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Avantia Instituto de Fertilidad Grenade

Avantia Instituto de Fertilidad specialises in IVF. Founded in 1992, this certified clinic is located in Granada, Spain. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Avantia Instituto de Fertilidad, Granada, Spain

The AVANTIA Fertility Institute is a specialised assisted reproduction centre that offers comprehensive and individualised advice and treatment of reproductive disorders. The centre offers all currently available medical, surgical and laboratory treatments. The centre consists of a highly coordinated team of medical specialists, embryologists, lawyers and psychologists with extensive experience and recognition in the field of assisted reproduction. The Institute offers the following treatments: testicular biopsy, embryo freezing, sperm freezing, PGD, female fertility study, male fertility study, in vitro fertilisation/ICSI, IVF egg donation, IVF sperm donation, conjugal artificial insemination, donor artificial insemination, fertility preservation, gynaecological examination, seminogram, frozen embryo transfer.

The main reasons why patients choose this centre to carry out their assisted reproduction treatments are the following: By dedicating themselves exclusively to assisted reproduction, they have a high degree of scientific and technical development. They are concerned with all aspects that may affect infertility and its consequences in order to offer the best solution. They have a closed pricing policy so that their patients know the cost of their treatment from the start. Throughout the process, patients have the same contact person who informs them clearly and honestly about their prognosis, diagnosis and reproductive treatment.


Clinic specialty:

Artificial insemination
Embryo transfer
Sperm collection
Oocyte freezing
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
IVF consultation

Services +

Family accommodation
Medical records transfer
RPM accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Phone in room
Private rooms

City: Grenada – Country: Spain – Founded in 1992 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, Spanish

Reviews of Fertility Institute Avantia

Carmen García Rodriguez
Carmen García Rodriguez
21:41 26 Jan 22
We are currently undergoing IVF treatment. We recommend 100% Doctor Santalla. Things very clear from the beginning. A strong treatment to get the best. As he says: I'm not looking for many, but the best. And wow yes. 🎉💪.
Irene Molina Luque
Irene Molina Luque
09:43 23 Dec 21
I was happy with this clinic because I had my first IVF there but it did not hold and for a second attempt they require me to be vaccinated when the vaccine is not mandatory, it seems very unhuman to play with it and give me the choice between at least trying to be a mother or q Something happened to me to get vaccinated, so I only give them one star because you cannot leave 0 stars but not even that.
Liliana Carmona
Liliana Carmona
09:31 23 Dec 21
It seems incredible to me that the covid vaccine is not mandatory and that in this clinic if you want to be a mother by invitro fertilization they force you to be vaccinated, that is, they give you to choose or be a mother or play with your health with that poison that they put you by making you sign a role like that if something happens to you they are not responsible for the effects of the vaccine, it is shameful and I want everyone to know that in this clinic they force you what the government does not do because it is unconstitutional, so I give a star and because I can not give less.
Elena García Amigo
Elena García Amigo
16:41 29 Jul 21
Nunca estaremos lo suficientemente agradecidos por todo lo que hicieron para que lográramos nuestro sueño de ser padres. Grandes profesionales.
Eva Waissen
Eva Waissen
17:25 14 Oct 20
Une attention exquise. Le Dr Juan Fontes nous a accompagnés avant et pendant, avec une douceur et une tranquillité dont nous sommes infiniment reconnaissants.
Julia Romero
Julia Romero
22:32 10 Jun 19
Gran equipo humano, muy profesionales. Aplican las técnicas necesarias sin dudar y no dejan que te vayas a casa con dudas, ni sobre los precedimientos que van a llevar a cabo, ni sobre cómo administrar la medicación o cualquier cosa que necesites. Muy contentos con el proceso y el resultado.
Patricia Hidalgo Contreras
Patricia Hidalgo Contreras
13:45 09 May 19
Será un buen médico el doctor Fontes pagándole..por qué lo q son todos en la segisegur social..deja mucho que desear,dando a todas falsas esperanzas..
Dolores ruiz
Dolores ruiz
09:32 04 Mar 19
Mi mayor agradecimiento al dr santalla y a todo el equipo de avantia. Nos habéis dado la mayor felicidad de nuestra vida. Nuestro hijo. Y volveremos eh..!
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez
16:48 11 Jan 19
Un gran equipo médico y sobre todo humano. Damos gracias al Dr. Fontes por su gran profesionalidad siempre.
10:55 10 Jan 19
Quiero agradecer a todo el equipo desde los médicos al personal de recepción haber hecho posible nuestro sueño de ser padres. Os estaremos siempre agradecidos por vuestra profesionalidad y cariño.
Fátima Martín Abril
Fátima Martín Abril
09:43 10 Jan 19
Un gran equipo de profesionales aparte de ser un gran equipo humano.
Fernando Bensussan
Fernando Bensussan
09:32 14 Jul 17
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