Clinique Du Soleil

Clinique Du Soleil Marrakech

Clinique Du Soleil is specialized in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 2014, this certified clinic is located in Marrakech, Morocco. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Clinique Du Soleil, Marrakech, Morocco

Clinique du Soleil was established in 2014 and was the first medical facility specialising in cosmetic surgery in Marrakech. The clinic is owned by the Val de Grace associate professor, Hassan El Gbouri. The clinic has 4 operating rooms, 3 hair transplant rooms, 1 recovery room, in addition to patient rooms and suites.

The clinic offers all-inclusive packages, discounts on multiple procedures. It is committed to providing its patients with the safest and highest quality care. The clinic has a renowned team of dedicated medical specialists, who welcome local and international patients.

Clinic specialty:

Plastic surgery
Skin filling
Lip augmentation
Fat transfer
Breast implants
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Cervical lift Facial lift
Body lift
Brow lift
Buttock augmentation
Buttock implants
Plastic surgery consultation
Thigh lift

Services +

Airport transfer
Flight booking
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
RPM accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Phone in room
Private rooms
Food precautions
TV in room

City: Marrakech – Country: Morocco – Founded in 2014 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, French

Reviews of Clinique du Soleil Maroc

Redouane Dar
Redouane Dar
22:56 28 Sep 23
One of the most worse clinics in Marrakech, doctors don’t respect the patients, imagine that doctors refuses to come and do a surgery for a 8 years old kid that was injured in forehead, even worse, they were blackmailing her mother to pay 3000,00 dhs for an operation that won’t be executed by a specialist doctor!! (Doctor asked the nurse to take a picture of the kid injury and send it to him by whatsapp in order to establish the invoice by phone !!! )What kind of doctors that don’t respect patients, his only concern is money and how to milk you like a cow, and even they don’t bother themselves to come and check the patient but instead they check by whatsapp as if it s not a human being.Fortunately, we ran away immediately to another clinic that reacted in very fast and efficiently and took our case in a serious way by the specialist doctor.My advice, if you re looking for a clinic that patient is only a business and would like be blackmailed or treated as an animal « Chams Clinic » is the right place for such treatment.
15:39 02 Feb 23
If they don’t respect your time at the first appointment imagine after .. no thanksYour reply was much faster than your clinic service ..If the doctor had station .. simply inform meLearn customer service.
سمر مغربي
سمر مغربي
22:33 09 May 22
كل الشكر لكم خصوصا دكتورة التخدير ((الدكتورة منى❤)) والسيدة جولي❤ والممرضات 😍😍🥰كان اختياري لمصحتكم صائب بكل معاني الكلمة مع(( البروفسور سلوى الطالبي التي أجرت لي عملية شفط وشد رغم الوزن الزائد ..فعلااا غيرتي حياتي للأفضل مع الدكتورة منى ))..محبتي وامتناني 🥰كل كلماتي قليلة في حق كل ما قمتما به لي 🤲👍👍👍 ومن جهتي أنصحكم بهذه المصحة لانها فعلا متميزة...🌹🌹🌹🌹أحسستموني فعلا أني بين أيدي أمينة وكفؤ....
MOHAMED Naghrachi
MOHAMED Naghrachi
19:17 09 Feb 22
I would absolutely recommend this clinic, especially for its professionalism and hospitality. First of all, a big thank you to the entire medical and paramedical team, very satisfied with the result. A big thank you to the team, especially Julie, who answers at any time and puts us at ease. I don't forget the team of nurses who were at the top. Congratulations to you, I strongly recommend with my eyes closed to this clinic and its staff. We feel at home.
DeAndri Maitre
DeAndri Maitre
14:14 12 Sep 21
I had an AMAZING experience at Clinique du Solie. I went in for a tummy tuck and an arm lift. My mother also went for an arm lift. What I loved most was how easy and simple the process was. Coming from America (we have a horrible health care system with way too many red tapes and mountains to jump) I was surprised at how quickly I was able to come schedule a consultation, have my blood work and tests done and then do into surgery. My surgeon does not speak English but does speak French. The facility was more than kind enough to make sure that during all of my visits I had a fluent English speaker! The doctor saw me every 3 days post op and was genuinely concerned about my progress and successful recovery. Bravo to the surgeon, the owner, the staff and crew! From start to finish all was amazing! I felt fully taken care of and informed.
Abby Gordon
Abby Gordon
14:33 04 Jul 21
On social networks they seem to be the best, BUT as soon as they see you, no welcome, not even a smile or respect, they behave very badly with people; no professionalism I advise against
Farah Farah
Farah Farah
11:56 23 Jun 21
Kan Ta3amol dyalo Khayb m3aya while I had paid the expensive consultation and knt ghandir prp mab9itch rj3t 3ndo
Pamela W
Pamela W
07:39 25 May 21
