Istanbul Aesthetic Center

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is specialized in dental care, cosmetic surgery and hair implant. Founded in 1974, this ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Istanbul, Turkey 🥇🏆

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is a plastic surgery hospital located in Levent Mahallesi, Istanbul. The hospital is dedicated to providing good services to its patients by using high-tech equipment and experienced doctors. The hospital is ISO 9001:2008 certified and specializes in plastic surgery, hair transplantation and dentistry.

It offers VIP and standard rooms that are specially designed for the comfort of patients. The hospital also has an intensive care unit (ICU) for emergencies. They continuously conduct their “Patient Satisfaction Analysis” to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction. They also record the results in a digital environment. On average, the hospital treats 2,500 inpatients and 1,500 outpatients, and strives to make and keep up with scientific developments, technological inventions and all advances in medicine available to patients.

Their aim is to maintain human health at the highest level and to provide patient satisfaction through appropriate treatment methods within the framework of health ethics. Located in the centre of the city, the hospital is close to all means of transport, including a railway station, a bus station and a taxi rank. The hospital is also close to various tourist attractions.

Before and after results

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental extraction
Dental filling
Root canal treatment
Wound debridement
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Dental crown
Facet Tooth
Sinus grafting
Dental extraction
Dental whitening
Apical resection
Gingival tissue grafting
Tooth cyst treatment
Dental implant
Bone grafting

Plastic surgery
Brow lift
Fat transfer
Penis enlargement
Hollywood smile
Macrolane injection/ HYAcorp
Abdominal stretching
Vaser Lipo
Jaw lift Jaw lift
Neck lift
Face lipofilling
Laser liposuction
Gastric sleeve
Gastric bypass
Secondary Rhinoplasty

Hair Implant
Hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant

Services +

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservation
International newspapers
Tourist guide
Taxi reservation
Medical records transfer
Internet consultation
Phone in room
Religious facilities
TV in room

Doctors : 

  • Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan (plastic surgery)
  • Dr. Ergin Er (plastic surgery)
  • Dr. Aylin Turan (dental care)

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded in 1974 
Acreditation: ISO 9001:2008 – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, German, French, Turkish

The clinic is located close to 2 international airports, the new Istanbul airport on the European side of Istanbul and Sahiba Gocken on the Asian side. There is a railway station, a bus station and a taxi rank nearby. Patients can use any means of transport to reach the clinic.

