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FlyDent specialises in dental care. Founded in 2003, this certified clinic is located in Budapest, Hungary. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

FlyDent Fogászati Klinika, Budapest, Hungary

The FlyDent International Dental Clinic was founded in 2003 and is located on the first floor of the Danubius Flamenco Hotel. The clinic specialises in various areas of dentistry. The main areas are: oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, implantology, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, biological dentistry (bio), orthodontics, restorative and conservative dentistry and children’s dentistry. All dental work is carried out by highly qualified European professionals who use only the latest Western European technology and who guarantee their work for the long term.

After a preliminary examination and a free consultation for each patient, the doctors draw up an individual treatment plan which is adapted to the patient’s daily schedule. The treatment plan and price calculation can be worked out if the patient sends us a panoramic X-ray by e-mail. The offer is valid for 6 months and the clinic has full visa support for foreign patients. Flydent provides accommodation in the 4-star Danubius Flamenco Hotel, where accommodation for clinic patients is at a reduced rate. A free shuttle service is also available.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental radiography
Dental extraction
Dental filling
Coronary-radicular reconstruction
Dental cleaning
Customized Dental scanning
Root canal treatment
Dental extraction
Wisdom teeth extraction
Gnathology treatment
Dental crown
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Dental whitening
Bone grafting
Dental veneer
Dental sinus grafting
Dental implant
Gum treatment
All- on-4
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental checkup
Dentistry consultation

Services +

Airport transfer
Flight booking
Hotel reservation

City: Budapest – Country: Hungary – Founded in 2003 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, German, Russian

Avis de FlyDent Fogászati Klinika

Tanja Brahmer
Tanja Brahmer
13:13 16 Oct 23
After just one year, a crown completely broke apart, despite supposedly better and, above all, more expensive material. The wrong tooth color was used during the treatment and after a short time I swallowed a crown because it didn't hold. That's why I had to fly to Budapest twice more at my own expense. All other crowns are sloppy and poorly manufactured, they do not fit directly onto the tooth and it is a matter of time before tooth decay forms under the crown. Fillings were also poorly made and are now gradually being replaced by my Swiss dentist. I strongly advise everyone not to have their teeth done in this practice. Cost estimate 5,000 Chf effectively paid 10,000 Chf. The dentist is so greedy for money... Once and never again.
Melanie Bahar
Melanie Bahar
05:09 08 Aug 23
My partner was treated by Dr.Schreiner and his team in 2021. Now several teeth are already defective. Now he has to go back to Hungary because the defects are not treated in Switzerland. Very annoying.
Fabiola Calabria
Fabiola Calabria
12:54 14 Mar 23
Antonio Mosca
Antonio Mosca
05:24 05 Apr 22
Bad experience .... little time to discuss, installation failed but paid and not reimbursed
Halil Ahmet MANAZ
Halil Ahmet MANAZ
11:50 01 Jul 21
I would like to thank Onur and his team for all their support during our treatment process. Very clean and nice clinic. You can have your treatment and controls with peace of mind 🙏
Marta Anisoy
Marta Anisoy
12:16 01 Mar 21
Even one star is too many! Hands off this company!The treatment has been carried out incorrectly. I had everything done again here with us.Never again Hungary!
Thomas Schoy
Thomas Schoy
15:53 15 Jan 21
Gamze Akbayır
Gamze Akbayır
11:16 01 Jan 21
mauricio pereira
mauricio pereira
15:31 26 Nov 20
The staff wasn’t necessary rude yet not polite, they just did no care.I went for a check up to see what needs to be done, the dentist came looked at me teeth said few words and left me without the possibility to ask questions.It is also important to mention that this clinic is super expensive, in Budapest you can find way cheaper options
Andre Tribolet
Andre Tribolet
15:24 08 Nov 19
Very friendly welcome. Excellent treatment. Thank you Dr. Schreiner & Team.
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