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Reproclinic, Barcelona, Spain 🥈

Reproclinic is a fertility clinic located in the centre of Barcelona, Spain. It is a brand new IVF clinic that opened in 2018 and only treats international patients. The clinic occupies 2000 square meters on the ground floor of the building in which it is located. High ceilings, recovery rooms (four) that look like hotel rooms and Catalan design architecture create a very professional environment that does not look like a conventional clinic. There are three secure laboratories – IVF, andrology and cryo – and an operating theatre. The clinic has a multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced specialists, offering an attentive, human and personalised service.

The clinic offers all fertility treatments (except surrogacy and sex selection cycles) with own or donated (anonymous) gametes for heterosexual or female couples or single women. The age limit is approximately 50 years. The storage of cryopreserved gametes is not limited in time. The clinic creates individualised fertility treatment programmes that are tailored to the needs of each patient. The patient experience is a fundamental concept at Reproclinic. It’s about making the whole process manageable, safe, easy and relaxed as every detail of this experience contributes to its success.

The clinic also offers its patients a holistic approach: acupuncture, nutrition, osteopathy, fertility coach, etc.

The staff speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

The clinic is certified ISO 9001 – ISO 9001: 2015 valid until 20 November 2022. And it is accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Clinic specialty:

Artificial insemination
Embryo transfer
Oocyte freezing
Oocyte retrieval
Embryo freezing
Embryo transfer
Embryo transfer cannula
Female fertility testing
Fertility assessment
Follicular ultrasound
Hormone testing
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
ICSI – IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IVF consultation
Ovarian stimulation
PCT – Post-Coital Testing
DPI – Preimplantation Diagnosis
Treatment of retrograde ejaculation
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Sperm freezing
Tubal catheterisation

Services +

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Private rooms

City: Barcelona – Country: Spain – Founded in 2017 
Accreditation: ISO 9001 certified – ISO 9001: 2015, valid until 20 November 2022. And it is accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya – Language(s) spoken: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

