Medical Park

Medical Park specializes in dental care, cosmetic surgery and hair implants. Founded in 1991, this certified clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Medical Park, Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Park is a reference hospital in Istanbul and internationally, where health problems are treated by the best medical teams and professionals. With the awareness of protecting and improving health according to the satisfaction of patients and staff.

Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in hair transplantation while continuing to practice their profession on a daily basis, which allows them to provide our patients with a 25 YEAR written GUARANTEE, signed and sealed by the doctor. This hospital has stabilized the quality of its healthcare services by obtaining the ISO 9001 quality management system and has the most prestigious accreditation for hospital excellence outside of the United States, awarded by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is the most demanding body for safety and quality of patient care worldwide. It ensures that patients and their families can be confident that MEDICAL PARK HOSPITAL meets the care, safety and quality protocols that make it comparable to the best clinics and hospitals in the world.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Bone grafting
Dental appliance
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Customized Dental bridge
Dental checkup
Dental crown
Dental scan
Dental implant
Coronary-radicular reconstruction
Dental radiography
Dental consultation

Plastic surgery
Browline lowering
Double eyelid creation
Brazilian facelift
Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Cervicofacial lift
Facial lipo-filling
Laser liposuction
Gastric sleeve
Gastric band
Gastric botox
Gastric bypass
Secondary rhinoplasty

Hair transplant
Brow transplant
Hair transplant DHI
Hair transplant FUE
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant

Services offered

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Private rooms
In-room TV

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded in 1991 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, German, Turkish

Reviews of Medical Park Bahçelievler İletişim

06:33 18 Oct 21
a commercial establishment that has the potential to get rid of its patients from the door almost without a cavid test
14:37 06 Apr 21
The operation of the doctor is getting longer, no problem, okay, but unfortunately, it was not successful in managing the waiting process of other patients. Situations such as the time when the doctor can come at the latest or referring to another doctor at that time.
Furkan Gümüş
Furkan Gümüş
16:21 21 Mar 21
An extremely expensive hospital. Until I get here, I go to Bakırköy Acıbadem. I would like to go to ethica private, if there will be a serum, an injection or a lab test.
Türkmen türkmen
Türkmen türkmen
07:57 12 Feb 21
There is a very solid doctor staff.
Naciye Yavuz
Naciye Yavuz
10:47 17 Dec 20
Merci beaucoup.
serkan yılmaz
serkan yılmaz
19:21 05 Jul 20
Zeynep Tilbe Akbay
Zeynep Tilbe Akbay
15:36 02 Jul 20
Çalışanlar çok saygılı ve çok ilgili doktırlarıda şahane
ali cahit cülüc
ali cahit cülüc
21:01 30 Jun 20
Ulaşım kolay ilgi alaka yerinde muntazam
serdar kaya
serdar kaya
18:35 26 Jun 20
Efe Can
Efe Can
15:33 14 Jun 20
Güzel hizmet
serkan halil öksüz
serkan halil öksüz
17:21 10 Jun 20
Özgür oruc
Özgür oruc
23:04 04 Jun 20
sezgin cabuk
sezgin cabuk
06:28 09 Apr 20
23:48 18 Feb 20
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