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Considering rhinoplasty in Turkey? This ultimate guide contains everything you need to know about the procedure, recovery and cost in Istanbul. Request a quote and get the best price for successful nose surgery in Turkey.

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How much does a rhinoplasty cost in Turkey?

The cost of a rhinoplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is £1,500 . Depending on your needs, the all-inclusive package can vary from £1,300 to £1,800 in Turkey.

Secondary Rhinoplasty £1,800
Ethnic Rhinoplasty £1,900
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty £2,100

Rhinoplasty Turkey : The ultimate guide

Whoever has a big nose thinks everyone is talking about it. This adage makes us understand how much the nose can sometimes be a burden. At the center of the face, it is the charm or the disgrace of the face. Busted, drooping, snubbed, spiked, camel, aquiline, hooked, there are all shapes, some of which can leave a big complex. Impossible to hide or to remove, it still has essential functions: breathing and smell.

So what to do with this imposing nose? Thanks to science and technology, it is now possible to correct the shape of the nose and to have a small nose. Specialists call it rhinoplasty. For both men and women, this medical practice allows the creation of a “new nose“. And not just any nose, but a nose that we will have chosen and that will beautify us. At least, one that makes us look good.

Where to get a nose job in Turkey?

The most common cosmetic surgery operation, rhinoplasty is performed almost everywhere in the world. But in Istanbul, the international capital of plastic surgery, you can smell the scent of an oasis or the holy grail of cosmetic nose surgery from thousands of miles away.

Rhinoplasty is among the TOP 10 most requested cosmetic surgery operations in Turkey. This is certainly due to the number of Turkish cosmetic surgeons, who have acquired a high level of experience and a worldwide reputation.

But moreover, with cheaper rates than elsewhere, a landscape where it is good to live and a gastronomy of an exceptional taste, it is difficult not to choose Istanbul in Turkey for medical tourism. Then there is nothing like testing your new flair on the banks of the Bosphorus.

Ready for a rhinoplasty in Turkey? Follow the guide!

Putting an end to the big humpbacked or crooked nose complex

The nose is said to be the fool of the face. The author Marcel Mariën, who invented this adage, understood that nasal appendages often lack common sense. Too long, too tall, too short, too thin, too wide, too bumpy, too hollow, too drooping, too upturned, twisted, the “nose” cannot always be discrete. This is a pity, because it is often seen as a nose in the middle of the face. It is not always easy to assume it.

And then, we are not all lucky enough to be born with Cleopatra’s nose. In some communities or families, the shape of the nose is genetic and it does not always play in favor of the charm of the face. In others, it can be a deformation caused by a trauma, an accident. This can lead to an unassumed shape of the nose, but even more seriously to respiratory dysfunction.

Beauty is relative, they say. And having a pretty nose is more than aesthetic. It is a matter of self-confidence, of self-fulfillment. It is a question of putting an end to one’s physical and psychological complexes.

This leads us to want to take the next step: changing the shape of the nose or at least improving its aesthetics, getting a symmetrical nose like the stars on Instagram. This is where nose job comes in. In general, the most common goal of a nose job in Turkey is to correct nose defects. But rhinoplasty is much more than that…

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a surgical operation that consists of modifying the size or shape of the nose, or simply removing a bump. The goal is to create a beautiful nose in profile, a natural nose that is harmonious, symmetrical, with a beautiful shape, which fits perfectly with the overall facial features. If modification is essential, nose job ensures that all the anatomical aesthetic criteria of the nose are in perfect harmony. This operation aims above all to achieve a perfect balance of the face.

Rhinoplasty consists of beautifying the nose, the eyes and the face itself, as well as the smile via the nasopharyngeal folds. Thus remade, the nose can give a completely different appearance to the face. For some patients, nose job will make them look younger. Beyond that, having an experienced surgeon perform the nose job is important to ensure that the operation does not damage the breathing function or the nasal bridge.

