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Considering dental veneers in Turkey? This ultimate guide contains everything you need to know about dental treatment, post-surgery follow-up and cost in Istanbul. Request a quote and get the best price in Turkey to have a star smile. provides information on dental veneers in Turkey and helps you book surgery with qualified surgeons. This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much do dental veneers cost in Turkey?

The average cost of dental veneers in Turkey, in Istanbul, is £300. Depending on your needs, dental veneers cost between £250 and £350 in Turkey.

Types of dental veneersTurkey PriceUK Price
Zirconium dental veneer£160£340
Ceramic dental veneer £220 £900
Emax dental veneer £260 £1000
Lumineers Dental Veneer£200£750

Dental veneers in Turkey: The ultimate guide

If the smile is the charm of the face, all the honor goes to the teeth. Teeth have an essential function and do more than just grind food. They are also the source of what we call a beautiful smile. And yet, this is not always the case!

When teeth overlap, become deformed or yellow, their aesthetic function is almost non-existent. And when rigorous dental hygiene is not enough to seduce where a smile should normally work its charm, it is difficult to mince words.

Is it possible to smile proudly when you have overlapped, overgrown or yellowed teeth? Let’s not give up so quickly. Today, for both men and women, there are effective methods to obtain a pearly white smile, worthy of a TV commercial for toothpaste: the placement of dental veneers in Turkey.

Tooth replacement in Turkey

Also called “Hollywood Smile” in Istanbul, it is a non-invasive method that makes teeth bright. The dental veneer consists of placing shells on the teeth. The goal is to rectify the aesthetic aspect of the teeth to obtain a smile of stars. Dental veneers in Turkey are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and dental treatments.

In the Islamic religion, the application of dental veneers is not haram. It is accepted if it aims to remove a defect affecting the teeth.

Experienced dentist, high quality veneer, 100% successful operation, but above all very affordable cost, Istanbul is the destination of choice to redo your teeth, find the smile on your lips, and display a beautiful model teeth.

Ready for dental veneers in Turkey? Follow the guide.

Get a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul

According to a Spanish proverb, a tooth should be valued a thousand times more than a diamond. There is nothing more attractive than a shiny set of teeth. However, we are not always born with beautiful teeth. That’s why we often opt for an aesthetic solution.

Discolored teeth, stained or degraded enamel, partially or totally broken teeth, let’s face it, it’s not attractive at all. As a result of poor oral hygiene, a not very healthy lifestyle (smoking, caffeine or sugary food among others), yellowed or stained teeth are not beautiful to see and not easy to deal with.

To correct these small dental mishaps, one may want to turn to dental prostheses in Turkey. They are an effective solution for having beautiful teeth, but they are primarily intended for medical purposes to restore chewing.

The dental veneer is therefore the best solution. It offers a softer alternative, but also more economical and aesthetic. Less restrictive, it adapts to practically all dentitions and, above all, it can last up to 20 years.

What is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are to teeth what false nails are to fingers. A purely aesthetic technique, it consists of gluing a thin film of material (often ceramic or composite) to the visible surface of the teeth.

Dentists choose a dental veneer treatment to preserve the natural integrity of the teeth. Tooth whitening is more invasive and can alter the enamel.

Designed for both men and women, dental veneers can be used to correct the color of teeth or to conceal minor misalignments such as overlapping or spacing of the teeth. It also helps protect fragile teeth and preserve enamel. But for it to last, it must also be accompanied by good dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Carried out in a dental office, the dental veneer is an aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. It does not interfere with the main function of chewing and would not cause any effect in daily activities. But moreover, it is easy to maintain. Daily brushing three times a day and a good diet will do the trick to keep your veneers intact for as long as possible.

An aesthetic solution for minor corrections

Although dental veneers are more accessible, they are not for everyone. Recommended for adults, or from 18 years old, the placement of dental veneers in Turkey can only be done in a patient with a healthy lifestyle. For a smile of stars like celebrities or influencers on Instagram, it will be necessary to limit foods or drinks too sweet, too acidic. Beware, biting your nails or biting your pencil will no longer be possible once the dental veneers are applied.

This technique is effective on:

  • Stains that can no longer be removed by tooth whitening. After multiple whitenings, veneers are the final solution.
  • Gapped teeth, misaligned teeth or a dental diastema. A diagnosis will determine if the installation of dental veneers is the best solution.
  • Slightly broken or damaged teeth
  • Incisors in the wrong position.

On the other hand, veneers are incompatible if you suffer from bruxism. The veneers may rub against each other and may only aggravate your case. This dental treatment is not recommended in cases of missing nerves or polycarious teeth. This technique is also not recommended in cases of periodontal disease or insufficient enamel.

