IVF/ICSI double gamete donation cost in Turkey

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All about IVF/ICSI double gamete donation in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful buttocks lipofilling in Turkey.

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How much does IVF/ICSI double gamete donation cost in Turkey?

The average price of a IVF/ICSI double gamete donation in Turkey in Istanbul is £6,750, the minimum price is £6,500 euros and the maximum price is £7,000 euros.

ProcedurePrice TurkeyPrice UK
Oocyte donation£6,750£6,200


  • Age of the woman
  • Women with low ovarian reserve and poor oocyte quality.
  • Women with hereditary diseases that cannot be detected by PGD techniques.
  • Women with early ovarian failure, ovarian surgery or menopause.
  • Women with repeated IVF failures with their own eggs.
  • Women who wish to become single mothers.
  • Severe male factor

Donor selection

Donors are between 18 and 33 years of age, in good physical and psychological health, and undergo thorough clinical, laboratory, psychological and genetic examinations.

Only 34% of the candidates for donation are accepted after these tests and examinations.

To select donors, the phenotypic characteristics of the patient and blood group are taken as references.

Procedure of the IVF/ICSI double gamete donation in Turkey

1)Donor selection

All the phenotypic characteristics of the patient and her blood group are sent to the laboratory, in accordance with the law on assisted reproduction. The process can be carried out by synchronising the ovarian stimulation cycle of the donor with the beginning of the endometrial preparation of the recipient, with fresh transfer of the embryo or embryos. The procedure can also be carried out using eggs previously vitrified and stored in our own oocyte bank.

2) Fertilisation

In the In Vitro laboratory our biologists perform the technique indicated in each case, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Injection (ICSI) using donor gametes to achieve a correct fertilisation.

3) Embryo Culture

Approximately 18 hours after the insemination of the mature eggs, the embryo culture evaluation begins. This is the first day of fertilisation and the laboratory staff and specialists will contact the patients and communicate, clarify any doubts and explain the result of the fertilisation. From this moment on, the embryos generated from the fertilised eggs will be evaluated every day and classified according to their morphokinetics, that is, according to the cell divisions taking place at the corresponding times and with the correct synchrony. During these days patients and staff will be in contact with each other.

4) Embryo Transfer

The embryos remain in culture in the incubator for 2,3,4,5 and up to 6 days. As the hours pass, the embryos are selected and the embryologists will decide which one will be the best to be transferred to the uterus and, together with the clinicians, the day on which the endometrium is in the best condition to carry out the embryo transfer is decided.

5) Vitrification of remaining embryos

Once the selected embryo or embryos have been transferred to the uterus, the VITRIFICATION of the REMAINING EMBRYOS is carried out. Only those embryos that are of good quality will be vitrified, the rest will be discarded. The vitrified embryos can be used by the patients in subsequent transfers, in the case of not having achieved a pregnancy in the previous transfer, or in the case of wanting another child years later.

Success Rates:

The probability of becoming pregnant with IVF/ICSI double gamete donation in Turkey increases with the number of transfers, reaching its maximum when all available embryos are transferred in consecutive cycles.

  • 1st embryo transfer—65%.
  • 2nd embryo transfer—84%.
  • 3rd embryo transfer—94%.

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