Buttocks augmentation without implants cost in Turkey

Written by Émilie Gervais

All about buttock augmentation without implants in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our advice for a successful surgery in Turkey.

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How much does a buttocks augmentation without implants cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a buttocks augmentation without implants in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,700. Depending on the needs, buttocks augmentation without implants costs from £1,500 to £1,900 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Buttocks augmentation without implants£1,700£5,000

What is a buttocks augmentation without implants?

Many surgeons reject buttock augmentation surgery with prostheses or gluteoplasty, since in 50% of cases the implants are noticeable, the results are not natural and there is a high rate of prosthesis breakage, infections and scarring problems, and in 20% of cases the surgery requires retouching. But now it is possible to achieve good results by means of an innovative technique, buttocks augmentation without implants in Turkey.

ANESTHESIALocal (in some cases can be performed under sedation)


Until now, in order to increase the volume of the buttocks, reshape them and solve irregularities, depressions and dimples, it was necessary to undergo surgery to insert silicone implants, local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia, a night’s sleep in the clinic, scarring and the inevitable post-operative period.

Now, thanks to buttocks augmentation without implants in Turkey, this whole process can be avoided with the launch on the market of a resorbable hyaluronic acid body filler, which is infiltrated through micro-incisions. It is a pure hyaluronic acid gel, of non-animal origin, so the risk of infections, rejection and allergies is unlikely, and its composition is identical to that produced naturally by our body.

Its application technique consists of simply introducing the gel using two-millimetre cannulas, distributing it where it is needed. This procedure does not replace surgery as it is a temporary treatment and, although apparently simple, it requires a precise technique and must be carried out by a specialised plastic surgeon who has received the corresponding training course.


This new product remains in the body for a minimum of 2 years, during which time it degrades and 30-50% of the infiltrated volume is lost, at which time the treatment is repeated every year to restore the lost volume.

Although it requires an operating theatre and local anaesthesia, the non-invasive procedure lasts only 30 minutes, leaves no scar, requires minimal post-operative care, perhaps some oral anti-inflammatory medication, no time off work and immediate results.


As with other surgical procedures, a preoperative examination of the patient is required to detect any possible abnormalities that might contraindicate the operation.

In the case of buttock augmentation surgery, it is recommended to maintain good hygiene of the perineal region with antiseptic soaps a few days before the operation.


After treatment, the patient requires minimal postoperative care, perhaps taking an oral anti-inflammatory, no sick leave is necessary and the results are immediate.

During the first week it is important to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks, as this can cause inflammatory discomfort, which will subside after the first few days.


Is it invasive?

No. As it is a buttock augmentation with hyaluronic acid, it is a very minimally invasive method that allows great results to be achieved from the first moment of its application.

Are the results immediate?

Not only are the results totally effective, but they are practically immediate. There is an immediate improvement with greater firmness, harmony and volume.

How long does the procedure take?

Around 30 minutes.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

Those who want to improve the appearance of the buttocks, as well as those who experience volume loss, sagging, lack of firmness and visible cellulite are ideal candidates for this procedure and who do not wish to undergo a complicated surgical process.

What are the advantages of buttock augmentation without surgery?

The main advantage is the immediacy and speed of the results compared to other techniques. As it is a non-surgical treatment, the recovery time is very short and you will be able to carry out your daily activities the same day, always following the specialist’s instructions.

How long does buttock augmentation last?

The maximum duration is usually around 18 months.

Is it bad to do sport after treatment?

We recommend avoiding any physical effort that may cause discomfort for the first 48 hours. It is very important to follow the indications of the specialists in order to achieve optimum results.

Buttocks augmentation without implants price in Turkey

The average price of buttocks augmentation without implants in Turkey is 1700 £. The minimum price is 1500 £ and the maximum price is 1900 £.

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