How old should I be for a rhinoplasty in Turkey?

It is important to know that nose job is not for everyone who wants to have nostril surgery. But when to have a cheap rhinoplasty in Turkey? The minimum age is 17 for women and 18 for men. At this age, the bone cartilage is at the end of its growth and can be modified to the desired shape.

In addition, after a certain age, cosmetic nose surgery can be more difficult to perform. From the age of 35, the bone cartilage becomes harder. The modification can be more complex.

The different types of rhinoplasty Turkey

Thanks to advances in technology, rhinoplasty in Turkey is a scar-free practice. Small incisions, low touch-ups, and high satisfaction rates are what drive patients to choose Turkiye for a cheap nose job. But you still need to choose an experienced surgeon who can perform a flawless operation. We will explain later on where to find him and how to contact him.

First of all, let’s look at the types of nose surgery that we can offer you:

1. Functional Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is said to be functional when it is performed for medical reasons. Also called septoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty, it is necessary when the organ of smell is unable to perform its essential functions. This surgery treats the obstruction of the nostrils and all respiratory symptoms. Functional rhinoplasty results in a modification of the morphology of the patient’s nose. In France, this surgery is covered by health insurance.

2. Structural Rhinoplasty

Structural rhinoplasty, also known as classical rhinoplasty, is a purely aesthetic change. It consists of strengthening the cartilage and bone architecture of the nose in order to harmonize its shape and thickness. In this type of surgery, there are two ways to operate:

  • Correct the deviation of the twisted cartilage obstructing your nose. This is called septorhinoplasty.
  • Nose tip surgery, which operates only on the tip of the nose that may be drooping, too high, asymmetrical, too wide, ball-shaped or crooked. In order to refine it better.

3. Rhinoplasty with cartilage graft

Rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting consists of removing part of the cartilage from the body and grafting it onto the nose. The objective of this operation is to modify the shape of the nose, to increase its volume, to camouflage a defect, to reinforce the nasal structures or to correct subsequent deformities.

The grafts are often taken from the cartilage of the nasal septum. However, grafts can also be used from the cartilage of the ear or the rib cage. This type of rhinoplasty is intended for people who have a nose that is too thick or too thin and whose modification requires a graft.

5. Non-medical rhinoplasty or nose lift

In this aesthetic practice, no actual surgery is used. The operation is also done without anesthesia. There are two widely used techniques:

The injection of hyaluronic acid

It consists of modifying the shape of the nose through hyaluronic acid injections, to which Botox can be added. This non-surgical alternative is for you if you wish to :

  • Rebalance the volume of the nose.
  • Lift the tip of the nose.
  • Reduce a slight hump.
  • Correct imperfections and defects from a previous failed rhinoplasty.
  • If you are over 50 years old and your nasal cartilage is hard.

This technique is fast. It is done in only 30 minutes for a single session. However, a renewal must be done after 18 months.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty developed in 2013 also involves using an ultra sonic frequency to restructure the nose with more precision. It is a non-invasive method that will use vibrations to smooth and reshape the nasal bones and cartilage. It is best used to gently slim and polish the nose.

6. Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty, is a reconstructive surgery that requires a touch-up of the nose. It requires the Turkish reconstructive surgeon to have a great deal of expertise to correct a previous failed nose surgery with a nasal reconstruction. This second reconstructive rhinoplasty can be tricky because it requires correction of a previous doctor’s operation that may have been performed incorrectly.

7. Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is nose surgery aimed at creating an aesthetically pleasing nose shape while retaining distinct characteristics unique to each ethnic group. Today’s advanced rhinoplasty approaches an individual beauty that embraces heritage and enhances a beauty rather than creating a universal nose design.

Dans les années 80 et 90, le courant dominant de la rhinoplastie était basé sur la forme du nez caucasien, ce qui ne convenait pas aux autres groupes ethniques tels que les Asiatiques, les Africains et les Moyen-Orientaux. A noter que dans la religion islamique, la rhinoplastie n’est pas haram. Elle est acceptée si elle vise à faire disparaître un défaut affectant le nez.

