Breast ptosis cost in Turkey

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How much does breast psosis cost in Turkey?

The average cost of breast psosis in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,500. Depending on the needs, breast psosis costs from £1,300 to £1,700 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Breast psosis£1,500£3,500

What is breast psosis?

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing and weight changes are some of the causes of changes in the shape of the breasts. Both the skin and the tissue of the breasts present changes that are reflected in a hollower appearance of the breasts. The descent of the tissues (skin and/or mammary gland) is called breast ptosis in Turkey. To assess the degree of descent, the position of the areola and nipple with respect to the fold of the breast (submammary fold) is taken as a reference; depending on this position, there are different degrees of ptosis.


As a reference, a line is drawn from the sternal fork to the nipple, the ideal limits of which would be 19 to 21 cm. The exact point is located on a vertical midclavicular line at the height of the anterior projection of the breast fold.

The different degrees of breast ptosis, according to their intensity, are as follows:

  • Grade I ptosis or breast pseudoptosis: The areola is above the submammary fold, but the upper pole of the breast is empty of glandular content, which is concentrated in the lower part of the breast. This gives the breast an empty or ptosis-like appearance when it is not; this is called pseudoptosis or false ptosis.
  • Grade II ptosis. The height of the nipple is in the line of the submammary fold.
  • Grade III ptosis. The nipple is located below the submammary fold, at a distance from the suprasternal fossa of between 23 and 28 cm. This situation generally corresponds to breast ptosis due to ageing, thinning processes and some moderate hypertrophies.
  • Grade IV ptosis. The nipple-areola complex is located more than 29 cm away from the suprasternal fossa. It corresponds to cases of significant hypertrophy. The correction of this degree of ptosis is associated with breast reduction surgery.


Breast ptosis in Turkey or mastopexy aims to raise the position of the areola, reposition the breast tissue and remove excess skin, thus improving the shape and projection of the breast. In cases where the size of the areola is larger than desired, its size can also be reduced.

Often the indicated treatment only consists of repositioning the patient’s breast tissue. On other occasions, to restore volume, the use of breast implants may be indicated to fill the upper pole of the breast.

The technical variants of this type of breast surgery are numerous, depending on the degree of descent of the areola, the characteristics of the tissues, or the need for breast implants. The scars may be limited to the edge of the areola around its entire perimeter or may also include a vertical scar from the lower edge of the areola towards the submammary fold. Sometimes it is necessary to resect skin in the area of the submammary fold to achieve the desired result. This type of scars under normal conditions end up being barely visible in the long term, being well tolerated by patients.

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy is one of the operations in which the effect on a woman’s self-esteem is most evident.

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