A diagnosis at the dental office will determine exactly whether or not dental veneers can be applied. We can recommend the best dentists for veneers in Turkey. Their offices in Istanbul offer the best dental care. Contact us for a diagnosis or for advice.

The different types of dental veneers in Turkey

Advanced technology, high quality materials, dental veneers in Turkey are known to be highly sophisticated. This is the reason why many people from all over the world choose this destination for dental veneers. In Istanbul especially, not only the charm of the city, but also the quality of the surgery and the success rate of the operations are enough to make you smile again. But before you prepare for your trip, let’s first take a look at the different types of dental veneers you can have done there.

Two types of materials are generally used to make dental veneers: composite resin and ceramic. Both materials are used to improve the appearance of the smile and create a harmonious smile.

The composite resin dental veneer

The composite resin dental veneer is a shell directly placed by the dentist in the office. Its installation does not require specific preparations. The shell (white filling) is shaped directly on the tooth. Here are the advantages:

  • A single appointment to restore your smile’s radiance, mask imperfections and allow perfect alignment of your teeth.
  • A quick treatment with immediate effect, but also less expensive.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • Shorter life span than ceramic.

The ceramic dental veneer

A little more complex, the installation of a ceramic or porcelain dental veneer requires some preparations and more procedures. Since the veneer is made in a laboratory, a mold of the teeth is necessary before installation. To make a ceramic veneer, an impression of the teeth is necessary. A second appointment will allow the dentist to cement the veneer onto the tooth. Here are the advantages:

  • Natural, translucent appearance of the teeth, for radiant teeth.
  • Easy to care for and long-lasting. With a healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene, they can last 20 years.
  • More expensive than composite veneers but much more durable. Ceramic veneers do not change color over time.

Zirconia ceramic dental veneers

Zirconia or zirconium is a natural chemical compound. It has positive effects on gum health. It is biocompatible with the gums. White in color, it offers a certain translucency and provides a natural appearance to the veneers. The results are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, this material does not discolor over time. It is also resistant to coffee, tea and nicotine. But beware of abuse, which is bad for your health anyway.

The best brands of dental veneers

Dental practices in Turkey use both ceramic and composite to create the dream smile for the millions of people who choose Istanbul. However, ceramic veneers remain the most popular of the two, for many obvious reasons: they offer a more natural effect, and are very durable. In terms of ceramic dental veneers, there are several types and brands.

Emax dental veneers

IPS e.max® veneers are a registered trademark and refer to porcelain veneers manufactured by the Emax brand. Porcelain remains a material of choice for the manufacture of aesthetic shells. Very popular with patients, but also with dentists in Istanbul, Emax dental veneers are custom molded wafers using feldspathic ceramic, glass and Lithium. It is applied to the front of the tooth which has been filed down to 0.3mm to roughen the surface and allow for a perfect fit of the dental veneer. This composition makes them more durable over time. The lifespan of emax dental veneers is estimated at 10 to 15 years, or even longer if you have excellent hygiene.

Used to mask all types of misalignments or discoloration of the teeth, Emax dental veneers are thinner. But moreover, they offer a natural appearance and a slight translucency allowing to have a natural aspect closer to the enamel. Its greatest asset: hyper natural smile of stars and invisible dental veneers.

Another advantage of Emax veneers is that they are healthy and biocompatible with the gums. Since they are metal-free, like most dental crowns, these veneers respect the sensitivity of the teeth. This is why they are ideal for masking imperfections such as an overlap, a broken tooth, a gap between two teeth or a tooth that is too short, and allowing perfect alignment. In addition, they are suitable for incisors, canines and in some cases premolars.

In Turkey, Emax veneers need to be perfectly trimmed before they are placed, so that they do not interfere with the lips and jawbone. And if you want to add more fantasy to your teeth, these veneers let you choose a color or shade to suit your desires, but only on the recommendation of your dentist.

Lumineers Dental Veneers

Lumineers® is an American brand of dental veneers. It appeared in Hollywood in the 90’s and quickly became very popular with Hollywood stars. If there are veneers that give a “star smile”, it is Lumineers. They are also nicknamed “Hollywood Smile”.

Opaque white and highly translucent, Lumineers dental veneers allow you to have perfectly aligned and bright teeth. Custom-made in Turkey, but extra thin, they are as thin as contact lenses. Its thickness does not exceed 0.3mm. Its placement in the mouth should not interfere with the chewing function or the occlusion of the jaw. In addition, these capsules are compatible with dental crowns or bridges without the need to replace them.

Before Lumineers dental veneers are placed, a dental impression will be taken. But it will take about 3 weeks before they are ready to be placed. The result of such laboratory work is veneers of definitive whiteness, excellent resistance and unparalleled aesthetics.

