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Centre International Carthage Medical Monastir

Centre International Carthage Medical is specialized in cosmetic surgery and hair implant. Founded in 2014, this certified clinic is located in Monastir, Tunisia. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Centre International Carthage Medical, Monastir, Tunisia

Only 3 km from Habib Bourguiba International Airport, Carthage International Medical Center is a hub for medical tourists seeking some of the best prices in North Africa. This multidisciplinary clinic includes radiology and imaging, emergency and medical transport, cardiology, maternity and neonatal resuscitation, medical and surgical resuscitation, 5 fully equipped operating theatres and luxurious recovery rooms/suites.

The centre treats nearly 10,000 patients each year, including medical tourists and domestic patients, with 130+ beds in 15,000 square metres of space.

Clinic specialty:

Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery consultation
Scar treatment
Wrinkle treatment
Wrinkle treatment
Skin filling
Lip augmentation
Treatment Scar treatment
Thigh lift
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Mammary implants
Laser liposuction
Secondary rhinoplasty
Face lift
Neck lift
Gastric bypass
Gastric botox
Cervical facelift
Brazilian facelift
Buttock implants
Body lift
Breast reconstruction

Hair Implant
Hair Loss Consultation
Hair Transplant
FUE Hair Transplant
FUE Gold Hair Transplant
FUT Hair Transplant
BHT Hair Transplant
HDI Hair Transplant
Brow Transplant
Eyelash Transplant

Services +

Free Wi-Fi
Interpreting services
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Translation services

City: Monastir – Country: Tunisia – Founded in 2014 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English

Reviews of Centre International Carthage Médical

Carmie Jouili
Carmie Jouili
18:42 26 Sep 23
Where does one begin...Run!They act like sharks! Money talks, care, health, honesty, compassion, loyalty, the patients needs are DEFINITELY NOT THE CONCERN..Before you can explain your needs, you are told you need 10 million dinars upfront..1 - 2 million per day, and plus the cost of any medical supplies or medicines you may need.SHAME ON YOU!AND to add insult to injury, you will be asked if you are serious about having the available funds🤬Finally don't go there after working hours.. they are reluctant to admit you!Lazy........
Ro Mei
Ro Mei
23:16 07 Aug 23
nice and friendly staff,quick help for our son by a pediatrician, very professional
Ayoub Ben Rejeb
Ayoub Ben Rejeb
11:29 17 Dec 22
They are scamming people with extra charges so check everything and ask for details.
Zied Kallel
Zied Kallel
16:04 16 Aug 22
Location of clinic is excellent (5min from the airport and in the middle of the touristic area).The whole experience was not that good:- Nurses do not wear face masks, even if they come in the room!- They allow themseleves to give medical opinion instead of doctors.- At some point, the patient entered into a critical hypoglycemic cycle and was sweating, so he called the nurse who came and said she will come back, but never showed up again! It is quite known that hypoglycemia is far more dangerous than hyperglycemia. When dosing insulin, it's always safer to leave the patient in a mildly hyperglycemic range, which probably was not the case. The patient ended up finding a cookie in his drawer which seems to have saved him.- The physician might well make a good diagnosis, but the whole clinical system seems functioning without clear agreed-upon medical care protocol, which might lead to dramatic consequences.- Another problem (please see pictures) is that the facility does not seem to pay attention to furniture maintenance.
12:46 19 May 22
Our exit from the clinic is blocked for several hours due to a "system" network failure (more than 6 hours and here we are again!!!!!!) And what politeness from the cashier!!! This will be our 3rd and last visit inchallah
13:48 22 Mar 22
They don't respond to messages.
miso tisa
miso tisa
15:32 27 Sep 19
I have been in this clinic and i can proove how they steal people , all they care about is money !!dont go please they have the manners of a good thief !!
bahya msr
bahya msr
05:45 24 Aug 19
Fuyez cette clinique. Le service des urgences pose un mauvais diagnostic avec une radio mal faite pour a tout prix faire rentrer la patiente en réa. Surfacture des actes non nécessaires comme 8 glycémies en à peine 3 jours chez une patiente non diabétique.. Un gastroentérologue qui veut faire une échographie hépatique/rénale alors qu'il n'a même pas vu qu'un scan a été fait. Bref si vous n'avez pas un minimum de connaissance médicale et que vous ne posez pas des questions vous vous retrouverez avec des examens inutiles. Ça veut faire de l'argent à tout prix..
Craig Mills
Craig Mills
20:55 30 Sep 18
Excellent private health care looked after my soon after he drowned in sahara beach hotel this month would definatly recommend being cared for there staff were amazing
Zezette De mir
Zezette De mir
09:44 26 Sep 18
Accueil personnalisé pour des soins de haut niveau. Équipe jeune et dynamique. La nourriture est bonne et variée. Un 5 étoiles attribué et mérité 👍😀
19:58 08 Jul 18
Car les certaines infirmières n'ont pas était aimable. Vraiment dommage. On paye une opération environs 3000€ pour un service comme ça...j'envisage une autre opération Mais ça serait pas dans cette clinique. Cordialement. Mme Culjak Sanela
Mhamed Kouraichi
Mhamed Kouraichi
18:09 04 Mar 17
Bon accueil. Polyclinique très bien équipés
Anis Agrebi
Anis Agrebi
12:31 18 Aug 16
Un centre propre et un staff professionnel
02:01 12 Jul 16
J'aime bien leur service mais j'aime pas y être hhhhhhh
21:42 12 Mar 16
In the name of of Allah the MercifulPeace, mercy and blessings of GodAlways thank lines are very difficult when draftingPerhaps because we always feel shortcomings and not meet the right of those linesToday I have the same difficulty as I try to formulate words of thanks.Many thanks and gratitude to the virtuous doctor - Dr. Karim Amara - who benefited me and helped me to overcome the crisis and the difficult ordeal I was ordered and the generosity of morality and patience to the questioner.I would also like to thank all the medical staff of the International Carthage Medical Center for their high ethicsTo take care of me and take care of my health, I am proud of all of you and for your good servicesI will keep bringing them the most beautiful memories. With warm regards and thanks.
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