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Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic Bangkok

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic specialises in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 2007, this certified clinic is located in Bangkok, Thailand. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic was established in 2007 by a group of internationally minded doctors, all of whom were trained abroad. They have placed themselves at the forefront of Bangkok’s burgeoning cosmetic and plastic surgery industry and use the latest innovative technologies, constantly improving their knowledge and skills, while putting patient health and satisfaction first. Located in the Emporio Place tower, their central location on Sukhumvit 24 means they are easily accessible and everything is within reach.

The facility has been designed to provide a distinctive and refined service, operating with the utmost ease and efficiency. All major procedures are performed in an accredited surgery centre, each designed to meet international standards and monitored by board certified doctors. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are dedicated to using advanced surgical techniques to achieve the desired look. Nirunda Clinic is unique in that the doctors provide a bespoke service to each patient they examine, through consultation and understanding of both parties’ perspectives.

Nirunda’s philosophy is to make every effort to ensure the safety of the patient, while trying to match the goals of the surgery with a realistic approach. The most important factor in successful cosmetic surgery is the selection of plastic surgeons – combining art and science, they like patients to emerge with a refined natural appearance and not an artificial one.

Clinic specialty:

Plastic surgery
Wrinkle treatment
Lip reduction
Nipple correction
Nipple reduction
Filling Blepharoplasty
Lip augmentation
Breast implant removal
Hollow neck – Bichectomy
Neck lift
Cervical lift facial lift
Brow lift
Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Fat transfer
Jaw reconstruction
Mammary implants
Pectoral implants
Revision of breast implants
Gender reassignment (Male to Female)
Male to female Sexual (Male to Female)
Buttock implants
Brazilian lift
Buttock lift
Breast reconstruction
Hip augmentation
Plastic surgery consultation
Scar treatment
Scar treatment

Services +

Airport transfer
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Translation services

City: Bangkok – Country: Thailand – Founded in 2007 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, Japanese, Thai