Reviews of Reproclinic

Olimpia Pastore
Olimpia Pastore
15:08 12 Nov 20
Un ringraziamento dal profondo del nostro cuore.....Siamo davvero felici della scelta fatta tra tante cliniche li a barcellona...Volevamo ringraziarvi per aver avverato il nostro più grande sogno quello di farci diventare mamme con il metodo ropa, siamo al 5 mese di gravidanza e non vediamo l’ ora di averla finalmente tra le braccia.....Ottima equipe e soprattutto tantissima professionalità scusateci se abbiamo una piccola preferenza ma GRANDIOSA E PER NOI VERONICA ha seguite in tutto il percorso donandoci sempre serenità e positività, di una dolcezza e umanità che la contraddistinguono ancor di più.....Consiglieremo a tutte la vostra splendida clinica....ancora complimenti...saluti Olimpia ,Susanna e la piccola Nicole dal pancione 🥰
Success Love
Success Love
23:29 10 Nov 20
Wonderful team with massive professional...everything about this clinic is excellent👌♥️ Thanks guys for making our dreams come through🙌🙌 am nw a proudly mom💃💃Highly recommended to everyone.
Sydney Gourlay
Sydney Gourlay
15:42 02 Nov 20
The Fertty team is wonderfully kind and professional. They really helped make my egg freezing easy to navigate, personal, and an overall optimistic (even enjoyable!) experience. Highly recommend!
Barbara B
Barbara B
18:54 02 Dec 18
Me and my partner live in the UK. We were doing research of clinics in few different countries - including UK - for a very long time. We have made contact with some of them, but we weren't 100% convinced. One day, family friend recommended us Fertty clinic, so we gave it a chance. Skype arrangement was very quick and we were very pleased with the level of professionalism. We decided to go for IVF treatment. The whole experience was a great team work. Doctors (great thank you to Dr. Espinos and Dra. Arque), assistants, nurses, receptionists, everyone! outstanding, warm, human treatment in such a difficult time for us.The communication was excellent and facility is modern and very well equipped. We felt we are in good hands all the time and trust is one of the most important things in this situation. Now we are pregnant and we couldn't be happier!!! We recommend this clinic to everyone. BIG thank you!
Aurélie Deux
Aurélie Deux
18:38 03 Jul 20
Après avoir longtemps hésité sur les différentes cliniques que l'on a recherché,Après plusieurs rdv téléphoniques pour lequel nous savions plus ou allez et vers qui se diriger ,nous avons été séduit par Veronica une très charmante jeune femme ,intelligente,souriante,qui nous a rassurée ,guidée sur nos appréhensions .C'est ainsi que j'ai fait mon choix d'opter sur cette clinique.Je recommande à tout le monde la jolie Veronica qui restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur .
chacha deluna
chacha deluna
21:44 12 Oct 18
Excellent team of professionals. Very knowledgeable and personalized care. I could not be happier they are also very accomodating and trully listen to patients. In depth explanation of proceedure and excellent communication. I would recommend 100%
Alshamsi Alshamsi
Alshamsi Alshamsi
08:32 28 Oct 19
We have great experience with great team thank you Fertty International 😊🌹
Paul Ciaccio
Paul Ciaccio
21:02 27 Aug 19
È veramente un posto professionale dove ti senti comodo e lo staff ti tratta come un ospite. Ti fanno sentire come a casa e non hai la sensazione di stare in una clinica. Assolutamente fantastico!
Nathalie Dallegre
Nathalie Dallegre
16:10 01 Dec 20
Bonjour, un merci à toute l équipe, qui est vraiment très professionnel et on a été bien accueilli tout au long de notre parcours.Merci également à Veronica ma coordinatrice qui à été d un grand soutien et toujours là pour répondre aux questions et toujours avec une grande sympathie.J ai aujourd'hui une belle petite fille de 4 mois et que le dois à toute l équipe.
Karine Chevreux
Karine Chevreux
23:35 12 Nov 20
Merci à l’équipe de ferty qui s est montrée professionnelle , à l écoute et surtout qui personnalise les prise charge !!!!Une clinique accueillante et sécurisante contrairement à d autres ... après un Parcours souvent long et difficile !!!Un grand merci en particulier à veronica qui a elle seule à su parvenir par son écoute , sa gentillesse , sa bienveillance et son professionnalisme a rendre ce parcours non plus comme traumatisant mais comme un souvenir heureux !Au delà de l aspect médical et professionnel une belle rencontre avec une belle personne ..merci encore à veronica qui mérite d être connue !!
08:21 05 Aug 19
I had previously been a patient at another Spanish clinic whom I felt was quite impersonal. We had been trying for a baby for 10 years via three different clinics in the UK and Spain, and we decided to try Fertty for our final attempt. We took things slowly as I had to get my health in order, and over the space of 10 months we had Skype consultations and we visited the clinic to meet our doctor in person. The team there are incredible. You get a dedicated patient assistant and contact with your doctor whenever you need it. They are extremely quick to communicate and very personable and empathetic. I loved the fact they were kind and compassionate and took time to really understand our needs. We were treated as individuals not just numbers. I cannot recommend Fertty enough, especially as our cycle was successful and I am now pregnant 😊 If you want personal care, highly experienced doctors and fabulous patient assistants then try this clinic out. Dr Maria, Claudia & Veronica were incredible- thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream come true. We will forever be grateful and can’t wait to come back and visit when baby arrives.
Sophie Perez
Sophie Perez
19:26 22 Dec 19
Aux futures mamansUne experience magique grâce une equipe vraiment à l'écoute et toujours presente pour nos différentes questions . Je me suis sentie chouchouter.Aussi une enorme pensée pour le personnel du laboratoire avec qui jai une la chance de ma vie d'être maman dès mon premier transfert d'ovocyte .Pour conclure je recommnade vivement fertty international
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