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How much does nymphoplasty cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a labiaplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,900. Depending on the needs, labiaplasty costs from £1,500 to £2,300 in Turkey.

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What is labiaplas surgery?

Female genital cosmetic surgery or female genital intimate surgery encompasses a series of surgical interventions that aim to improve the appearance and in some cases the functionality of the female external genitalia.

These interventions in Turkey are also known as labiaplasty or nymphoplasty, vaginoplasty, pubic lifting, genital lipofilling, among other terms.

Some years ago it was a plastic surgery requested by patients who had malformations or functional problems of the external genitalia, with difficulties or discomfort when urinating or having sexual intercourse.

Nowadays it is increasingly requested by patients seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of the genital area after various births, the passage of time, because they do not like the appearance of their genitals and have a complex about them or simply to rejuvenate and beautify their intimate area.

In fact, fewer and fewer patients are currently requesting this type of intervention than a few years ago. Many of them are sportswomen, who have a complex about the appearance they get from wearing the tight tights they need for their sport.

We are also receiving more and more frequent consultations from gynecology specialists or other specialties, who present some kind of pain with penetration during sexual intercourse, sometimes of uncertain origin, and sometimes related to previous interventions, not performed by Plastic Surgeons, with unsatisfactory results for the patient (for example, some complications after episiotomies in childbirth).

Types of nymphoplasty in Turkey:

1) Reductive nymphoplasty

This operation consists of removing excess skin from the redundant labia minora (nymphoplasty), which can protrude above the labia majora, causing discomfort when urinating or having sexual intercourse.

There are various techniques to solve this problem and give a natural appearance.

We can also act by reducing the volume of the labia majora depending on the problem.

2) Augmentation nymphoplasty

This focuses on the labia majora, which over the years tend to lose volume and appear as an excess of thin, sagging skin. For this pathology there are also various techniques, but the main one is lipofilling. This technique consists of extracting fat from the patient’s body (from the abdomen or thighs) and after processing it, injecting it into the labia majora, thus recovering its turgidity and volume.

These techniques are also very useful in treatments to correct retractable or painful scars after previous surgeries.

The nymphoplasty procedure in Turkey

Nymphoplasty in Turkey is a surgical procedure that in most cases can be performed under local anaesthesia and sedation, allowing you to go home on the same day of the operation.

Sometimes they can also be performed under epidural anaesthesia, especially in secondary cases or cases of ambiguous genitalia or intersex conditions.

In most cases, patients are admitted on an outpatient basis and are discharged home on the same day of the operation in complete safety.

Postoperative period

After the nymphoplasty surgery, you can return to your daily life the following day. You will be able to shower two days after the operation with lukewarm water and without prolonging it in time.

You should avoid strenuous exercise for a month.

If any discomfort appears, you will have the support of oral medication and the postoperative monitoring team to help you as much as possible. The stitches will be removed after two weeks, although in many cases they will fall out by themselves.

In addition to these 2 nymphoplasty techniques, there are other techniques to solve other pathologies of the female genital area, which you can consult us about. Before undergoing this type of surgery, it is important to be correctly assessed and indicated by an expert.

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