Glamsmile dental veneers

Belgian brand, Glamsmile offers dental veneers 100% porcelain with a very thin appearance. A thickness that does not exceed 0.3 mm like the Lumineers for a natural result. Glamsmile dental veneers are applied without anesthesia and are completely painless. They can be chosen for a natural effect that perfectly follows the contour of the gums.

River8 dental veneers

River8 dental veneers are thin prefabricated shells that come in a variety of sizes. All that remains is to place them. A composite glue will be used to stick it on the teeth and will also allow to adjust the size and the shade of the veneer.

Ready-to-wear” veneers, River 8s offer a uniform white smile whose natural effect is not its primary purpose. However, for a white smile at a lower cost and an immediate result in one session, it is the dental veneer par excellence. It remains an effective solution for permanent whitening.

The different steps to place the dental veneer in Turkey

The placement of a dental veneer in Turkey is a high precision orthodontic work. It is custom made in a dental office by a dental surgeon.

The first consultation

The first consultation is your starting point towards a star smile. This first appointment will determine the dental veneers you need to achieve your goal.

During this consultation, the shape and position of your teeth, their size and the number of dental veneers you will need will be studied. If necessary, an x-ray and a dental cast can be taken. The dentist can also take photographs of your teeth. Finally, he or she will help you choose the type of veneer that is most compatible with your gums and your dream of a pearly smile (color, shape, shade of the veneer, etc.).

This first consultation is decisive and it is the moment to ask all the questions that are on your mind regarding dental veneers in Turkey.

How many veneers to have a smile of stars?

There is no ideal number. The dentist may suggest two or three veneers, or he or she may suggest a full set of veneers that includes about 10 dental veneers. It all depends on the nature of your teeth in general. The first consultation will determine this parameter.

The creation of the mold

This second step, which is done on site in Istanbul, consists of making a mold of the teeth from which the dental veneer will be made. Note that this step is not necessary if you choose veneers without preparation. However, for Emax or Lumineers veneers, this step is very important.

To do this, the practitioner will use a tray in which resin will be poured. Then, it will be put in the patient’s mouth. It will be necessary to wait a few minutes before removing the tray, so that the resin remains well molded on the teeth. Afterwards, the practitioner will remove the resin which will give the appearance of future dental veneers.

The manufacture of dental veneers

Once the mold is complete, the teeth will be trimmed to allow the veneers to be properly attached. The practitioner may consider lightly sanding the enamel to help the veneers set. A new dental impression will be taken and the veneer will be made with the chosen material: Emax, Lumineers, Glamsmile or other. If you have chosen Lumineers, you will have to wait a few days before applying them.

The placement of dental veneers in Turkey

The placement of dental veneers is a revealing moment. To achieve a perfect result, extreme rigor and precision will be necessary. Our Turkish dentists, true experts in istanbul, will know how to sublimate your smile. Are you suffering from hiv? A special unit is reserved for you for a dental veneer installation in complete safety for you and for the staff.

For a smooth and safe insertion, the operation will be done under local anesthesia. You will not feel anything for the next few hours. You can relax. The duration of the operation varies from 35 minutes to 4 hours depending on the number of veneers to be placed.

Before the final gluing of the dental veneers, a provisional trial will be performed. This will allow the surgeon, but especially the patient, to validate the placement. The placement is irreversible, and it will be necessary to wait several years before it can be rectified.

After the placement of the dental veneer

Once the installation is complete, you have your new teeth. In the first few hours, you will feel a little discomfort, especially during meals. But this will dissipate as you get used to your new teeth.

A checkup is scheduled in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, you can show off your beautiful teeth in all of Istanbul. A very simple way to make sure your new teeth are successful: smile at everyone you meet. A returned smile is the sign of a successful veneer.

After two days, the practitioner will check the adhesion of the veneers to your gums and enamel. He will make the necessary verifications to perfect your new smile. He will also give you the necessary instructions for a good maintenance of your veneer.

Important instructions after the placement of dental veneers

In addition to sporting a beautiful smile with new teeth, you will also regain your self-confidence. It’s time to test your seductive powers. But be careful, for the magic to work longer, even for years, you will have to maintain your veneers.

Remember that dental veneers, like natural teeth, are not protected from cavities. In addition, gums will continue to grow around the veneers and oral care is required. Veneers require little effort to maintain:

  • Brushing teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after each meal.
  • Flossing as needed to get rid of embedded dirt.
  • Regular scaling to keep the whiteness intact.

