Dental care in Turkey

All about dental care in Turkey! Top 3 most popular dental treatments for women and men. Key figures: length of stay, surgery, hospitalisation, recovery time and type of anaesthesia. provides information on dental care in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.


Dental care in Turkey remains a privileged solution to obtain good oral health and thus allow the teeth to fully play their different roles: functional, phonetic and aesthetic.

An estimated 130,000 dental implants are placed each year in England. In Turkey, on the other hand, approximately 700,000 dental procedures are performed in a single year. These figures are explained by the fact that Turkey has become a global destination for dental care. The country offers the most affordable prices, as it is 60% cheaper than England, Belgium or Spain and many others. But it is not only the price that attracts, it is the whole offer that goes with it.

Over the last ten years, Turkey has developed the concept of dental tourism. This involves offering a stay that is similar to top-of-the-range tourism (travel, discovery, luxury accommodation, translation service, personalised accompaniment, etc.) and which includes a medical intervention (dental care, fitting of implants, crowns, etc.).

Medical tourism is an important part of the Turkish economy as the pricing policy is controlled by the state with special regulations. In addition, the country is at the forefront of technology in terms of dental facilities allowing for quick and efficient interventions.

Recurrent dental problems

Oral health is a greater concern for women than for men. Women go to the dentist for preventive care, while men only make an appointment to treat dental ailments.

Dental care for women

In women, dental infections, gingivitis and bleeding gums are among the main dental problems that lead them to seek medical attention.

These are accentuated by hormonal peaks caused by pregnancy, contraception or the menopause. Tooth loosening and loss are also reasons for consultation.

Dental care for men

Recurrent dental problems in men are gingivitis, infections, abscesses or tooth fractures. These are favoured by smoking, poor dental hygiene, but also by sporting activity.

Men tend to develop trauma to the mouth and teeth during contact sports.

The most popular dental treatments in Turkey

In Turkey, there are three most common dental treatments requested by European and international clients. These are dental implants, dental veneers (Hollywood Smile) and dental crowns.

Dental implants

Definition : A dental implant is a device inserted into the jawbone to act as an artificial root or anchor. It is then used to attach a false tooth or a crown. The aim is to preserve the aesthetics and the essential function of the tooth: chewing. It also preserves the adjacent teeth, the balance of the jaw or the stabilization of dental prostheses.

When is a dental implant used in Turkey?
Your Turkish dentist may recommend a dental implant when you have a tooth to replace and the root of the tooth is in poor condition. Dental implants are also recommended when one or more teeth are lost or extracted and fixed dentures are required. The implant will support the dentures and ensure their stability.

Infographic of human in structure of the dental implant illustration

Quels sont les différents types d’implants dentaires ?

  • The titanium dental implant : Titanium is a transition metal with high thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance. It is fixed in the bone or in the gum when the jaw is too thin.
  • Zirconia dental implant : Zirconia is a polycrystalline ceramic that has been molecularly modified to be softer and stronger. White in colour, it is more discreet than the titanium implant.

What is the procedure for a dental implant in Turkey?

The placement of a dental implant is an outpatient process that does not require hospitalisation. It takes place in stages. The first phase consists of several X-rays and the machining of implants adapted to the patient. The second phase consists of an extraction session followed by the placement of the implant if it can be done at the same session. The surgeon proceeds to the incision of the gum to screw or fix an implant of 5 to 15mm. He finishes with the suture for a better healing. The operation is done under local anaesthesia.

How long does a dental implant last?

The life span of a dental implant in Istanbul can exceed the human life span. This is due to several factors: the use of high quality and durable materials; the operation performed by an experienced implantologist and taking into account all constraints and chewing axes. The life span of the implant will also depend on the patient’s oral hygiene, the maintenance of the crown or the prosthesis fixed on the implant.

Risks & complications (and contraindications)

Dental implants are not recommended for patients with diseased or damaged gums or insufficient bone. It is also not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from osteoporosis. As with any operation, there is a risk of swelling in the implant area, infections, lesions and damage to adjacent teeth. These problems are easily treatable. See the price of dental implant in Turkey.

La pose d’un implant dentaire est déconseillée en cas de gencive malade ou en mauvais état, en cas de quantité d’os insuffisante. Elle n’est pas également recommandée aux femmes enceintes ou aux personnes souffrant de maladies d’ostéoporose. Comme toute opération, les risques de gonflement sur la partie de l’implant, d’infections, de lésions, de dommages sur les dents adjacentes sont possibles. Ces problèmes sont facilement traitables.

Does the operation hurt? If so, for how long?

The surgery itself does not hurt, as it is performed under anaesthesia. However, when the anaesthetic wears off, the patient may experience some discomfort or pain, which will subside within a few days after taking painkillers or antibiotics. To avoid aggravating them, follow the dentist’s diet recommendations.

Minimum duration of stay in Turkey

For dental implants followed by crowns or bridges, the minimum stay is 5 to 7 days.

