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All about mammary lifting in Turkey! What is the average cost in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful mammary lifting in Turkey. provides information on mammary lifting in Turkey and helps you book a procedure with qualified surgeons. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does mammary lifting cost in Turkey?

The average cost of mammary lifting in Turkey in Istanbul is £2,200. Depending on the needs, mammary lifting costs from £1,800 to £2,600 in Turkey.

ProcedureTurkey PriceUK Price
Mammary lifting£2,200£4,500

What is a mammary lifting ?

Mastopexy or mammary lifting in Turkey is the surgical intervention that allows the breast to be lifted and enlarged in the same procedure if the patient so desires.

A mammary lift, technically called mastopexy, is a surgery that lifts and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the tissues to form the new breast.

A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and the loss of skin elasticity result in sagging breasts (technically known as breast ptosis). These changes can be the result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Aging
  • Severity
  • Inheritance

Sometimes the areola enlarges over time, and a mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola.

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts. If you want to increase the size of your breasts, consider taking advantage of the surgery to have a breast augmentation with prostheses at the same time. To make your breasts smaller, consider combining breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

Mastopexy or mammary lift candidates

A mammary lifting in Turkey is a good option for you if you:

  • You are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts have lost shape and volume.
  • You can’t stand the nipples being below the breast crease.
  • The nipples and areolas point downwards.
  • One breast is lower than the other.

What to expect during your consultation

The success and safety of your breast lift procedure depends largely on your complete honesty during your visit. We will ask you a series of questions related to your health and lifestyle:

  • Why you want the surgery, your expectations and desired outcome.
  • Your use of medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
  • Previous surgeries.
  • Family history of breast cancer and the results of previous mammograms or biopsies.

Your surgeon will also take measurements and examine your breasts, the quality of the skin, the placement of the nipples and areolas.

Take the opportunity to clarify doubts and possible results, risks and possible complications of the surgery during the first visit.

Before the surgery

We will order a blood test, electrocardiogram and chest X-ray.

We will also order a baseline mammogram before surgery and another one year after surgery to help detect any changes in the breast tissue.

Stop smoking 20 days before surgery.

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and its derivatives.

Mammary lift surgery in Istanbul

The mastopexy in Istanbul is performed in an operating theatre at the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona. Admission is required and the patient is discharged the following day. The breast lift is performed under general anaesthesia, with the patient remaining asleep during the operation. The mastopexy takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Sometimes, provided that prostheses are not necessary, drains (tubes that are removed the next day before discharge) are left in place to prevent the accumulation of blood.

After surgery a sports bra is fitted and it is recommended to wear it for the first month post-surgery.

Postoperative period

You will need to wear a non-wired sports bra while your breasts heal.

You will be given specific instructions that may include: How to care for your breasts after surgery, medications to apply or take by mouth to help healing and reduce the risk of infection

Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon specific questions about what to expect during your individual recovery period.

The results of mastopexy will be long-lasting. Over time, your breasts may continue to change due to aging and gravity. However, you will be able to maintain your new look longer if:

  • You maintain your weight
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Risks and safety information

The decision to undergo surgery is a very personal one and you will have to decide whether the benefits will achieve your goals and the potential complications are acceptable.

Your plastic surgeon will explain in detail the risks associated with the surgery. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mastopexy

Where are the incisions?

Your mastopexy surgery can be achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques and will also vary depending on whether or not you have breast prostheses.

How will I feel after surgery? When will I be able to resume my usual activity?

After breast lift surgery it is normal to feel a little tired for a few days, but you will be able to lead an almost normal life after 24-48 hours. You can shower from the 2nd day.
Most of the discomfort is well controlled with the prescribed medication, although the breasts may be uncomfortable for two weeks.
After mastopexy it can be normal to have a decrease in sensation in the nipples and a tightening of the skin; this is usually temporary. The stitches are removed after 7 to 14 days; the swelling does not subside completely until 3 to 6 weeks, during which time the breasts feel softer and begin to take their final shape. After the mastopexy you can return to work in a few days, depending on your activity.

When will I be able to exercise again?

In terms of mobility, during the first week avoid lifting your arms and until the third week avoid lifting objects above your head.
I recommend avoiding physical exercise and immersion bathing during the first postoperative month.

Can I breastfeed after a mastopexy?

During mastopexy to reposition the nipple-areola complex, the milk ducts are cut, so it is quite likely that you will not be able to breastfeed, although it depends on how saggy your breast is and the technique used.

Will I lose breast tenderness?

Although attempts are made to preserve sensitivity, there is always a loss of sensitivity, which will be greater or lesser depending on the individual patient. It is difficult to predict.

What will the scars look like and what care do I have to take of them?

At the beginning the scars will be pink, an aspect that will improve continuously from 6 weeks to a year when they become the colour of normal skin. Depending on the type of scarring you have, we can recommend rosehip oil, silicone dressings on the scars or even, in cases of poor scarring, injections or laser at the level of the scar.

Can I have normal mammograms after mastopexy?

Just prior to surgery I will order a mammogram for a pre-operative check-up, so you will not require further mammographic screening for some time.
Age-appropriate mammograms can continue to be done for each woman.

When will I see the results?

The results of breast lift surgery are immediately visible. Over time, the post-surgical swelling will resolve and the incisions will fade.

Can I have my own fat augmentation at the same time as a mastopexy?

If possible. Although a more moderate augmentation is obtained than with prostheses.
It must also be taken into account that the inflammation and detachment of the gland in certain areas prevents us from performing a large augmentation with fatty tissue with guarantees and to minimise reabsorption of the implanted tissue it is performed in a more discreet way.

Can I have prostheses to increase my size at the same time?

Yes, in fact, it is common practice. If the breast is sagging and small in size, the placement of a prosthesis will enhance the upper pole more and give a more durable projection. In addition, it allows us to make fewer scars, as less skin will need to be removed.

Mammary lifting price in Turkey

The average price of Mammary lifting in Turkey in Istanbul is 2200 £. The minimum price is 1800 £ and the maximum price is 2600 £.

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