Gluteal implant cost in Turkey

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How much does a gluteal implant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a gluteal implant in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,900. Depending on the needs, a gluteal implant costs from £2,500 to £3,300 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Gluteal implant£2,900£5,600

What is a gluteal implant?

The gluteal implant in Turkey are a part of our anatomy that defines the male and female body. The female contour is defined by the curve created between the waist and the hip as well as the rounded volume of the buttock, unlike the male body which presents straight lines and square volumes.

The female buttocks are an indisputable sexual attraction, more so in some cultures than in others. The buttocks play the same role in the posterior part of the body as the breasts do in the anterior part. In both cases, projection and rounded shapes are valued, essential attributes of femininity.

In the case of men, when they ask us for a volume increase, the trochanteric depressions of the hips typical of the male sex should not be totally corrected.

The alternatives to perform a buttock augmentation

There are two alternatives for buttock augmentation:

  • Gluteal implants or gluteal prostheses
  • Own autologous fat by lipofilling technique.

In very thin patients without donor fat, implants are preferred and in cases where there is enough fat, lipofilling is a good alternative, obtaining as an additional benefit the improvement in the contour of neighboring areas. Together we achieve a global liposculpture or lipostructure of the body contour.

There are two different techniques for implant placement:

  • Subfascial.
  • Intramuscular.

Gluteal implant procedure in Turkey

In the first visit with the doctor it is very important to make a correct exploration in which we will evaluate the projection, the gluteal fold, the firmness of the tissues, the quality of the skin and the global contour.

When assessing your back contour we will take into account:

  • Excessive fat deposits on the hips that give the sensation of less gluteal projection.
  • Saddlebags give the sensation of excessively heavy buttocks.
  • Lack of waist and excessive fat deposits in the sacral area also visually diminish gluteal projection.

All these parameters will indicate whether you need buttock implants or fat filler will be enough to achieve the result you want.

The gluteal implants in Istanbul used are made of smooth or rough silicone filled with silicone gel of high cohesiveness and resistance. They can be oval or round and high or low projection.

In men it is preferable to use oval implants to preserve masculine characteristics and not to fill the trochanteric depression. This results in a “more athletic” buttocks.

In women it will depend on the amount of adipose tissue: round prostheses offer greater projection. If there is adipose tissue coverage will be chosen round, in very thin women will be chosen round low projection or oval implants always looking for naturalness and that the prosthesis is well hidden.

The size of the prosthesis can be chosen according to the size of the pelvis.

Once the implant is chosen, I always place it in an intramuscular plane with the patient in supine decubitus and under epidural or general anesthesia.

If we decide to use fat injection to achieve buttock augmentation, you should know that it does not achieve as much projection as with implants, but a natural result is achieved with a less uncomfortable postoperative period.

Postoperative care

At the hospital:

Positioning in bed is on the back, in the Fowler position, with the trunk and knees flexed to prevent the inflammatory fluid from irritating the sciatic nerve.

A drain is always left to drain the inflammatory liquid. If you have implants, it is recommended two days of hospitalization. The first day you are in bed and on the second day you start walking, and in this period a peridural catheter is left for pain control.

At home:

When you go home, you can walk around, sit up and shower. Always keep the sacral incision clean and dry to avoid dehiscence.

After the first 10-15 days you can resume work activity and after one month, physical exercise avoiding great flexion of the trunk and forcing the gluteus maximus to prevent the bag that houses the prosthesis becomes larger than it should.

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