Dr Franklin de Jesús

Dr. Franklin de Jesús specializes in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 1995, this clinic is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dr. Franklin de Jesús, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dr. Franklin de Jesus is a specialist in plastic surgery, member of the SODOCIPRE (Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery) and member of the Ibero-Latin American Society of Plastic Surgery. He is certified as a qualified, accredited and highly skilled surgeon who meets the standards required to practice plastic surgery. He is one of the leading plastic surgery specialists in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo, with extensive experience in cosmetic surgery gained in the best clinics in Europe, South America and the Caribbean. With more than 5,000 successful surgeries performed.

We are a multidisciplinary team of health professionals whose greatest commitment is to serve you in a way that will improve your self-esteem, your perception of yourself and the perception of others

Our mission:

To make available to our patients all our knowledge, care, technology and the most advanced techniques, acquired in the most important cosmetic surgery scenarios in Europe and South America.

Our vision:

To be able to offer the highest level of results obtained in cosmetic surgery in our country, with the greatest reliability and well-being for the total satisfaction of our patients, since our commitment is to serve them.

Our values:

Respect and care for our patients. Ethics and discipline in our work team. The permanent interest to be at the forefront of the search for knowledge.

Specialty of the clinic

Plastic surgery
Lip augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Neck lift
Wrinkle treatment
Breast implants
Brazilian lift
Buttock lift
Buttock implants
Neck and face lift
Body lift
Breast augmentation
Breast reconstruction
Skin Filling
Plastic surgery consultation

More services

Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Tourist guide
Accessible rooms for disabled people
Internet consultation
Private rooms
Translation services
TV in the room

City: Santo Domingo – Country: Dominican Republic – Founded in 1995
Accreditation: Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery, Member of the Ibero-Latin American Society of Plastic Surgery – Language(s) spoken: English, Spanish and French

Opinion of Dr. Franklin de Jesús

Belkys T
Belkys T
15:04 04 Jul 23
I tried to cancel my surgery with doctor Maldonado because I found out that he was not a surgery doctor just a general doctor who has done some surgery seminars and has already had many problems in the past, girls please watch the YouTube videos of this Sir, they deceived me, thank God, it was only money and not my life. After surgery, this gentleman does not communicate with his patients, they are coordinators, you never speak to him. Be careful .
jorge jimenez
jorge jimenez
18:48 06 Apr 17
Excelente atenciones....
Olivier Fatna
Olivier Fatna
01:07 05 Sep 16
Ambar Isabel Sanchez Reyes
Ambar Isabel Sanchez Reyes
04:41 21 Apr 16
Muy profesionales.
Franklin De Jesus
Franklin De Jesus
15:30 11 Dec 15
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