Breast lipofilling cost in Turkey

Written by Émilie Gervais

All about breast lipofilling in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful breast lipofilling in Turkey. provides information on breast lipofilling in Turkey and helps you book a procedure with qualified surgeons. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does breast lipofilling cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a breast lipofilling in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,200. Depending on the needs, breast lipofilling costs from £1,800 to £2,600 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Breast lipofilling£1,600£5,000

What is a breast lipofilling?

Breast lipofilling in Turkey is performed with the patient’s own fat, which we have previously extracted from other parts of the body. With this we achieve a very natural symmetry of the breasts and a higher quality of the tissues. Breast lipofilling is a suitable treatment for those patients who do not wish to improve the shape or size of their breasts but who do not want prostheses. We can also use a mixed technique, which combines the patient’s own fat filling with a smaller and therefore less noticeable prosthesis, achieving a very natural result and with fewer possible future complications. In these cases, the patient also improves her body silhouette by improving her contour after the previous liposuction surgery to extract the fat that will later be used to reshape the breast.

Is a natural result important in breast augmentation surgery?

Breast lipofilling in Turkey is one of the operations that creates most satisfaction in patients, both for the improvement in self-image and for the naturalness and integration of the breast in a more beautiful and proportionate figure. We can use anatomical prostheses, which have greater volume in the lower segment; or round implants, which are equal and uniform. The plastic surgeon must choose the option that best suits the needs and expectations of each patient, always seeking the most natural result.

Are all surgeries similar?

Every woman is different. We cannot offer the same breast augmentation treatment to a woman in her twenties as to a woman in her fifties; to a malformed breast as to a perfectly formed one. Thus, this operation often involves the need for other procedures, such as the correction of tuberous breasts, breast asymmetries, inverted nipples, nipple hypertrophy or prominent areolas.

Can breast augmentation be combined with a breast lift?

By performing a breast lift (mastopexy) with breast augmentation using prostheses in the same operation, we achieve five objectives:

  • Raise the sagging chest, recovering its initial position.
  • Increase the volume of the breast.
  • Correct flaccidity.
  • To reshape the breast, achieving greater tone.
  • The implantation of the prostheses does not involve new scars.

What is the best approach?

Classically, the breast augmentation operation can be performed via three main approaches: the submammary fold, the areolar approach or the axillary approach. The plastic surgeon must use all three approaches, depending on the individual characteristics of each patient, as each has its advantages and particularities. The decision to place the scar in one place or another will depend on different factors and should not be limited to making only one type of incision.

Our main option is the submammary fold approach. The main reason is that the scar, about four centimetres long, is hidden in the fold that the breast makes at its junction with the thorax, which makes it practically imperceptible with the passage of time.

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