In the 80’s and 90’s, the mainstream of rhinoplasty was based on the Caucasian nose shape, which was not suitable for other ethnic groups such as Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners. Note that in the Islamic religion, rhinoplasty is not haram. It is accepted if it aims to remove a defect affecting the nose.

Open or closed rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty, also called external rhinoplasty, consists of making an incision at the base of the columella, which is the soft tissue that separates the two nostrils. This method allows for easier access to the cartilage of the nose and more efficient work due to better visibility. The ultimate goal of this operation is to identify the morphology of the nose in order to reshape it as quickly as possible. This type of surgery is one of the most common rhinoplasty operations in Turkey.

Closed rhinoplasty, also called endonasal rhinoplasty, consists of reshaping the nose directly from the inside of the nostrils through fine incisions. There are no visible scars. This less invasive procedure is used for minor corrections such as a correction of the dimple at the tip of the nose. The recovery time is shorter because there is less bruising.

To read before considering a rhinoplasty

In addition to identifying the type of rhinoplasty you need, you should know that there are several factors that go into a successful nose job and choosing the right type of surgery. These are:


First of all, age must be taken into account. This has a determining effect on the skin. A younger skin is more elastic. It is able to adapt to the changes brought about by rhinoplasty. On the other hand, as we age, the skin ages. It is less able to adapt to plastic surgery and the effects may be less visible than expected.


Lifestyle also influences the quality of the skin. Obviously, smoking or sun exposure will have an impact on the skin. This can make the process of cosmetic nose surgery more complex.

However, this does not mean that rhinoplasty is limited. On the contrary, these factors allow you to better choose which type of rhinoplasty is adapted to your needs and the nature of your skin. For example, with mature, less elastic skin, non-medical rhinoplasty is the most recommended. It is a gentle method that corrects the shape of the nose without creating excess skin.

The motivation

Although cosmetic nose surgery is a one-session operation, the result is irreversible. And you keep this new nose for life. That’s too long for regrets. To tell you, before proceeding with nose surgery, make sure you make the right decision. When you come face to face with your face, look in the mirror, ask yourself why you want to change your nose? What part of the nose would you like to change? How do you plan to change your nose? Take stock of your motivations.

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

It is the one to whom you will entrust your nose, the beauty of your face and a large part of your future life. Why? Because his exploits will allow you to be satisfied or not with your nose. And as we always say, it is the center of the face, your new nose had better be satisfactory. All this to tell you that the choice of the doctor must be the object of several researches:

  • Find the best experienced and effective Turkey rhinoplasty surgeon with a proven track record of success and results.
  • Find a trusted practitioner who will guide you through the entire process. From the moment you make your appointment to the post-operative interview.
  • Entrust your nose to a surgeon who does this work not only because it is his or her job, but who can also understand your motivations and guide you accordingly.

Where to find an excellent rhinoplastician?

In Turkey! The country is full of experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who offer excellent quality of service and whose reputation goes beyond the European continent. Celebrities, international stars, entrepreneurs, students and individuals alike choose the destination, as rhinoplasty in Turkey is a common practice. You only have to see the before and after rhinoplasty photos in Turkey on Instagram to understand that they are the masters in this field.

But more than that, it is performed in high-tech rooms, with ultra-modern equipment and state-of-the-art devices. The surgical facilities are worthy of a 5-star boarding school where you will feel completely confident. And more than that, after your nose is modified, you will have the pleasure of testing your new nose in the Turkish streets, where the smell of baklava, kebap or dolma will awaken your nostrils.

