Poncz Dental Budapest

Poncz Dental Budapest Budapest

Poncz Dental Budapest specialises in dental care. Founded in 1989, this certified clinic is located in Budapest, Hungary. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Poncz Dental Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

At Poncz Dental Budapest, their mission is to ensure that the dental practice is a professional and friendly environment. They have a team of dedicated, ambitious and enthusiastic medical professionals who welcome patients to their clinic. They offer a wide range of dental treatments and procedures, such as: dental implants, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, all on 8 dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental fillings, orthodontics, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, wisdom teeth extraction and more.

The clinic’s dental hygienists help to solve the problem of gingivitis and periodontal disease, and the dental assistants continually participate in professional training. Complex oral operations are performed, including inlays, crowns and bridges, which are made by one of the leading dental laboratories in the country. All their patients receive personalised care in expert hands and in a calm environment. They offer affordable prices and have state-of-the-art technology. With a team of renowned dental specialists, they welcome patients from all over the world.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental radiography
Provisional dental prosthesis
Dental extraction
Dental filling
Dental cleaning
Periodontal surgery
Root canal treatment
Coronary reconstruction- Root canal treatment
Root canal extraction
Wisdom teeth extraction
Dental bridge
Inlays/onlays prosthesis
Dental crown
Bone grafting
Sinus grafting
Dental veneer
Dental whitening
Dental implant
Hybrid implant-supported prosthesis
Mini dental implants
All- on-4
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental checkup
Dental consultation

Services +

Airport transfer
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Internet consultation

City: Budapest – Country: Hungary – Founded in 1989 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, German, Russian

Reviews of Poncz Dental – Budapest

ully németh
ully németh
13:26 13 Mar 24
I was amazed by the customer service and how the team was nice. They are very professional and their equipment are very updated. The team made the effort to speak and explain to me everything in english which I really appreciate! I will definitely be back there! Dr. Vanessa was very careful and sweet.
Szótér Gergely
Szótér Gergely
10:36 08 Feb 24
They are exceptional. Fair value for a fair price. If you want to get the job well done, then I can't recommend a better place to go. FYI: I am flying to Budapest from the UK to get my dental issues fixed. And they are fixed. Not rushed for a quick buck, but realistic, long-term solution.The staff will not promise wonders, which would last for a short period (and then you are back at square one again), but will give you a realistic and long-term plan instead.They also use high-tech equipment and innovative solutions I've never heard elsewhere. Compared to other dental practices (considering UK too), it really feels like you are in a space station!😎 🚀I'm super pleased! Thank you, Poncz Dental Team! 🙏
Alexandru Timpescul
Alexandru Timpescul
06:55 13 Jan 24
After numerous visits over the course of more than a year, they gained my trust to come back for dental braces work.The staff is warm and friendly, professional and personable.The empathetic doctors are good pain managers and their emphasis on patient education is truly commendable.I had time restrictions for appointments, so their availability was scarce, but busy hours is the price to be paid for success. It is better to plan coming here for the long term, rather than quick fixes.Commonly at any dental office, people complain about the waiting time. I was justifiably a little late a few times and never received a complaint about it.All around, excellent dental office.
Isadora Filizola
Isadora Filizola
11:42 02 Jan 24
I highly recommend this clinic to everyone, especially those who are dealing with wisdom tooth pain like I was.Dr. Poncz and his team are very kind and caring. They are worth the price. 🙂
08:03 09 Aug 23
Simply the best I have experienced so far!
Kindson The Genius (Kindson The Tech Pro)
Kindson The Genius (Kindson The Tech Pro)
19:46 26 Feb 23
Negative experience. Went there for a treatment plan for a full-mouth restoration. They could not provide any treatment plan, neither could they confirm they don't offer full mouth restoration.The doctor mentioned I have to extract wisdom teeth, which is completely unrelated to why I went. Then they mentioned cleaning. But no treatment plan was provided.They took 76,000 HUF for doing nothing. I spent about 30 minutes there and left.I was a upset because, I have clearly explained on email that I need a fullmouth restoration and I need treatment plan for it.Dr. Erno Ponc I could say is very friendly. Had a good conversation with him. So I give rating of 2.
Emeshea Petty
Emeshea Petty
07:37 03 May 22
I've been here twice now to be evaluated for orthodontic work. Everyone is extremely kind and helpful.Last time I had a cleaning. They use the high pressure water-pik, so it doesn't hurt like the scraping with metal tools that dentists used to use. It was a very similar experience as in the United States. The dental hygienist asked about my comfort throughout the process and did her best to ensure that nothing hurt too bad.The equipment here is top-notch. They can do panorama x-rays on the spot with a very fancy machine. Definitely would recommend, especially for expats looking for an English speaking practice that feels similar the US.
Konstantin Wojtachnia
Konstantin Wojtachnia
08:46 25 Apr 22
Very professional and quick. They explained everything well and were very friendly.
Viktória Kassai
Viktória Kassai
09:51 19 Apr 22
Bölcsességfog műtétem volt,minden fájdalommentes volt. A doktor urak, az asszisztens és recepciós hölgyek kiemelkedő tudással és tájékoztatással látnak el. Tökéletes fogászat, bátran ajánlom mindenkinek.
Botond Barabás
Botond Barabás
11:32 09 Dec 20
A legjobb csapat!Hozzáértés és emberség jellemzi őket!Gratulálok! Csak így tovább!
Edit Juhász
Edit Juhász
20:29 28 Aug 20
Életem legjobb fogorvos élménye! Csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek, azoknak pedig mindenképen érdemes kipróbálni, akik eddig féltek a fogorvostól.
Nikolett Appel
Nikolett Appel
10:48 11 Oct 19
Örülök hogy ráleltem erre a fogászatra. 2 fogamat is megmentették így nem kellett gyökérkezelni őket. 2 bölcsesség fogamat is úgy kihúzták, hogy szinte meg se éreztem. Kedves asszisztensek és orvosok. Soha nem fájt még itt semilyen kezelés. Január óta rendszeresen járok ide teljes renovált csináltattam.
Ozarus .
Ozarus .
09:23 07 May 19
Ne keress tovább, gyere ide, próbáld ki, és szidd a korábbi dokid!
Adam Lorincz
Adam Lorincz
18:38 17 Jan 19
Rettenetesen félek a fogorvostol, sose volt olyan h ne fájna... Egeszen idáig, a doktor ur nagyonnagyon jo fej es barátságos, de ez igaz minden itt dolgozora, aki fogorvost keres annak csak ajánlani tudom ezt a helyet!!!
Barbs Jen
Barbs Jen
10:08 31 Aug 18
Dentist is probably not the most exciting places you visit in your lifetime, however you won’t be disappointed if you chose Poncz Dental! They are super professional and try to make your otherwise bad experience as fun as possible. They are kind and help you understand what is going on with your teeth, give you advice and help you relax during a dental procedure.
Anikó Mile
Anikó Mile
13:49 03 Oct 17
Maximális elégedettség. Bátran ajánlom bárkinek! A doktor Úr személyisége fantasztikus.❤(Kitűnő munka,semmi fájdalom)
Kt Tyler
Kt Tyler
08:48 17 Jul 15
Excellent facilities, great staff...my two favorite dentists!
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