Dental veneer or Hollywood Smile

  • Definition : The dental veneer or Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a shell placed on the visible part of the teeth. It has a purely aesthetic function. It is used to correct a structural defect, a cracked or discoloured tooth. It allows the shape, colour and alignment of the teeth to be changed so that a beautiful smile can be restored very quickly.
  • When is dental veneer used in Turkey?
    Your Turkish dentist may recommend veneers for cracked, broken, discoloured or badly positioned teeth. It can also be used to repair chips or gaps between teeth. It is also the best alternative to get white teeth when whitening has not been effective.

Quels sont les différents types de facettes dentaires ?

  • The composite dental veneer : Composite dental veneers are made of soft resin paste. It is intended mainly for cracked teeth. The construction and moulding of this veneer is done directly at the Turkish dental surgeon who builds it directly in the patient’s mouth.
  • The ceramic veneer : The ceramic dental veneer is made of a strong material with metallic characteristics. It is also custom-made after the dentist has moulded your teeth. Two main ceramic veneers are used in Turkey: Lumineers for patients with perfectly aligned teeth, and Emax veneers, which offer a wide range of customisation options.

What is the procedure for applying dental veneers in Turkey?

The placement of a veneer in Istanbul takes place in three stages. The first step is to perform a mask to determine the shape, appearance and placement of the future veneers on the patient. The second step is to create the dental veneers with the preparation of the enamel. The third step is the placement of the final veneers under local anaesthetic. The operation can take 4 hours for six veneers. A temporary trial is performed before the final veneers are placed. These three steps can be performed during different sessions.

How long does a dental veneer last?

The life span of a dental veneer depends on the material used. Resin, which is less resistant, can last a few years. Ceramic veneers last about 20 years. Excellent oral hygiene is required to optimise its life span (use of a soft toothbrush, regular scaling, limiting tobacco consumption, etc.).

Risks & complications (and contraindications)

Dental veneers are not recommended in cases of bruxism, teeth without nerves, polycarias or periodontal disease. It is not suitable for people who eat too much sugar or acid, or for heavy smokers. After the installation, the risks are a slight swelling of the gums, sensitivity to certain cold or hot foods, and sensations of discomfort that fade with time.

Does the operation hurt? If so, for how long?

The operation does not hurt, as it is performed under local anaesthetic. A feeling of discomfort may be felt when the anaesthetic wears off. This may last for 1 or 2 days, while you get used to the veneers.

Minimum duration of stay in Turkey

The minimum stay in Turkey for a dental veneer is 6 to 8 days.

La couronne dentaire

  • Definition : A dental crown in Turkey is an artificial prosthesis that restores the form and function of a badly damaged tooth. Fixed and stable, it allows the preservation of a fragile tooth, at risk of structural damage.
  • When is a dental crown used in Turkey?
    A dental crown may be necessary for fragile, discoloured or damaged teeth. It is also necessary to replace a large amount of tooth structure or to protect at-risk tooth walls. It is also possible to use a dental crown just to improve the aesthetics of the teeth.

What are the different types of dental crowns?

  • The ceramic-metallic crown : It is made with a metal alloy support and a ceramic prosthesis. This is the most common type because it is very strong and long-lasting.
  • The ceramic crown : It is made entirely of biocompatible ceramic. Translucent, it gives a very natural and aesthetic result.
  • The metal crown : Made entirely of metal, the metal crown is solid and resistant. Affordable, it offers three types of finish: gold, silver and copper.
  • The resin crown : This is made from a soft, easy-to-mould paste. It is most commonly used as a temporary prosthesis, while your permanent crown is being made.

How is a dental crown fitted in Turkey?

The installation of a dental crown in Istanbul requires an initial session of grinding to regularise the walls and moulding of the tooth in order to make a customised dental crown. Another step is to make a temporary tooth while the prosthesis is being constructed. The second session consists of the Turkish dental surgeon placing the final crown, but before this, a trial will determine the perfect fit of the dental crown.

How long does a dental crown last?

The life of a dental crown can be up to 25 years if the right conditions are met: excellent dental hygiene, healthy and balanced diet, regular maintenance. Regular scaling is necessary to protect the crown from decay and corrosion. It is also recommended to limit alcohol consumption and smoking.

What are the risks and complications (contraindications)

A dental crown is not recommended in cases of bruxism, a root canal in poor condition or a damaged jaw. In order for a crown to be firmly anchored and to function properly, it must be placed on a healthy base. Common risks are swelling after placement and isolated pain. Infections or loosening of the underlying tooth are also complications and must be dealt with quickly to avoid more serious complications.

Does the operation hurt? If so, for how long?

A dental crown is placed under local anaesthetic, or general anaesthetic if a large amount of tooth structure is involved. When the anaesthetic wears off, the patient may feel pain or discomfort which should disappear with painkillers or antibiotics.

What is the minimum length of stay in Turkey?

Dental crowns require a 6-7 day stay in Turkey.

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