Reviews of Istanbul Aesthetic Center

Z Abed
Z Abed
10:09 07 Oct 21
I started my journey back in September 2021, during my research I found midibook I started emailing with request the price for regarding revision Septo/Rhinoplasty. I have got a response straight away from the doctor coordinator name hayder . He is very patient, polite and will make you feel comfortable. He always managed to answer all my questions and respond to me quickly.he adviced me for Dr Ergan E in Istanbul aestatic. The pricing for the procedure I requested was extremely reasonable. I decided to schedule my surgery in 28th September 2021 for one week . my doctor coordinator helped me a lot regarding travel details and surgery details. Hayder was keeping asking about me every hour like one of my family. He assured me in every thing as this was the first time Ihad travelled to turkey. One day before flight, the patient coordinate name Yasin contacted me and scheduled transportation to and from the airport and clinic for surgery with the high class car. The drivers are so kind . The morning of my surgery I was able to discuss with Dr. Ergan Er what my expectations and goals were. I felt a little nervous, but the he discussed with me everything that was going to happen. Right after surgery, I had no pain. I hardly bruised but I felt a little congested. I am now on day 9, I had my cast removed on day 6. I am still swollen but I am in love with my results! I highly recommend Dr. Ergan and I highly recommend contact bookimid service, they will assist you directly and they will recommend you regard your situation which is the best surgeon for you. I can't thank you enough hayder for your support during my journey. Even when iam back to my county UK, he still in contact with me asking about my health and if I need any help. I really appreciate your advice and support and I wish you a good luck in your future.
Xavier Beaulieu
Xavier Beaulieu
00:14 29 Sep 21
Dr Ergin’s spectacular bio is listed on IAC website, he’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Their clinic is also cheaper than other clinics.
Sultan Al Jabri
Sultan Al Jabri
18:07 03 Sep 21
Dr. Ergin Er is the best plastic surgeon in Istanbul with 25+ years of experience. We heard a lot about him and we travelled from abroad to take a consultation and went ahead and did the surgery with him. He is confident in what he does and really professional in his field. We are really satisfied with the results and 100% recommend him.
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson
21:50 08 Sep 20
I underwent rhinoplasty in June 2019. My coordinator was Yasin, and my doctor was Gürhan Özcan, both were excellent from start to finish.My nose was very bad, it was incredibly squint, with a peak in the middle. While it is not perfect now, which would have been impossible, its much better than I could have expected. Im very happy with the result.I would definitely recommend the people and the hospital.
Mutaz Musa
Mutaz Musa
02:15 24 Feb 21
i was reading the comment.. ..89% positive..No matter how ood you are cant be perfect..espically doing plastic surgery people want ad expecting to be born again..i think..i did hesitate alot.. to do the procedure.Its for my wife.. been talking to almost 6 clinic..since sptember..Start talking to abdul the cordinator and edical assistant ..also translater just a month ago. I loved there presentation and how they explained thing..also was the nly clinic said your wife dsnt need face lift.. the honesty.Could have easy say yes.. and take the money.Finally decide to do.. my wife travelled there feb 17..arrived on the 18.All procedure were done on the 19th..Been 4 days now.. too early to till abt result.But .. for me and my famiy..We love every thing..Staff.. treatment..Abdul.. is exeptional..He acted like one of the family..He answer every question..his patient..Did every thing promised.. .Dr ergin.. amazing..he is very experienced..Pro....very..he make you feel its like just having a shot...wide did mommy make over 3 procedure.. went well. Afer the surgery.. so far excelent..result too early..will update youReading the comment...yes..about night staff..not speaking english.. but this is not..a thing to brake a deal.. make sure you have translater app.We defintly.. will be back.. for me..I will recommend all my famiy. And community....Thank you.. mr abdul.. عبد الرحمن..Nice young guy.. very helpful.knowledgable.And speak fluently english..arabic.. ad turkey.. maybe more.. i ddnt ask.. maybe french too.My wife had her son meet her there.They arrive 2 days before.Abdul picked them up.. and reserve a room for them..he ddnt have to.. its not part of the deal. But he did.I mean there service go beyond.Its very true comment and egit.If you need any proof or doc. To prove its egit.Contact me.Thank you.
poenariu lavinia
poenariu lavinia
08:29 14 May 22
Very nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, Yasin was extremely helpful and the doctor helped me with advice before the surgery and after. They were professional and tried to make me feel comfortable for the week spent there. Hotel was close to the clinic. Thank you!
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper
09:06 21 Mar 22
I am really pleased with the results from my breast reduction surgery.I was initially concerned about booking a major surgery in a foreign country (I am from the UK) but was enticed by the price and Yasin my coordinator answered all of my questions via whats app day and night in the leed up to my procedure.Whilst you are there everything is dealt with from airport pick up and drop off, cars to appointments and all facilities, it was an easy process and the hotel was fine.My recovery is going well and I am over the moon with my results, thank you Dr Ergin.My only feedback would be the pain medication was something similar to ibuprofen. Particularly in the first fews days after the surgery stronger pain medication is needed.
Luke Fitzgerald
Luke Fitzgerald
17:05 17 Mar 22
Great spot, lovely team and excellent quality work, highly recommended
Rebecca Goulet
Rebecca Goulet
15:15 17 Mar 22
I had a great experience, all the employees are nice and taking care of you. The hotel and the center are clean. I don’t speak Turkish and it was really easy to talk to them. My rhinoplasty went well and I’m happy with my result.
gosia BBW
gosia BBW
18:46 17 Nov 21
I am so glad I chose this clinic and Dr Ergin Er (really nice man that explains everything). I’m from Poland and I regret taking a polish meditravel company to come to here, they were not helpful at all, but this clinic and dr Ergin and Abdul as a contact person were great. I had extensive surgery, breast implants and lift, lipo and tummy tuck. I felt great 48 later! I came to my hotel and since I came I have no need for painkillers. I saw the results of my surgery today and I look amazing! And it’s been just 5 days…