In our rhinoplasty clinic, you will be accompanied during your entire medical stay. You will be assisted in all circumstances and we will be pleased to answer all your questions, to clarify your doubts and to accompany you in all stages. And if language seems to be an important barrier for you to not communicate, you should know that we have simultaneous translators who perfectly master english or other languages. So what are you waiting for to have a rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty in Turkey: cosmetic surgery of the nose

Rhinoplasty in Turkey has a 98% success rate, which is why this cosmetic surgery is so popular. As mentioned above, this is largely due to the skills and experience of the surgeons and the state-of-the-art technology used in Turkey.

How is the operation in Istanbul?

The procedure of a rhinoplasty in Istanbul is codified. From the first consultation to the surgical procedure, you will go through different stages. Rest assured, at each step, you will be accompanied by a team of professionals in whom you can have complete confidence. Do you have hiv? A special unit is reserved for you for a rhinoplasty that is safe for you and the staff.

The first consultation

As the starting point of your journey to the heart of your sense of smell, the first consultation is your first appointment with the Turkish surgeon. It is fundamental to set up the rhinoplasty project according to your needs and your request. This can be done directly at the clinic in Istanbul or remotely through a live interview or photos. Being face to face with the surgeon remains the best way to create a climate of trust.

In this first step, you specify your aesthetic wishes to the surgeon. He will make a precise diagnosis to know if it is feasible. He will evaluate numerous criteria, factors, and contraindications that will allow him to carry out your surgical project.

It is also during this first consultation that the rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey will explain the treatment that can bring you complete satisfaction. He will detail the procedures, the objectives, and the expected results of this procedure. He will also tell you about any risks or side effects that may occur during the procedure.

Depending on the shape of your nose, it is also possible that the rhinoplastician performs X-rays, 3D scans or even a functional rhinological assessment according to your request. A second consultation may be noted in your agenda.

Instructions and indications to know

During this initial consultation, you will also learn about the systematic surgical instructions for your successful nose job. Feel free to ask your surgeon any questions you may have about your expectations and results from the surgery.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol before the surgery
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, anticoagulants.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the face before surgery: shaving the beard or mustache, etc.

The day of the rhinoplasty operation in Turkey

On the day of the operation, you will be carefully invited to the aesthetic clinic. All measures have been taken to ensure that this session will be a relaxed, stress-free moment for you. It is important that you feel comfortable during the procedure. The entire medical team in Istanbul will put you at ease and at ease.

The rhinoplasty operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia:

  • Under local anesthesia, a light sedation will be applied to the nose. You will not feel anything, but you can see the whole treatment process. The surgeon will try to communicate as much as possible about his or her procedures. Don’t worry, the operation will be painless and quite comfortable.
  • Under general anesthesia, you will be asleep throughout the surgery. Depending on the size and complexity of the cosmetic surgery, it may involve an overnight stay in the clinic.

Duration of the intervention

A specialized surgeon will perform the rhinoplasty. He may be assisted by other specialists or by his medical team.

The session can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the surgery. Personally, my rhinoplasty in Turkey lasted 3h30 because it was a secondary rhinoplasty. The nose reshaping process will depend on the problem to be corrected or the technique used by the surgeon. In all cases, the surgeon will begin by separating the skin of the nose from the bony and cartilaginous roof. Once the remodeling is done, the skin will be put back on the nasal septum.

If the operation is to make the nose smaller, the surgeon will remove some of the cartilage and bone. To do this, he will make a few incisions inside the nostrils.

If the surgery aims to increase the size of the nose, the surgeon will perform a cartilage graft that will reshape the nose. In this case, the incisions will be made from the outside. In the case of large nostrils, it is possible to make small incisions on the sides of the nostrils to modify the nasal footing and allow a narrowing of the nostrils, this is called alarplasty.

When the surgery is finished, you will wear a plastic or metal splint on the nose. This will allow the new nose to settle into place and keep its shape. In addition, pads can also be inserted in the nostrils to support the septum (nasal septum) and not interfere with breathing. Finally, bandages will protect the nose from all external aggressions, shocks and others.

