Ethnic Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey

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All about ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey. provides information on ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey and helps you book a procedure with qualified surgeons. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does ethnic rhinoplasty cost in Turkey?

The average cost of an ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,200. Depending on the needs, ethnic rhinoplasty costs from £1,700 to £2,700 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price

What is an ethnic rhinoplasty?

People of certain ethnicities often share certain characteristic nasal features that differ from the defining features of Caucasian noses. Still, patients of African, East Asian, Hispanic or Latino ethnicity can achieve the results they desire with ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey, without weakening the appearance of their ethnic heritage.

Taking into account the unique aspects of each person’s facial structure, including racial features. Only in this way is it possible to produce a natural result that fits harmoniously with your face while preserving each patient’s unique identity and features.

Who is a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty?

The criteria for considering an ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey are the same as the criteria for any rhinoplasty in Istanbul. The patient may have been dissatisfied with some aspect of their nose for years, such as a pronounced nasal hump, an oversized nose, or a bulbous tip, among others.

How is ethnic rhinoplasty performed?

Like other types of surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey attempts to reshape the nose by altering the bone and cartilage structure beneath the skin. However, certain techniques are used more frequently in ethnic patients, for example:

Nostrils that are too flat or low-backed in non-Caucasian patients can be improved with cartilage grafts taken from the patient’s body to give a more refined shape to the dorsum and tip of the nose.

To narrow the nasal base or nostrils, incisions can be made at the base of the nose (one on the outside of each nostril). Small amounts of bone may also be removed to eliminate the nasal “hump”.

If your nose has ethnic features, but you would like to modify its shape, consult your surgeon about which of these techniques would be best for you.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Common features of a Middle Eastern nose may include:

  • Pronounced nasal bridge or hump
  • Broad or rounded tip
  • Drooping or downward sloping tip
  • All of these features can be treated with a rhinoplasty that preserves the traditional bone structure and classic profile, defined in a balanced and ethnically sensitive manner.

Latin Rhinoplasty

Latin noses include several variations due to European influences as well as those of the native peoples of the Americas.

Despite this variation, common Latin nasal features may include:

  • Weak cartilage at the nasal tip
  • A nasal hump
  • Thick nasal skin
  • The approach to Latin rhinoplasty depends significantly on the patient’s cultural heritage (African, European, mixed race, etc.).

A personal consultation can provide you with more information about what to expect based on your nose and other similar patients and their results.

African American Rhinoplasty

Some common features of the African American nose are:

  • Wide, low nasal bridge
  • Wide nostrils
  • Round, poorly defined tip
  • Because of these features, it is essential that your surgeon have experience with this particular type of rhinoplasty. Your surgeon must take extra care to maintain the curvature of the nostril to avoid the “triangular appearance,” which is not considered aesthetically pleasing or culturally sensitive.

Asian Rhinoplasty

The significant diversity within Asian ethnicities provides many variations in common nasal features. East Asians tend to have flatter profiles with flatter bridges and round nasal tips. Those of South Asian ethnicity may have long noses with pronounced protrusions.

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