ReH Deviant
ReH Deviant
19:08 15 Nov 21
Felt very well in there , did lipo with abdomen surgery everyone was helpfulDidn’t mind the language gap , they were there to try and understand , the full stay was and service was greatEveryone was supportive and kind
Susie abayeva
Susie abayeva
15:42 31 Mar 21
First and Foremost I’m a paranoid American who did a ton of research and luckily stumbled onto this perfect place. I decided to get a breast lift with implants and a rhinoplasty at the same time and when I contacted this center, the response via WhatsApp was immediate. My coordinator Yasin is the best of the best. He answered all of my questions and concerns and never once seemed annoyed. His English is beyond perfect! The entire experience was seamless. Airport pickup straight to hotel. Hotel rooms were clean and staff accommodating and walking distance to clinic. Maybe 3-4 minutes. My surgeon was Dr. Er, who I will say is the kindest and most professional doctor I have met in a long time. As nervous as I was, he was always reassuring me that everything would be fine. The Clinic itself was immaculate, sterile, and welcoming. The night after I was released from the clinic, I ended up with a slight fever- called Yasin right away and they came within minutes to take me to clinic. Kept me on fluids overnight and constantly checked my blood to make sure I was ok. The care I received here is much better than the hospital care here in New York. Impressive. As far as the surgery, the doctor listened to what I wanted and made his suggestions. It’s been 3 weeks post op. Bruising was gone from my face few days after. I feel great. Full results will be visible in 3 months but so far I’m quite happy. And just today I sent a message to Yasin asking about post op care and responds was once again immediate. Anyone who is looking for a professional, friendly, clean aesthetic center, look no further. I will most definitely be back. Thank you Dr. Er and thank you Yasin!!!!
18:58 17 Sep 21
I am super happy about the final result! I did a tummy tuck with Dr Ergin Er … everything went well !
Gassant Marie Antoinette
Gassant Marie Antoinette
18:47 12 Jun 21
Hi, I am from the caribbean islande of sxm, I am a student and I also work full-time.I was so scared at first, but I did it anyway!I had my first surgery in February 2021.I had a rhinoplasty, which costs me a total of 3500 euros. I loved my result from the very first look...Mr. Yasin and Mrs. Sebnem are ones of the nice's human being that I have ever met and the world need more of them.They made sure that everything was done correctly from the booking and follow up to my surgery.Mrs Sebnem was my translator she is just great and very helpfulAnd Mr Yasin is the manager and he is awesome at what he do us clients are very happy with him.I don't know how they both manage to give us clients all of this attention, hospitality and informations and care.They made sure follow up with me till I reach back home safely.And my dream came true with the help of God of course and Istanbul Aesthetic center and their teamsI will be commenting on my final results after my six month mark I will let yall in on it 🙂 chat soon peace and love bye!
Tatyana Dronova
Tatyana Dronova
13:55 12 Feb 21
7 December 2020 I had rhinoplasty sergery, I don't like result because I had not 3d modeling of my nose and I have not what I asked (I wanted turned up nose and smaller width and size of nostrils, but I didn't get this, because very important to see future resault and if something wrong fix it before sergery
nicolas dijoux
nicolas dijoux
15:44 06 Jun 22
I don’t recommend. I came twice the surgeon was not able to draw a proper front line for my hair transplant. I didn’t pay for the second one, but it was even more disappointing. Better go somewhere else even if you will pay more money for a more qualified surgeon.
below the rain
below the rain
12:36 15 Apr 22
i was trying to book an appointment for top surgery as a transman. First they told me there is available slots then they said I have to make early deposit. Then they disrespectfully stated “ you should go to the other cheap clinic in Izmir” . When I tried to raise a complaint they insisted they have done nothing wrong!All because one question I asked they started to treat me in a horrible way.This was my question to be clear “ some transmen told me different nationalities pays different prices is that true?”When the agent felt insulted I apologized and started to set the date and fill the forms .. guess what they still talked in a very disrespectful way.* Update 15th April : tried to contact them on instagram account transgendersurgerybyneda and they blocked my account. I talked with the hospital itself, receptionist seemed a reasonable nice man. Issues could be related to the agent covering Instagram account
23:45 14 Apr 22
They do not have the ability to deal with customers, and my friends and I were harassed. The hospital is bad, and they keep their customers away in an uncivilized way I hope you get a better hospital.. My transgender friends go to a better hospital
Elijah Lovkoff
Elijah Lovkoff
19:09 14 Mar 22
Guys came out of nowhere. Asked them not to contact me again politely. Then somebody else contacted me over whatsup. Spammers. I have nothing to do with Plastic surgery and never inquired about it. Stay away.
Cedric Frasenlib
Cedric Frasenlib
22:44 03 Feb 22
Pictures say everything.I paid an additional 800€ just for repairing.What you see is what they repaired... imagine how it was before.Every day, when I see myself on the mirror I think about istanbul aesthetic center and I hate the day when I contact them.Four years ago, I'm still trying to save money for repairing the desaster that they do on my body but on my MIND also.
Cedric Dakar
Cedric Dakar
16:48 09 May 21
I had to make surgery with aesthetic and actually it's worst than what i could expect.I paid more than 4000€ for liposuction and fat injection.After one month there no were results concerning the liposuction and my chest was awful.I contact them and paid 800€ for retouching.Till now the result is awful. my chest, my belly and are awfull. No results on my love handles and legs.The fat injection in my face is also bad.I fell really ripped off.....I really don't recommand this clinic. It's only profits and not quality.I have pictures for prooving🙂
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