FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid Madrid

FIV Center Madrid specialises in IVF. Founded in 1998, this certified clinic is located in Madrid, Spain. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

FIV Center Madrid, Madrid, Spain

IVF Center Madrid was established in 1998 and specialises in reproductive medicine. Dr. Caballero is the owner and medical director and has over 24 years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction. The clinic has approximately 14 employees. There are two other doctors and three embryologists. The senior embryologist is very experienced, especially in embryo biopsy, and has more than 10 years of experience and is accredited by ESHRE, which offers the following treatments IVF/ICSI, Artificial Insemination (AI, egg donation, embryo donation, donor sperm, PGD/PGS.

The clinic has its own sperm bank and a wide range of donors, which means that it does not have a waiting list for egg donation treatments. The clinic is equipped with an embryology laboratory, which is accredited by the European Society of Reproduction and also has its own sperm bank on site. The IVF Centre offers an IVF reimbursement programme, whereby patients without health insurance can receive 6 IVF treatments for a fixed price and if all cycles are unsuccessful, they will receive an 80% refund.

The vast majority of patients are extremely satisfied not only with the results of the procedure, but also with the whole process leading up to and following the treatments and procedures, and welcoming local and international patients.

Clinic specialty:

Hormonal testing
PCT – Post-acute testing. Coital Test
IVF consultation
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Sperm freezing
Artificial insemination
Embryo freezing
Sperm FISH study
Embryo transfer
PD – Preimplantation Diagnosis
IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation

Services +

Free Wi-Fi
Interpreting services
Medical records transfer
RPM accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Phone in room

City: Madrid – Country: Spain – Founded in 1998 
Accreditation : No information – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Reviews of FIV Center Madrid

Ursula Brown
Ursula Brown
16:13 18 Jul 23
From the best fertility clinics, starting with the secretariats, Patricia and others, to the doctors, a team of 10 went for infertility and the gentleman doctor always gave us the best resolution until the pregnancy came and if we have our girl here, 100% recommended
Marina Fernández
Marina Fernández
03:55 10 Feb 22
My experience with IVF Center has been excellent. I came from another clinic in Madrid where I had had a bad experience that made me very insecure, so I consulted an acquaintance who works in genetics laboratories and she recommended the FIV Center among others. From the first consultation I felt that I was in good hands. I did the oocyte vitrification treatment with Dr. Villalain, her follow-up and support have been unbeatable, she has been constantly on the lookout, a lot of echoes, always attentive, available and giving encouragement since my anti-mullerian test, done in another clinic, came out very very short and expectations were few, however the result was very good, 10 oocytes extracted, all mature and vitrified. Doctor Garrijo and she did the extraction for me, both very attentive, kind and affectionate during the process, as you can tell when someone likes their work! Many thanks to the whole team!
Matilde Falcinelli
Matilde Falcinelli
09:22 01 Jul 21
Maravilloso equipo, grandisimos profesionales y siempre disponibles.
José Quirce
José Quirce
14:54 22 Jun 21
Access with stairs up and down to consultations.
Elena M
Elena M
18:18 03 Mar 21
Thanks to these great professionals, our wishes to be parents were fulfilled, first with the birth of our daughter María and later with that of our son Diego.But not only to us but to many people that we have met and recommendedThey are wonderful and above all very human !!!
Tania Díaz
Tania Díaz
19:49 30 Jan 21
I want to highlight this clinic of 10 !! Compared to other IVF clinics. I have been recommended by an acquaintance and I am delighted with Doctor Caballero. Close, friendly, sincere treatment. He first worries about your problems and honestly helps you to seek your positive. It does not make you pay for the treatment first until you know that you can really do it (in the other clinics the money ahead without doing semen tests, etc.) in price I highlight it since it is not very expensive compared to other clinics. I have looked at many clinics and close to my home and although this clinic is far away I stay with it. 100% recommendable !!
Lydia Sangil Rodríguez
Lydia Sangil Rodríguez
11:26 28 Dec 20
Friendly and close treatment of all the staff. A great team, I recommend it for its thoroughness, for being always available, for its experience and its know-how.
Juan Del Pino Barroso
Juan Del Pino Barroso
08:50 19 May 20
Clinica donde te atiende personalmente el Doctor y te dice para convencerte de que si fracasa la FIV él resto corre de su cuenta. Después cuando fracasa él ciclo si te vi no me acuerdo. Creo que no es forma de tratar a los pacientes como si fuera un mercadillo después de gastados 6000 euros para nada y del daño psicológico hecho a mi mujer.
Mikel Alvarez
Mikel Alvarez
19:54 07 Sep 19
Muchas gracias al Dr. Caballero! Recomiendo esta clínica por su trato personal, cercanía y total disponibilidad!
manuel sanchez
manuel sanchez
16:12 21 Feb 19
Indudablemente la mejor en FIV. El doctor Caballero, un gran profesional, cercano y riguroso.
Clara María Barriga
Clara María Barriga
10:55 19 Nov 18
We had a few negative cycles in another clinic in Ireland, hence we can judge a big difference in terms of professionalism. Our experience with FIV Center was very positive. We found all the staff helpful, reassuring, reliable and friendly. A special mention for Dr. Caballero. He holds a unique combination of highly skilled in fertility knowledge, complimented with a caring personality.We will be forever grateful with them for the joy of our life: our gorgeous daughter.
Jaime Misa
Jaime Misa
23:07 24 Sep 18
Muy bien
Luis Felino
Luis Felino
23:02 25 Jul 18
Total fracaso con ovo, solo un intento de un embrión (con ovodonacion!!!), no solo no tuvimos el objetivo deseado, sino que estuvimos lejísimos del éxito. Una decepción y un dineral (4.500€ gastados en balde). El doctor se comprometió a ofrecerme una solución y me dijo que me llamaría... nunca me llamó, a pesar de que mandé mails que tampoco obtuvieron respuesta.
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