Clinica Dental – Dr. Joan Ramis Matas

Clinica Dental - Dr. Joan Ramis Matas Palma

Clinica Dental – Dr. Joan Ramis Matas specialises in dental care. Founded in 1996, this ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic is located in Palma, Spain. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Clinica Dental – Dr. Joan Ramis Matas, Palma, Spain

Clinica Dental – Dr. Joan Ramis Matas was established in 1996 and its expertise covers the basics such as examinations, cleaning and fillings, as well as more advanced crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, root canal surgery and bleaching. The clinic has a team of experienced doctors who offer all dental procedures at affordable prices and welcome local and international patients. Their philosophy is to achieve excellence by working as a team, devoting the necessary time to each patient and putting quality over quantity.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental sealant
Dental radiography
Root canal consultation
Orthodontic consultation
Pediatric dentist
Treatment Tooth abscess treatment
Dental extraction
Dental filling
Dental cleaning
Wisdom teeth extraction
Dental rings
Coronary-root Tooth extraction
Gum treatment
Customised tooth guard
Dental prosthesis
Customised tooth Inlays / Onlays
Root canal treatment
Apical resection
Root planing
Bone grafting
Dental bridge
Dental crown
Dental veneer
Bruxism treatment
Containment splint
Dental whitening
Dental hemifacial Tooth reshaping
Dental implants
Dental teeth
Laser gum treatment
Immplant retainer
Sinus transplant
Dental appliance
Dental checkup
Dental consultation
Fluoride application

Services +

Free Wi-Fi
Interpreting services
Medical records transfer
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Translation services

City: Palma – Country: Spain – Founded in 1996 
Accreditation: ISO 9001: 2008 – Language(s) Spoken: English, Spanish

