Clinique Dentaire Targa

Clinique Dentaire Targa Marrakech

Clinique Dentaire Targa specialises in dental care. Founded in 2015, this certified clinic is located in Marrakech, Morocco. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Clinique Dentaire Targa, Marrakech, Morocco

Targa Dental Clinic was established in 2015 and specialises in all types of dental care while using the most modern technological platform for therapeutic solutions: veneers, dental implants, periodontology and orthodontics. The clinic brings together a team of experienced doctors who offer all dental procedures at affordable prices and welcomes local and international patients.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental scanning
Dental crown
Dental veneer
Dental bleaching
Dental implant
Sinus transplant
Dental appliance
Dental 3D impression
Coronary reconstruction
Dental consultation
Root scraping
Dental cleaning

Services +

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Tourist guide
Taxi reservations
 PMR accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Phone in room
Translation services

City: Marrakech – Country: Morocco – Founded in 2015 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, French

Reviews of Clinique Dentaire Targa

zaynab raji
zaynab raji
07:37 15 Dec 21
Excellent clinic, impeccable service and a very good team ...
Kawthar Riad
Kawthar Riad
11:05 14 Jun 21
Very well
Youness Rouiessi
Youness Rouiessi
09:48 28 Apr 21
Impeccable service. great team. I strongly recommend it to you
Yassine Labouiri
Yassine Labouiri
01:41 30 Mar 21
The services are of an irreproachable quality. Besides, I would like to thank dr Jaafari very much who helped me first of all to overcome my fear of going to a dentist! Throughout the duration of the first aid, she showed herself to be a rare example and an incredible empathy.On the other hand I did not understand why by showing me at the clinic today the assistant warns me that I am obliged to pay the entire estimate for three crowns at once, namely the total sum of 9300 dh. I fully understand that the price is a little more expensive than with other dentists ... that is not the problem ... but the lack of information (especially that this same assistant told me at the start that I would only have to do two crowns) bothers me.Pay in one go such a substantial sum for three crowns, none of which has yet been placed ... especially since once again I am not warned until the same day? I hope that this is a misunderstanding because it would be a shame if the excellent services provided by the doctors at this clinic were tainted by such actions, especially the way in which I was asked to pay for everything. the sum is threatening limit or at least very little courteous.Once again, it is not the tariff that I dispute ... but rather the way of doing things.In short, I would have liked to continue with them but given the total vagueness of this situation (the total amount of the estimate was only communicated to me today when we started the treatments in November 2020) I am in the obligation to look elsewhere.
09:18 04 Dec 19
Bonne experience , professionnel.
Mostafa mokar
Mostafa mokar
17:31 06 Jul 19
Best dental clinic in the city.CleanHigh skilled doctorsHigh technology
00:42 27 Feb 19
Excellente clinique !! Bravo le StaffMerci Docteur Jaafari pour les facettes ! sourire sourire comme tu dis !Bonne continuation
Julliette Farou
Julliette Farou
00:36 27 Feb 19
Expérience très agréable , 6 mois de suivie et d'accompagnement ! Merci pour vous, traitement sur mesure aprés radio JE PEUX SOURIRE ENFIN 🙂
00:30 27 Feb 19
Bonne clinique , je suis contente de mon blanchiment , c'est mon 2 eme essaye et la qualité n'a rien a avoir , merci pour tous et merci pour le kit offert Je recommande pour le blanchiment !! Bravo
Yasmina El Abbassi
Yasmina El Abbassi
23:51 26 Feb 19
Très bonne clinique , j’étais trés bien reçue , rendez vous toujours respectés ( rare chez un dentiste) , diagnostique hauuuut niveau , on ne traite pas que l esthétique , ils etaient les seuls à détecter mon problème de l'os grâce au scanner ! je vous remercie et vous souhaite bonne continuation !
Sabine Courtois
Sabine Courtois
23:32 26 Feb 19
Milles merci pour ce sourire après tant de désespoir , j'ai regretté mon hésitation l'année dernière ! mais bon l'important est que c'est fait , je suis trés reconnaissante et surtout contente de cet exploit en 10 jours !! j'aime et je recommande !! j'ai envoyé la photo par mail comme demandé et elle est plus bas ! bisoux younes et Nezha !
Akram Fourtassi
Akram Fourtassi
23:14 26 Feb 19
Je partage mon avis à la clinique Targa et je commence par remercier Dr Nezha et Dr younes pour leur patience ! j'ai une grande phobie du dentiste , la dernière chose que j'imaginais était de me retrouver sur le fauteuil des soins !! j'envisageais une anesthésie générale pour traiter mes 5 dents ! et 2 jours avant le jour J, Dr Nezha ma recommandé de faire un essaye sans forcer , et voilà j'ai passé le cap , tout etait bien passé , Vous etes une équipe formidable , tout est 10/ 10 ! Ne changez rien je n’hésiterais pas à parler de vous là ou je vais , j'ai votre catalogue dans la bouche 🙂
extrafin design
extrafin design
17:30 25 Jul 17
I do not recommend this dental clinic in Marrakech.It was costly and time consuming and stressful to correct their mistake, once I was back in Europe.I had root canal treatment at Targa Dentaire on a molar, only to discover when back home, that my ongoing sensitivity to the tooth is caused by an unfinished job.She cleared only two nerve canals and because on the last appointment she was in a hurry (to pick up her child from school) she left one root/nerve in, sealed the tooth and said we were done.The first dentist in Europe recommended extracting the tooth!I had to find a specialist with a microscopic root canal treatment ($$$) to correct this job.I am very disappointed.
johansson georges
johansson georges
18:01 24 Jul 16
My travel agency recommended me Targa Dental Clinic, I've put three dental implants, the medical team was nice, it went well. Thank you very much
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