And if you want to keep them longer, you’ll also have to watch what you eat. Limit the consumption of coffee, tea or tobacco which can brown teeth and veneers. If you drink a lot of coffee, don’t forget to brush your teeth well. Also be careful with caramel and artichoke leaves or any food that could pull on the jaw. This could cause the veneers to come off

Result photos of before and after dental veneers in Turkey

Aesthetic and dental tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a paradise for medical and dental tourism. Seat of high technology aesthetics, Istanbul is full of the best addresses for cosmetic surgery and dental care for veneers or dental implants. Between the magnificent landscape of the Bosphorus, the innovative clinics, but also the affordable cost of operations, the choice for Turkey is quickly made. The country’s reputation in terms of medical tourism extends beyond international borders.

Only 3 hours from France, Turkey opens the doors to an oasis of aesthetic clinics and dental offices. In addition to a warm welcome from the entire team, you will also find top of the line tourist and medical facilities. The quality of the facilities and the state-of-the-art equipment will be enough to convince you to choose Istanbul for a dental veneer in Turkey.

Choosing to have dental veneers in Turkey is the best decision you can make to give yourself back your smile. Step out of your comfort zone and get rid of your dental complex, there is only one step left to take: choosing your dentist.

Choosing your dentist

Turkey is full of dentists who specialize in veneers. In Istanbul in particular, you will have the chance to meet several of them. But when it comes to the dentist who will be placing your veneers in Turkey, it is best to choose the best one to avoid a failed operation.

Since this operation is custom-made and irreversible, it is important to choose a competent and experienced dentist. Choose a professional whose reputation and expertise are sufficient to judge his or her competence.

Our dentists in Istanbul meet all these criteria. Contact us for a quote or to learn more about our services.

Prepare your stay for dental veneers in Turkey

Once you have chosen a surgeon, prepare your trip to Turkey. If you have a european identity card, you will not need a medical tourism visa, or even a passport.

Then, you can choose between a multitude of offers of formulas of stay. But the choice can be made between:

  • Prepare your stay by yourself, find your accommodation, plane tickets, activities according to your desires of the moment.
  • Or opt for the all-inclusive formula which includes airfare, cab, accommodation, translator, treatment and medication.

This second option is ideal if this is your first visit to Turkey, if you are traveling alone and need to be guided. The first one is made for you if you like adventures, if you wish to be more free during your stay.

In any case, whatever your choice, you will always benefit from a customized accompaniment by our coordinator. We will be able to guide you through all the procedures related to your stay in Istanbul.

How long do dental veneers last?

The longevity of veneers is excellent when they are fully bonded to the enamel. They can last up to 20 years or more with solid porcelain veneers, or 7 to 10 years with composite veneers.

Can veneers become discolored?

Over time, dental veneers made from less expensive materials can become stained and/or discolored. While composite veneers can discolor over time, porcelain veneers are extremely difficult to stain. They are among the most stain-resistant dentures available.

How long should I stay in Turkey for dental veneers?

Having dental veneers done in Turkey requires 6-7 days of your stay. This is the “medically” necessary time. Nothing can stop you from staying longer to enjoy the beauty of the country or to test the seductive power of your new teeth.

How will your aesthetic stay in Istanbul go?

  1. You will arrive at Istanbul Airport (IST). A private driver will be waiting for you in the lobby with a sign with your name on it.
  2. He will drive you to your 4* hotel in a Mercedes Van (30 min drive). The hotel is located 2 minutes walk from the aesthetic clinic.
  3. Appointment with the English coordinator and the dental surgeon to define your objectives. He will answer all your questions. The coordinator will translate.
  4. Appointment on the second day to take the impression.
  5. Appointment on the third day for the installation of dental veneers.
  6. You will then rest at your 4* hotel with the medication that the coordinator will ask you to use.
  7. On the sixth day, you will meet with the dental surgeon for a final check-up, again in the presence of the coordinator.
  8. The private driver will then take you back to the airport for your return flight, and you will be able to enjoy your new smile without waiting.

How much does a dental veneer cost in Turkey?

If dental veneers in Turkey are very popular, it is also and especially for its price. Prices are 70% cheaper than in the UK. Count about 250 euros for a dental veneer Emax or Lumineers. But to have a precise price, it is recommended to ask for an estimate. The number of veneers and the shape of the teeth will determine the final price of your dental veneer in Turkey.

Decided to conquer that smile that has eluded you for so long?


Choose the best dental veneer clinic in Turkey to ensure the success of the procedure. Look for information about the dentist’s business. There are several criteria to consider when making your choice:

  • Patients’ opinions and testimonials
  • Before and after pictures
  • Date of establishment of the clinic in Turkey
  • Accreditations of the clinic
  • Number of years of experience of the dentist
  • Specialty of the clinic and surgeons

If you are having trouble making a choice, we can assist you in making your intervention a success, and at a reduced rate. Our coordinator speaks English.



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