Reviews of Clinica Dental Ramis

Elizabeth Rollinson
Elizabeth Rollinson
11:51 16 Oct 23
My crown(including post) came out leaving an enormous gap at the front. The dental care I received was excellent. Friendly, gentle, professional. My tooth was expertly secured back in place with care to check my gums etc. Brilliant job. Delighted and relieved. Thank you.
charlotte roffey
charlotte roffey
20:00 22 Sep 23
I had to go in for an emergency on the day appointment due to a broken tooth I. Holiday, and I was really happy with the care I received. I am terribly anxious at the dentist and avoid it at all costs, but they could tell and helped me through it. Also - the pain of the injection was no way as bad as it has been with other dentists so I was really pleasantly surprised. I really appreciate the help I received and really rate them if ever in need.
Guy Beaumont
Guy Beaumont
09:24 15 Sep 23
Here on holiday my partial denture cracked in half, fortunately googled this clinic near me and was seen immediately at 3 in the afternoon and by 0915 the following morning the denture was repaired and i continued enjoying my holiday. Fabulous service promptly addressing my needs with minimum of fuss.
Iain McKay
Iain McKay
10:58 29 Jul 23
Woke up with chronic tooth pain on a Saturday morning on holiday in Pollença. Contacted Juan Ramis Matas and he & his assistant saw to me straightaway even on a Saturday in July. Both of them were Extremely professional and tended to me in a state of the art facility. Dr Ramis Matas skilfully Undertook a root canal & left me feeling pain free. Clearly a master in dentistry and would fully recommend him & his team. Fantastic dental experience.
Arian Lomer
Arian Lomer
13:46 03 Jul 23
Very friendly, quick, and attentive staff- would highly recommend to friends and family. They speak English here which is a huge plus for expats and tourists.
Ian Japp
Ian Japp
13:11 06 Jun 23
A broken tooth combined with a missing filling caused me to attend an emergency appointment yesterday. It was no problem for the surgery, staff and the Dentist could not have been nicer. I was attended to very quickly and would highly recommend to anyone in the same predicament.
James Green
James Green
13:58 03 May 22
I was on a cycling holiday when I got severe toothache. It was such that I couldn’t sleep or tolerate it. Fortunately my hotel sent me to this excellent dentist. I was worried being away from home but need not of been. The dentist is spotlessly clean the staff spoke English and were all very nice. The equipment was better than my own dentist. The dentist made sure I felt no pain during the procedure and I was able to carry on cycling. Thank you to the dental team. I really appreciate your work and would recommend you to anyone needing dental treatment.
John Mccabe
John Mccabe
16:05 12 Jan 22
Amazing staff. Amazing service. Well priced.Location is great. Next to huge public parking.Staff also speak fantastic English. I speak Spanish but when it’s medical I prefer to speak in English. All of the staff individually greeted me and was probably the best service I’ve received in mallorca in 5 years. Great modern technology and very clean !
Greg Grant
Greg Grant
20:23 07 Nov 21
Incredibly efficient, professional, friendly staff. Unexpected visit on holiday and was seen immediately, then offered an appointment for remedial work first thing the next morning. Confident in the quality of their work because they actually repeat x-rays to verify it and explain everything to you. No hard-sell or pressure to pay for treatment you don't need (prices were actually lower than they would be on the NHS too which is amazing to me!) and they clearly hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and take pride in their work.Just wish you were my local dentist-thank you.
Rachael Kenney
Rachael Kenney
17:04 26 Oct 21
Fantastic dentist, 5 star service / treatments and the staff are extremely polite, friendly and professional. Highly recommend!!
Nicole Gozzi
Nicole Gozzi
13:06 14 Sep 21
Very professional experienced team. Very client focused, warm & welcoming. I can highly recommend them.
dana bena
dana bena
11:34 31 Aug 21
Highly recommend the professionals at this clinic. I felt that every one of the staff working here had a sincere focus on my dental health. It makes all the difference when feeling anxious about a dental visit. Thank you 🙏
Charles Nutter
Charles Nutter
13:51 13 May 21
Very efficient and friendly. Just what you need when visiting the dentist !
Joanne Roddy
Joanne Roddy
11:03 31 Mar 21
Excellent first experience for both my initial check up, scale and polish and subsequent teeth whitening treatment. I was made to feel very comfortable and every procedure was explained well. The staff are so caring and the practice is immaculately clean with state of the art equipment. I would highly recommend this practice.
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson
11:46 16 Mar 21
Just a check up with scale and polish. Excellent dentist, did not feel any discomfort at all. My previous experiences with dentists have been uncomfortable with them shoving sharp scrapers down and around the gums. This dentist uses a numbing spray. Nicely cleaned up teeth again.
Stephanie Lumley
Stephanie Lumley
10:32 26 Feb 21
Excellent experience for both adults and children. Strict cleanliness, thorough check up and clean and friendly. Highly recommended.
Gordon Bent
Gordon Bent
15:55 15 Jan 21
To whom, this may concern,We, Joan and Gordon Bent, this week, have had the most wonderful experience, our teeth have been perfectly cleaned! With Dr.Ramis, Snr. and Dr. Ramis.Jnr. both in attendence, the lovely staff, making us feel so comfortable , (especially as I am an invalid , now, I was even given a nice cushion, for my head!)Nobody need to feel the least disturbed, about going to this Dentist, they are FANTASTIC.!!!As for the surgery----say no more---(Beautiful) J and G. Bent.
Josep Maria Gassó
Josep Maria Gassó
07:58 16 Sep 20
Excellence and professional, very well organized and technologically advanced, it is a pleasure after so many years to have the privilege of continuing to count on your services. I had an emergency two days ago and they resolved it brilliantly, many thanks to the whole team.
Ignasi Cifre Font
Ignasi Cifre Font
06:17 20 May 20
Desde hace muchos años su trato es siempre profesional y muy agradable. Ya sea por una limpieza, revisión, o un tratamiento mas específico, siempre llego tranquilo y me voy satisfecho, sabiendo que estoy en muy buenas manos. En resumen, cuidan el minimo detalle tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional.
sebastian gonzalez
sebastian gonzalez
12:06 19 May 20
Trato y atención inmejorable. Muchas gracias
Marco Melia
Marco Melia
10:01 15 May 20
En la clínica dental del Dr. Ramis todos son muy profesionales y amables. Tienen la mejor tecnología y el trato es de 5*****Tuve un problema bastante grave y gracias al tratamiento del Dr. Ramis el tema mejoró tanto que estoy sin dolor y de momento no me tienen que sacar ningún diente. Estoy muy satisfecho con todo y recomiendo tanto al Dr. Ramis como a todo su personal!!!!!
enrique Tarifa
enrique Tarifa
15:20 09 Mar 20
Clínica limpia, staff impecable y doctor que te hace sentir en manos muy expertas. Recomendable al 100%, fui para una urgencia y me atendieron sin cita y con amabledad. Hay también que decir que son honestos con los precios. Muchas gracias y un saludo desde mi velero.
Michael L. Muller Flury
Michael L. Muller Flury
11:51 14 Feb 20
Molt bon servei i atenció. La comunicació és fàcil i ràpida, el qual s'agraeix i molt. Recomanable al 100%.
Josep Vives
Josep Vives
08:18 24 Jan 20
Servei atent, professional i de qualitat. Són una gran familia i això es veu reflectit immediatament en la manera de fer feina. Millor clínica de tota la zona nord. Totalment recomenable!
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