E-MAX dental veneers cost in Turkey

Written by Maria Bianchi

All about emax dental veneers in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our advice for a successful emax dental veneers in Turkey.

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How much does e-max dental veneers cost in Turkey?

The average cost of e-max dental veneers in Turkey in Istanbul is £355. Depending on the needs, e-max dental veneers costs from £260 to £450 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
E-max dental veneers£355£585

What is e-max dental veneers?

E-max dental veneers are custom-fabricated from high-strength porcelain. The e-max dental veneers in Turkey are placed on the surface of your teeth, allowing Propdental dentists to design the smile you want by improving the shape, position, color, or appearance of your teeth.

If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your mouth in Istanbul, you should know that one of the most effective and recommendable alternatives is dental veneers in Turkey.

Since we can obtain a perfect smile by means of a simple and painless process that will be very useful in a wide variety of cases. Next we are going to talk about e-max veneers in Turkey.

What are E-max veneers in Turkey?

E-MAX veneers are made of pressed ceramic, which makes them more resistant and allows them to be made thinner than the porcelain veneers that were made in the past.

In other words, they are stronger and thinner porcelain shells, approximately 0.3 mm thick. This means that in most cases of smile design at Propdental clinic we do not need to wear down the tooth or, failing that, the preparation of the tooth is minimal.

Why is e-max used?

E-max is a type of pressed ceramic that we use in Propdental’s Barcelona and Madrid dental clinic because of its strength, durability and because it allows us to manufacture very thin veneers with an excellent aesthetic result.

E-max is a metal-free ceramic system based on lithium disilicate glass and consists of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphoxide, alumina, potassium oxide, and trace elements.

Advantages of e-max veneers in Istanbul

  • Strength and durability are two qualities that characterize e-max veneers.
  • Because they are thinner and ultra-thin, they can be placed with minimal tooth preparation.
  • Because they are highly translucent, they look more natural.
  • They do not require a lot of wear and tear on the teeth in order to be placed. For this reason, they are known as micro veneers.

Why do we use e-max veneers at Propdental?

E-max veneers are used by Propdental’s specialist dentists in dental aesthetics because, thanks to their minimal thickness, they do not require the teeth to be ground down.

They are ultra-light, have greater durability, resistance and excellent quality.

The E-MAX veneer offers unbeatable aesthetics, as the result is very natural and will not be noticeable when it comes to improving the aesthetics of your smile.

When do we place e-max in veneers?

As we have already mentioned, this treatment is responsible for improving dental aesthetics. And they will be of great help in all kinds of situations such as correcting the color of teeth or correcting their shape, size, or position.

It is clear that E-Max veneers are an important new development in the aesthetic sector and offer a series of features that will not leave you indifferent. They are one of the best alternatives we have at our disposal when it comes to improving the dental aesthetics of your smile without wearing down your teeth.

Furthermore, we must not forget that this is a simple, painless process that will not cause any problems. Perhaps for these reasons we are facing one of the most interesting options today. What are you waiting for to improve your smile with E-MAX veneers?

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