skin and the result will become more natural and proportionate. Generally after 3 months the aspect is usually very good.

Recommendations for postoperative breast implant surgery

You will need to wear a special bra for the first month after getting a breast implant in Turkey, all day long. On some occasions we will also recommend an upper chest band.

The doctor will check you a few days after the operation and then, after 8-14 days, two stitches on each side of the wound will be removed (it is not painful). You will have to wait a month to lift heavy weights with your arms or exercise.

Avoid massaging the chest. It is a neglected practice and will not bring you anything.

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