Anfa Fertility Center

Anfa Fertility Center Casablanca

Anfa Fertility Center specialises in IVF. Founded in 1984, this ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic is located in Casablanca, Morocco. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Anfa Fertility Center, Casablanca, Morocco

Located in the heart of Casablanca, Anfa Fertility Clinic (AFC) was the first in Morocco to specialise in reproductive medicine and techniques. Having achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, the hospital adheres to the highest standards of quality and care. For this reason, it is very popular with local patients and medical tourists.

Clinic specialty:

Follicular ultrasound
Hormone testing
IVF consultation
Reproductive medicine consultation
Sperm freezing
Assisted PMA hatching
Embryo freezing
Embryo transfer
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
IPD – Preimplantation diagnosis
Embryo transfer
Oocyte freezing
IMSI – Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Artificial insemination
Fertility assessment

Services +

Family accommodation
Flight booking
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpreting services
Taxi booking
RPM accessible rooms
Private rooms
Food precautions
TV in room

City: Casablanca – Country: Morocco – Founded in 1984 
Accreditation: ISO 9001: 2008 – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, French

Reviews of Anfa Fertility Center

18:02 11 Aug 23
Omar SEFRIOUI, Doctor very very "overrated" thanks to his multiple passages in the media, and the support of bloggers and influencers "bought" to make him a star...No communication with the patients to explain things... he looks down on you... takes stock and lets the assistants take care of you... and prescribes the same protocol for all patients...He even offers himself the right to sell you the treatments illegally and forces you to take food supplements sold in his so-called clinic at an unrealistic price!!!He urges you to take action and of course to pay, without having done the minimum analysis and checks to ensure the feasibility and increase the success rate of his act: so yes he is materialistic in making you the max of attempt, even if he is persuaded the their failures.We went to see another gynecologist and the difference is obvious. Sefrioui performs his acts in cabins (1.50m x 1.50m) without the minimum of hygiene!!! (The sterilization of the box is not there!!!, no ventilation of the room!!! The transfers are done blindly, without ultrasound!!! The team is super overwhelmed… not to mention the multiple consultations paid for you mark in the care sheets: “free consultation”!!!…Personally, I do not recommend this gynecologist… besides, I wonder how a doctor who has taken an oath before God to practice in this way and to consider patients as customers or even cattle, using bloggers and influencers to boost his activity !!! And also to transform his office into a beauty salon to offer Botox injections and others…In short, I won't advertise for anyone... but Sefrioui is one of the worst... and don't be fooled by the 1st consultation...
Frank Right
Frank Right
21:11 13 Aug 21
l'afc est une arnaque complète, le personnel est très improfessionnel les infirmières se disputent les dossiers devant les passions. Tout ce dont elles se soucient, c'est votre argent, et elles ne prennent que de l'argent liquide. on m'a fait trois cycles de FIV pendant qu'ils rénovaient la soi-disant clinique qui se trouve au RDC d'une petite villa . Sachant que l'environnement autour joue un grand rôle dans le succès de la fiv. M. Sefrioui n'a pas été clair et franc avec nous. Il nous a fait croire que nos chances sont élevées alors que lorsque nous avons consulté un autre médecin, il nous a dit que nos chances sont proches de zéro et que cela ne vaut pas la peine d'essayer alfrioui que a M. faire la ponction d'une seule et unique immature oeuf pour pouvoir demander l'ensemble de ses honoraires sachant que la chance de la fertilisé et très minime. Ne vous laissez pas induire en erreur par des publicités ou des vidéos marketing certifiées ISO ou autres dans les mass-media ou les réseaux sociaux. M. Sefrioui ne nous a montré aucune compassion après l'échec, tout ce qui l'intéressait, c'était le paiement.Anfa IVF is quite simply a complete scam, the staff is totally unprofessional. All they care about is your money. They only take the fees in cash. They did three cycles of ICSI for me while doing construction and maintenance work in the so-called clinic that is located under one of the villas and does not meet the minimum conditions for performing such operations. Knowing that the surrounding environment plays a big role in the success of IVF. Mr. Sefrioui was not very straightforward with us. He made us believe that our chances are great. He took his full fees despite knowing that the chances of fertilizing one and one egg remain very small, and when we consulted another doctor, he told us that our chances are close to zero and it is not worth trying. Don't be fooled by the ISO mark or marketing ads or other videos in social media, it was nothing more than a poor marketing attempt, Mr. Sefrioui showed us no sympathy after the failure, all he cared about was paying.
19:13 01 Feb 21
Helloadvice to all couples looking for a clinic specializing in fertility go your way, this clinic is run by an inhuman pseudo doctor, does not even greet patients, proud, does not take care of patients, its goal is enrichment, l 'money and nothing else, no follow-up, phantom clinic, rather a bank that devalues ​​you, the assistants if we can call them that or rather collaborators of recklessness, contempt, the whole team must be formed first of all good manners, respect, and courtesy: the basis of interpersonal skills, so I greet the doctors and all the European and American medical profession. it is not the diplomas that make the difference but the competence, and the human above all.I can prove my opinion with any means in my possession after our time in this .... scam ... you don't even deserve half a star.advice: go train yourself in good interpersonal skills and change jobs ... medicine and the Hippocratic oath are innocent of your actions
Neil cr7 2010
Neil cr7 2010
13:22 29 Nov 19
Barbara Elhaimeur
Barbara Elhaimeur
15:37 01 Nov 19
This place is quiet. And soothing. I love this .
Sara Sara
Sara Sara
15:35 07 Oct 19
صناعة الوعي
صناعة الوعي
20:31 02 Sep 19
Not honest. Unprofessional staff ( hajar ) she is so rude and disrespectful . not recommended at all
hamid mountij
hamid mountij
19:24 22 Feb 17
issakov Vlogs
issakov Vlogs
09:02 21 Dec 16
thank you
00:08 03 Aug 16
a tenter
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