The post-operative phase

During the first 24 hours after rhinoplasty, you will feel your nasal appendages numb. Small sensations of discomfort may occur at times. The face may swell and become sensitive. But this will only last a few hours. You will be prescribed painkillers to calm the discomfort.

Although the idea of showing off your new nose in all of Istanbul can be very tempting, it is still advisable to rest for the first day after the surgery. Keep your head up for the first 3-4 days after surgery, especially when you sleep, otherwise your head may swell.

After 5 days, bruises may appear around your eyes. Don’t panic. Applying a cold compress will be enough to make you feel better and reduce the swelling. These bruises will disappear after a week as the internal tissues heal. In addition, there may be slight leakage from the nostrils or nasal congestion, which should in no way alarm you. This is part of the process. To speed up the healing process, let everything drain without blowing your nose.

During this time and before your next appointment with the surgeon, you can contact the hospital’s medical team at any time. If you have any questions or doubts about your physical condition, do not hesitate to ask your surgeon. If you are completely confident, all you have to do is go sightseeing in Istanbul. Be careful with shocks and blows. Protect your nose like the apple of your eye!

After a week, splints, wicks, tampons and other dressings will be removed. You can breathe easy. The bruises and swelling will have disappeared. It’s back to normal life. Although many patients can already return to their normal life after 3-4 days after the operation.

Result before and after rhinoplasty in Turkey

Precautions to take after rhinoplasty Turkey

Once your rhinoplasty is done and your nose is well in place, don’t claim victory yet. It will take 3 to 12 months before the nose takes its final shape. You will need to be patient and especially careful.

During the first month after the operation, you will be advised not to make too many efforts or movements that require a lot of strength. This could cause your blood pressure to rise. Also, avoid shocks and blows that could deform the new nose. Swimming, working out, running and even too much sex should be avoided during this period.

If you wear prescription glasses, try switching to contact lenses until the nose heals (about 2 to 3 months).

During this period, you will be accompanied by the entire medical team of rhinoplasty in Istanbul, via telephone or online interviews. You can also contact the clinic if you have any doubts or concerns. During the first year of your cosmetic surgery, you will be in regular contact with your surgeon by phone call, sending photos, etc. He will be able to follow the evolution of your nose.

Your “new nose”

After the bruising and swelling, you can already see how your nose looks. It is beautiful, it is perfectly in accordance with what you have dreamed. It is the nose that will put an end to your physical complexes, your breathing problems and your various embarrassments. It is the nose that you are going to wear in the middle of your face. You may receive unusual reactions from others. But don’t worry, this is part of the process of regaining confidence in your body and in yourself.

How does a nose job in Turkey age?

A rhinoplasty performed in Istanbul, Turkey ages well. Rhinoplasty is considered long-lasting or permanent, but that doesn’t mean the results can’t change. The effects of your surgery change because your nose changes. Many people do not realize that the nose is just as subject to aging as other facial features. According to a very serious British scientific study, the nose gets bigger with age, just like the ears. Fortunately, even if your rhinoplasty results have changed, a revision rhinoplasty can restore the nasal appearance you desire.

Prepare your rhinoplasty stay in Turkey

Are you ready to take the plunge and have a rhinoplasty in Turkey? Here are some of the steps you need to take to organize your rhinoplasty in Istanbul.

Choose the surgeon and the clinic

The first and most important step is to choose your surgeon.  The reasons for this are already mentioned above. Choose an experienced surgeon, known and recognized for his efficiency. Choose a surgeon who is communicative and who will be able to answer all your questions. Our expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey is one of the most renowned in the country. But more than that, at our clinic in Istanbul, you will be assisted every step of the way.

