Dr Khaled Meddeb

Dr Khaled Meddeb Tunis

Dr. Khaled Meddeb specializes in hair implants. Founded in 2009, this certified clinic is located in Tunis, Tunisia. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dr Khaled Meddeb, Tunis, Tunisia

Dr. Khaled Meddeb’s careful approach has always ensured a high degree of consistency and regularity in his results and thus in the satisfaction of his patients. After completing his medical training in Tunis and Paris, he trained alongside French doctors and hair restoration clinics in Paris to learn the basic technologies and went through many stages. He is passionate about new innovations and technologies while keeping a very critical view on the market innovations. He was the very first doctor in Tunisia to introduce true follicular unit transplantation in the early 2000s. He was the very first to introduce the trichophytic closure procedure in the North African region.

He was also the first Tunisian doctor to join the ISHRS and ESHRS. Since 2015, he has specialised his practice 100% in follicular unit extraction. After carefully selecting and reviewing all the new FUE options available on the market, he chose the SAFE FUE system developed by Dr Jim Harris. Combining quality, rigour and expertise at a moderate cost, we are very proud to have believed in Dr. Medded from an early stage and have counted him among the influential members of our group ever since. With his team of 5 assistants, Dr Meddeb is entirely dedicated to the field of hair and operates exclusively in Tunis in an accredited clinic. He pays particular attention to the latest advances in the field of hair care by participating in specialised international conferences.

Clinic specialty:

Hair transplant
Beard transplant
Eyebrow transplant
Eyelash transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant
HDI hair transplant
Hair loss consultation

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City: Tunis – Country: Tunisia – Founded in 2009 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, French

Reviews of Dr Khaled Meddeb

Walid YC
Walid YC
20:27 23 May 22
Je suis passé par lui, Docteur sérieux, consciencieux, une clinique qui respecte les standards de la greffe, après 6 mois de recherche, j'avais trouvé le meilleur compromis. C'est de la greffe de qualité, toute une équipe est dédiée pour que tout se passe bien. En plus c'est lui qui fait le prélèvement des greffons sachons que c'est l'étape la plus critique afin de ne pas se voir massacrer sa zone donneurse, rien à voir avec les usines qui travaillent à la chaîne en Turquie. Excellente rapport qualité prix. Ma greffe a été une réussite, ça a dépassé mes attentes. Ça change vraiment la vie. Je recommande
Thierry Thierry
Thierry Thierry
16:26 19 May 22
This is my second trip from France to perform FUE hair transplant with Dr. Meddeb to touch up some details..It is the quality of the care from the consultation, the experience of the team, and above all the level of technicality and professionalism observed in this clinic that brought me back to Dr. Meddeb.Upon arrival, with all the meticulous examinations of observation, measurement and evaluation of your scalp to try to best meet your expectations according to specific criteria: capillary density, respect for anatomy and natural aesthetic. We immediately feel that it is extremely serious and professional.I obviously recommend this establishment for an FUE transplant which is also quite affordable, especially in view of the fact that it is Doctor Meddeb who performs most of the intervention himself.I also specify for French speakers that all the personnel speak perfect French, including the person in charge of transfers.All are very kind.Thank you again Dr Meddeb and your entire team.
bilel haithem
bilel haithem
13:22 18 May 22
Dr Meddeb est professionnel, competent, méticuleux et donne de l'importance à tous les détails. Il est à l'écoute du patient et lui apporte du bon conseil. Ce que j'ai apprécie lors de notre échange sa franchise et ne jamais vendre du rêve.Je vous le conseille vivement !
Sonia Cherif
Sonia Cherif
13:26 16 Mar 22
Very good doctor and very honest, good continuation doctor
zaier asma
zaier asma
21:37 14 Jul 21
Emna Zaier
Emna Zaier
21:37 14 Jul 21
fathi barouni
fathi barouni
18:14 02 Jul 21
It really hurts my heart to see the level of frustration and disappointment inflicted by the inconsistency between what was agreed upon and the end result, even worse the total refusal to do anything to find a resolution.
Raja Raja
Raja Raja
17:51 02 Jul 21
Amèrement déçu . Je vous conseil vivement d'aller consulter un autre médecin...
Backstage Kid
Backstage Kid
14:08 02 Jul 21
I’ve had a very upsetting experience with this so called doctor who literally left an entire highway empty simply because of money agreement wasn’t enough for him to give me a good result although every other doctor I have met clearly stated my donor area is good to give at least another 1000 grafts .I expressed discontent and disappointment several times yet I was met with complete disregard and disrespect from his assistant who literally told me that’s how much grafts your money gets you although I always communicated clearly and efficiently that leaving blank and empty spots ain’t going to satisfy my needs .More importantly I was surprised to find out that this doctor doesn’t perform the act ( the surgery) himself and leave it to his assistants to do the work he advertise for .Disappointed is an understatement save your money and sanity and find yourself some other doctor .Sincerely
Haithem Hachicha
Haithem Hachicha
13:29 26 Jan 21
The number 1 without a doubt! Do not make the mistake of choosing your doctor by the number of comments on google.
jean claude
jean claude
23:07 02 Jun 20
Très bon chirurgien, excellents résultats, travail sérieux, prix très correct au vue du professionnalisme. le petit bémol toutefois : personne un peu froide qui pourrait mettre mal à l'aise dans les nécessaires moments d'échange.
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