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Scarless hair transplant cost in Turkey

The average price of a scarless hair transplant in Turkey is £1900. The minimum cost is £1500 and the maximum cost is £2300.

ProcedureTurkey costUK cost
Scarless hair transplant£1,900£4,000

DHI method (Direct Hair Implantation) – no scars like FUE technique

In this section you will find all the information about the DHI method (Direct Hair Implant) and you will get an idea of what is the difference with the usual treatment. This technique is usually used more in women who have long hair and do not want to shave, used for people with alopecia in particularly localized areas. Hair transplantation performed with the DHI method achieves more natural and successful results, it is the most recent transplantation procedure so far. Thanks to this method, a very high density of hair can be achieved, the direction of hair growth can be controlled, wounds heal faster, and the result is as close to natural hair as possible. Very similar to the Fue Sapphire.

In this way, one graft after another can be transplanted step by step. This process consumes a greater amount of time, which only makes it possible to perform up to a certain number of grafts.

For this is offered our free hair analysis by means of photographs taken in the office or sent to us. Here we will inform you, free of charge, how many grafts are recommended in your case, for your hair transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant – Growth

With the DHI method, the direction of the implanted hair growth can be taken into account as precisely as possible. This allows for a natural and unique result, as well as controlled direction of hair growth, thanks to the DHI method. It is possible to make minimal openings using particularly fine needles to implant the grafts, achieving a great result with maximum density. At the same time, the fine needles used in the DHI method reduce the risk of permanent scarring and ensure a faster healing process compared to other methods (FUT) of hair transplantation.

DHI technical advantages

  • Use of local anesthesia.
  • Non-invasive, painless, no hospitalization.
  • It is not necessary to shave the recipient area.
  • There are different types of implanters (larger or smaller diameter) depending on the characteristics of the patient’s follicle.
  • Higher density can be given.
  • It has greater precision and accuracy.
  • The scalp and surrounding follicles are practically not damaged.
  • It is not necessary to use a scalpel to open the channels where the follicles will be deposited, so the wound is smaller and does not leave a scar; with the implanter it is easier and more comfortable to control the angle of inclination, depth and direction of the channel.
  • Patients can lead a normal life sooner as the recovery is better.
  • Natural and permanent finishes.

DHI technical disadvantages

  • Longer duration of the intervention to increase the density per cm2.
  • No more than 2,500 follicles can be implanted, so the number of follicles is lower compared to the FUE technique, in order to keep the follicles in optimal conditions from the time they are extracted until they are implanted.
  • It is ideal for specific and localized areas rather than to cover large areas.
  • The price of the procedure is more expensive than with the FUE method.

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