A few words about the clinic:

  • One of the best plastic surgery clinics in Istanbul (Rated 4.7/5 on Google Reviews)
  • International reputation & qualified surgeons

A few words about the rhinoplasty surgeon

  • 29 years of experience in surgery (more than 15,000 operations)
  • 7 certificates of specialization (cosmetic & hair surgery)
  • Won 1st place in the scientific research competition
  • Member of the National Council of Physicians in Turkey
  • Expertise in rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast and hair surgery.
  • Consultant on a Turkish TV channel
  • Languages spoken by our team : French, Italian, Spanish, English and Arabic

Prepare your trip

Once you have chosen a surgeon, like Dr. Ergin, you can prepare your rhinoplasty Turkey trip. Most Turkish cosmetic surgery hospitals offer all-inclusive packages: airfare, accommodation, consultations, surgery, post-operation, catering, visits and discoveries, etc. These offers make it easier for you to go to Turkey for a rhinoplasty. You will not have to organize anything, because everything is already included. All you have to do is prepare your luggage and take your transportation to cross the Atlantic.

In case you would like more adventure or freedom, you can always opt for more free packages. In this case, you are free to organize your stay in Istanbul as you wish, apart from the consultations and the surgery.

How long can I stay in Turkey for a rhinoplasty?

In general, the stay for a rhinoplasty in Turkey lasts about 6-7 days. This is the time needed to perform a rhinoplasty and to do a post-operative follow-up on site. But the beauty of the country can conquer you and will make you want to extend your stay.

How is your aesthetic stay in Istanbul?

  • You will arrive at Istanbul Airport (IST). A private driver will be waiting for you in the lobby with a sign with your name on it.
  • He will drive you to your 4* hotel in a Mercedes Van (30 min drive). The hotel is located 2 minutes walk from the aesthetic clinic.
  • Appointment with the english coordinator and the surgeon to define your objectives. He will answer all your questions. The coordinator will translate.
  • Appointment on the second day to perform the rhinoplasty. After the operation, you will stay one night at the clinic for observation.
  • You will then rest at your 4* hotel with the medication and creams that the coordinator will ask you to use.
  • On the sixth day, you will be given a final check-up with the surgeon, always in the presence of the coordinator.
  • The private driver will then take you to the airport for your return flight, and you will be able to enjoy your new nose within 7 days.

How much does a rhinoplasty cost in Turkey?

The ultimate question! and the one that drives hundreds of thousands of patients to choose a rhinoplasty in Turkey, is the cost of this surgery. The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey on the shores of the Bosphorus can be up to 70% cheaper than the cost in France. Count between 1600 and 2500 euros for a rhinoplasty in Istanbul. However, this price varies according to the techniques used, the complexity of the modification and the reputation of the surgeon. For a precise price and an opinion from the best plastic surgeon in Istanbul, ask for a personalized quote.


Choose the best rhinoplasty clinic in Turkey to ensure a successful procedure. Look for information about the surgeon’s practice. There are several criteria to consider when making your choice:

  • Patients’ opinions and testimonials
  • Before and after photos
  • The date of the clinic’s creation
  • Accreditations of the clinic
  • Number of years of experience of the doctor
  • Specialty of the clinic and surgeons

If you are having trouble making a choice, we can assist you in making your intervention a success, and at a reduced rate. Our coordinator is english.



Leave us your contact information via the form. Our english coordinator will contact you by message via Whatsapp or email for a free pre-diagnosis of your nose.

She will ask you for front and profile photos as well as your objectives, in order to obtain the opinion of the plastic surgeon.



If the surgeon is able to meet your goals and gives us the green light for your rhinoplasty, we will send you a free, no-obligation personalized estimate.

And if you agree, we will organize everything for you:
Flight, Taxi, Hotel, Rhinoplasty, Medication and especially a nice guided tour of Istanbul.

Get a FREE pre-diagnosis!

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100% free consultation.

We analyse your situation, your needs and expectations. And we estimate the budget needed for : Flight + Hotel + Taxi + Operation

At all times, you retain full control of the process.
Total peace of mind.

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