Reviews of Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic

11:10 11 Apr 24
Very professionalChemical peel 1000 bathNice french guy valentin
Larrin Devereaux
Larrin Devereaux
05:35 04 Apr 24
Nirunda Clinic. Professional and clean facility. The doctors are very professional. I worked with Dr. Puk for an IV treatment. Excellent mix and ingredients. This place is on par with the Clinic I usually visit in Beverly Hills. Highly recommend.
Sorada Gatrgrl
Sorada Gatrgrl
04:54 04 Feb 24
The best experience here getting my eyelids done. Very professional and super clean. The staffs are so kind and attentive. My doctor was caring and explained everything carefully. I communicated with Betty my international consultant and she was so helpful. She responded quickly and had answered all the questions and concerns I had. Makes it very easy to navigate from United States. I will come back to see my doctor here in the future for any cosmetic procedures for sure. Keep up the good work everyone.
chan sothyrea
chan sothyrea
12:03 03 Feb 24
It’s my first time I got the treatment at here but is really good service, good product and I’m really happy :>>My face got better 50% only in one session
kevin chow
kevin chow
15:44 10 Dec 23
I came to have a mole removed on my cheek. Very easy and seamless process. Staff was very helpful and friendly. I was in and out fairly quick and the mole is gone. And of course English instructions for how to apply medication was handed to me after the appointment so that was very nice also. I will come back to have more wprl done when i return to thailand again.
Ernest Pang
Ernest Pang
08:16 12 Apr 23
Had an awesome experience here! Thought the doctor was very thoughtful, and provided great care. Didn’t feel pushed to do services I didn’t need. Everyone speaks great English.Staff were also amazing and even did follow up he next day!
jason solomon
jason solomon
17:46 30 Mar 23
Going to Nirunda clinic has been an amazing experience , you get treated with the upmost respect and kindness , the staff is very nice and attentive to all your needs , one procedure for acne scars along with combination procedures can give you great improvement within just one session , the afs stem cells are a very powerful way to improve your overall skin appearance and will help heal your skin even quicker , I’ve had only good results with this clinic & have already referred people from United States and will continue to support and honor the business , they have quality work ethic along with great prices !
Kanyarat Tk
Kanyarat Tk
02:42 10 Mar 23
I was there yesterday evening, to consult with Dr.B I need a mini surgery on my chin due to my scar issue. Dr. B very kind and extremely professional, No doubt. He makes me feel so comfortable.The clinic very nice and super clean, staff and the team were very friendly.I would highly recommend this place to anyone. This is truly honesty review.i usually don’t like to write a review but at Nirunda clinic they definitely worth it.
02:34 29 Mar 22
I highly recommend Nirunda Clinic simply because results are their signature and they put value added into their work. I have 4 main reasons why this clinic got my 5 stars and thumbs up. First, the accommodation. The whole ambiance of this clinic is very conducive for treatment, very relaxing and clean. Second, they are very patient with my queries and always making sure that my needs are well attended to. Third, the expert care. This is actually one of my reasons why I came here. I’ve been to other derma clinic but never experienced the same treatment as I am having here. The doctors are well-experienced and knowledgeable with their own craft especially Dr. Art who was my attending doctor. They always make sure to explain the rationale of their treatment before starting any procedure to their clients. The fourth one is the result of their treatment. I guess the result of the treatment will explain the type of clinic this is. They always make sure to deal with the root cause of the problem so it will not keep on occurring and become another source of your expenses. So, if you're living in Bangkok or nearby this clinic, do not hesitate to visit and avail their free consultation. I'm sure you gonna have a good time there coz the clinic has a very welcoming environment and you'll definitely be satisfied by their quality service.
08:59 19 Jan 22
Professional and comfortable approach
alpha bilagot
alpha bilagot
06:44 31 Oct 21
Doc Art and all the staff are very helpful and very nice on my acne treatment journey. I had the worst breakout but thanks to the program they have presented as it healed my acne for almost 2 months. I highly recommend this clinic to those who suffers from systematic,inflamed acne,etc.
Tom Ffrost
Tom Ffrost
08:51 07 Oct 21
Cannot recommend this place highly enough. strict COVID measures to keep everyone safe. super friendly staff to help with all your needs. doctor Puk is very skilled and knowledgeable, she recommended the perfect treatment plan for my condition. I received injections in my under eye area and was able to see the results right away. deffiently will be returning for all my aesthetic needs.
Fiona Mcphee
Fiona Mcphee
10:32 27 Jan 20
This review is for last December Visiting. Staff were helpful and hospitality. The appointment was on time to consult with doctor who was kind and considerate. She was incredibly helpful and answer my all questions with medical reasons. So, I left this review that happy with the results. And special thanks for your advise to the fantastic local street food near your place, I loved them too.
02:19 27 Dec 19
Edit: An ‘ethical’ clinic that divulges information about your medical condition online without your permission. Ha. Also, I don’t see the logic in the clinic saying that the total expense is only 500 baht. Yes, 500 baht may seem reasonable for a regular doctor consultation and medication, BUT you advertised your consultation as free of charge, so 500 baht is only for a tiny bottle of medicine, which I can get from the pharmacy for much cheaper!! It’s almost like you are trying to cover your costs through charging exorbitant prices for medication! And by the way, your doctor did NOT give a thorough inspection or consultation like you tried to justify. I was the one who had to keep prompting and asking!! You wanted to give me TWO medicine costing 1000 baht in total, and again I had to explicitly ask loads of questions to find out what they were and what they were supposed to do. It’s frustrating. I rejected one medicine bringing cost down to 500. Total rip off. They lure you in with free consultation but grossly over charge for medication. Dermatologist (female) was very vague with her explanations and showed little interest in giving advice. Spent less than 5 seconds looking at my skin condition. Translating staff tried to be helpful but gave incorrect information about the medication. I found the same type of medication in the pharmacy for ONE FIFTH the price. Will not return!
Yuta Takahashi
Yuta Takahashi
18:14 13 Sep 19
This is a very good aesthetic clinic in Bangkok, I can say this is my first time for laser surgery. The clinic is not difficult to find from my Hotel ( Mariotte). I had nearly 20 moles removal done on my back that is usually painful and nurse put some numbing cream on them and it was fabulous, so I think that seeing as it was something new (at least for me),Doctor Piyavadee always gently asks during treatment about my pain score. That makes me feel comfortable and release for my first-time treatment. And I have to thank you nurse to support me all from start to end ( Over 3 hours for all treatment).
Helena Phillip
Helena Phillip
07:37 18 May 19
I am so glad I made the decision to go here! I'm in love with my results! Affordable Price with excellent services.
Tony Elsom
Tony Elsom
19:57 05 May 19
Thank you for your excellent appointment system and your staff (Rose) provided me with the advanced information about your location, price and post-treatment care by e-mail. This was the first time for my filler injection on my face. I was very nervous and worried. Honestly, I scared the needle, but the doctor explained to me with kindness and spent more than 30 minutes for consultation. Clinic Staff frankly told me the price as they quoted in the e-mail. I feel safety and confidence from their information. The result of injection is super impressive with 1 cc. filler. The doctor did only 1 cc. She said that I had a mild level of volume loss on the smile lines and needed the result to be natural looks. Firstly, I would give you 4 stars because the clinic location is not in the department store, so I had to walk 5 minutes from the station.... I changed to 5 stars because I think it is VERY PRIVACY clinic in the cosy building !!! Try to keep your services like this !!!!!
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