My experience with Dr Gbouri and every member at the Clinique was unsurpassable.No suggested improvements for this place.I am still very impressed by my treatment of everyone here, and with every new day, I'm loving my results more. I feel beautiful and healthy again. I do not regret my decision to choose Clinique du Soleil.Dr Gbouri will talk with you about your wanted improvements before examining you. When you are both satisfied with the planned treatment, he will discuss price. No hidden fees.The day before your scheduled treatment, you may need some tests done like blood or xray to make sure you're fit for treatment with no issues. If you are unfamiliar with Marrakesh, you will personally be driven (by Ahmed) to have these tests done. You will never feel alone throughout the entire process. My questions were answered, and my constant concerns were addressed until I was comfortable.From the front desk, to the treatment room, recovery room (3 days), and check-up appointments- everyone was beautiful and patient with me. The nurses try to keep your check-up appointments as painless as possible. I also need to mention that lunch and dinner are lovingly prepared by the Dr's wife at home. Her meals are delicious, healthy, and always filling. Thank you Mrs Gbouri for preparing my meals. And thank you Mouna for your exquisite gift. And for every single person who assisted me during my stay, thank you so much! You are all very special people.Merci beaucoup!Shukraan Bzef!
kimberly naranjo
kimberly naranjo
22:50 15 Jul 20
I had a very bad experience with Dr. El Gbouri. I had upper and lower blepharoplasty ($3000.00) and was not at all satisfied with the results. When I returned to voice my dissatisfaction Dr. El Gbouri suggested Dysport ...Charged me $300.00 and he severely over injected my entire forehead and glabella... 3 days later I could barely open my eyes because my forehead had dropped severely and he did not document the number of total units injected . I went back to see him and he agreed to redo my upper lid blepharoplasty at no cost. It took 5 months for the effects to wear off. Last week I returned to discuss the upper lid blepharoplasty and he wanted to charge me another $400.00. He does not listen to patients who are not satisfied, he is not open to newer techniques or suggestions, and in fact is very sarcastic. FYI he does not speak English as he advertises.I’m American, living in Marrakech, and I’m a Nurse who has worked for both a Plastic Surgeon and a Dermatologist. Continuing Education is a vital requirement for all doctors and nurses.Don’t be fooled by the lovely modern appearance of this clinic, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Do not have any facial procedures by this doctor!I have to compliment Julie and one other young English speaking Moroccan lady at the front desk. They are both very professional and polite. The 2 stars I left are for them.Kimberly N.
Osp Global
Osp Global
21:08 26 Oct 19
Excellent service with professionalism .Dr HASSAN EL GBOURI he did for me PRP and hair transplant it’s fantastic thank you Ms said I respect your work
fatima sabbar
fatima sabbar
14:15 18 Aug 17
C est nul j ai fais une prp pour chute de cheveux il m'a coûté cher résultat nul .pour greffe de cheveux il ne le font qu' avec des doc extérieur. Il ne mérite même pas une étoile mais c est la chose qui me permet de donner mon avis méfiez-vous vous de la pub
sakina outaghazi
sakina outaghazi
10:37 29 Jun 17
Je suis satisfaite du travail professionnel de cette clinique. le résultat est parfait. MERCI PR GBOURI
Rayane Mahfoudi
Rayane Mahfoudi
22:37 28 Jun 17
I recommend this clinic 100% as one of the best in morocco !
Bmservice Bmsevice
Bmservice Bmsevice
13:29 23 Jun 17
très bonne clinique , prix abordable et travail serieux avec une équipe formidable , je recommande fortement le professeur qui est passionner de son travail ;le personnel , le matériel dernier cri et surtout les interventions son au top !j'ai fait le tour du Maroc et j'ai pas encore trouver mieux que la clinique du soleil ; il est clair que les résultats sont satisfaisants,merci au professeur que je décrirais en 3 motsSERIEUX , PROFESSIONNEL , INGENIEUXJE SUIS SATISFAIT ET MES REMERCIEMENTS A TOUTE L'EQUIPE ! MERCI A JULIE DE L'ACCEUIL QUI EST TRES SERVIABLE AUSSI .
Yasmine Saidi
Yasmine Saidi
21:48 16 Jun 17
Rien à dire service et professionnalisme sont au rendez vous. Merci Pr Gbouri
Kawkab Karaté
Kawkab Karaté
15:26 13 Jun 17
résultats décevant, un décor comme la gare oncf ! rien derrière
soukaina ohlale
soukaina ohlale
18:28 09 Jun 17
j'ai été bien recu et l'operation s'est bien déroulé. Les docteurs spécialement Pr Gbouri m'a bien informé et m'a conseillé sur certains points. Bref une clinique esthétique digne de ce nom.
Souhail Mondevis
Souhail Mondevis
09:29 04 Mar 17
Ma femme cest coupée le doigtavec une centrifugeuse il y a presque un an et les chirurgiens ont fait un excellent travail. Elle a retrouvé son doigt et son ongle. Je vous remercie clinique du soleik
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