Buttock reduction surgery cost in Turkey

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All about buttock reduction in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful buttock reduction in Turkey.

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How much does buttock reduction surgery cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a buttock reduction surgery in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,700. Depending on the needs, buttock reduction surgery costs from £900 to £2,500 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Buttock reduction surgery£1,700£4,000

What is a buttock reduction surgery?

Most women prefer to undergo buttock augmentation surgery in Turkey in Istanbul to add projection and increase the size of their buttocks; meanwhile, there are those who want to reduce the size of their buttocks. While there is no doubt that larger buttocks look more voluptuous and sexy, buttocks that are too large look odd, abnormal, and aesthetically displeasing.

Many women also experience low self-esteem as a result of overdeveloped buttocks. Current beauty trends for women prefer the size of the buttocks to be in conformity with their overall body shape, contour and size. When the buttock grows larger than this limit, it looks unsightly. As such, patients with overdeveloped buttocks seek ways to reduce the size of their buttocks. Buttock reduction in Turkey is an effective plastic surgery procedure to reduce the size of your buttock, so that it appears normal and aesthetically more attractive.

How is buttock reduction surgery performed?

The buttocks are an important area of the human body. It is made up of fat, tissue, muscle, and skin. Most cases of overdeveloped buttocks occur as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the area. Buttock reduction surgery is an effective and reliable procedure to reduce the size of the buttocks by removing excess fat.

The surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia in association with tumescent anaesthesia; general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation may also be used for patients who want to sleep well throughout the procedure. The surgery begins with the placement of incisions in the buttocks. In the second step, liposuction is performed on the buttocks to remove excess fat.

Liposuction involves inserting a liposuction cannula into the buttock through the incision. Before the cannula is inserted into the selected area, a tumescent solution is injected into the region. This solution helps limit bleeding and makes the process more comfortable for the patient.

The liposuction cannula is a hollow tube that is connected to a liposuction pump or special syringe. After inserting the cannula into the selected area, the cannula is moved back and forth under the traditional method to release the fat cells from the tissues. The released fat is then suctioned out of the area with the help of a suction pump or syringe. The same process is repeated on the other buttock until both buttocks are reduced and contoured.

The latest versions of liposuction technologies have revolutionised buttock reduction surgery. For example, if laser-assisted liposuction or ultrasound-assisted liposuction is used, it is no longer necessary to remove fat cells from the surrounding tissue manually. Instead, these technologies now use ultrasound beams or laser technology to melt the fat within the buttocks before suctioning it out.

In most cases, especially if your skin quality is not good, liposuction alone will reduce the size of your buttocks, but leave them flabby. Fat removal has the tendency to cause the buttocks to become flabby and sag. To treat this condition, the excess skin will have to be removed. This procedure can only be performed under general anesthesia.

Most plastic surgeons prefer to perform skin removal surgery during the buttock reduction procedure; however, there are others who feel it should be done separately. Be sure to select your plastic surgeon for buttock reduction and skin removal very carefully. An inexperienced surgeon can leave your buttocks in an unfavorable aesthetic shape as well as leaving you with other health complications.

Skin excision surgery begins with the placement of a large incision in the buttock. After the incision is placed, the excess skin will be removed and the remainder will be re-draped, sutured, and closed. Unfortunately, the removal of the skin may leave visible scars. If the surgeon places the incisions in places where they can be camouflaged, the scars will be less visible.

Risks of buttock reduction surgery

Like all other major plastic surgery procedures, there are many risks associated with buttock reduction in Turkey. If you are in poor health or have specific health complications, the risks may be even greater for you. Common risks of buttock augmentation include infection, bleeding, blood clotting, nerve damage, seroma, hematoma, and loss of skin sensation.

To reduce these risks, be sure to share your complete health history and medications with your chosen plastic surgeon. Select your doctor carefully and during the recovery period, follow your surgeon’s instructions completely and take all your medications on time.

Recovery after buttock reduction surgery

After buttock reduction surgery, the patient will have to observe a full recovery process like any other major operation. You should be off work for the first 2 weeks to recover after the procedure. If the surgery involves the removal of skin, the recovery process may increase by a week. For the first 2 weeks after the operation, be sure to stay in bed and get plenty of rest. You can get up and take short, slow walks after every few hours.

Be sure not to sleep on your back or sit for the first 2 weeks as this can ruin the aesthetic results achieved. You need to let your bottom recover from the surgical trauma. Avoid physically demanding activities such as running, lifting weights, jumping, stretching and bending for at least 3 weeks after surgery. If your doctor has recommended that you wear compression garments, be sure to wear them for the recommended period of time.


Buttock reduction surgery is an effective plastic surgery procedure to reduce the size of the overdeveloped buttocks. A very large buttock can appear abnormal and become a source of embarrassment for the patient. Buttock reduction involves liposuction of the buttocks to remove excess fat, causing the buttocks to decrease in size. The procedure may also involve the removal of excess skin if liposuction leaves sagging skin in the buttock area.

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