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Phuket Dental Studio Phuket

Phuket Dental Studio specialises in dental care. Founded in 2012, this certified clinic is located in Phuket, Thailand. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Phuket Dental Studio, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Dental Studio are specialist dental solution providers covering the entire spectrum of dental care. Priding themselves on providing the highest quality dental care, with the aim of giving patients beautiful smiles and healthy teeth for a lifetime, their expertise covers the basics such as check-ups, cleaning and fillings through to the most advanced crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, root canal surgery and whitening.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental radiography
Dental consultation
Fluoride application
Dental sealant
Dental cleaning
Dental abscess treatment
Dental extraction
Dental 3D impression
Root scraping
Customized Toothpaste
Wisdom teeth extraction
Dental extraction
Root coronal reconstruction
Radical treatment Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment
Dental veneer
Dental whitening
Dental bridge
Dental crown
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Sinus graft
Bone graft
Dental appliance
Dental implant
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental checkup

Services +

Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpreting services
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Translation services

City: Phuket – Country: Thailand – Founded in 2012 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, Thai

Reviews of Phuket Dental Studio

Martina Naydenova
Martina Naydenova
08:25 18 Apr 24
Best place for dental services on the island. The staff is very kind and explain everything simple in English!
Александра Адамова
Александра Адамова
10:17 20 Apr 23
My thanks to the staff and doctor! I was accepted without an appointment 🙏🏻 They made me a filling, good price 👍 Everything was very polite, positive and absolute understanding 🙂 ขอบคุณ ค่ะ
paul eaton
paul eaton
12:46 06 Apr 23
Impressed .thought i had cavity didn’t have she cleaned scale to relieve tension on tooth. So I asked for full clean .Invasive but worthwhile so good to have a thorough clean.Thank you very much
Shahzad Shafiq
Shahzad Shafiq
11:08 30 Nov 22
Had a great experience with the dental 5/5 the customer service is very good and the service of quality was also good. I will be coming again thank you!
Shivani yadav
Shivani yadav
10:49 30 Nov 22
good service counter And the doctor cleans the teeth well, worth a visit. And the price is straightforward.
07:34 29 Nov 22
Went here since it was close to where I was staying. Receptionist is too busy flirting with her boyfriend to do her job. Dentist wasn't going to show up for my appointment and they didn't bother to tell me. I had to call to confirm before going every time.Dentist would be great at buffing paint out of a rock, but working with human teeth takes finesse. Rushed the cleaning and cut my gums multiple times. I've had my teeth cleaned in Chiang Mai and Bangkok without issue, so this was surprising. Receptionist then tried to charge me twice for services. Go elsewhere.
Rami Matar
Rami Matar
13:43 22 Apr 22
I thank the doctor and the staff for their kind, perfect work, a high level and good, worth a visit
พิ้ง พิ้ง
พิ้ง พิ้ง
07:30 06 Aug 21
Greg Gregg
Greg Gregg
23:16 28 Aug 19
This Dental Clinic are straight forward and honest with reasonable prices as well
naboru amcc
naboru amcc
07:52 21 Jul 16
God services, god prices and the attention of the employees was very kind. But there is just one dentist, difficult when there is more than one person wating to be attended.Call up to make a reservation....
Paul Srisomsak
Paul Srisomsak
03:35 27 Nov 15
Mick (Australia) says...My family and I have used the services of Phuket Dental Studios for a couple of years now and found the experiences friendly, informative, hygienic and extremely professional. Thanks for all you have done.
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali
17:13 04 Nov 15
Dr bee is the best in phuket
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