Dr. Meir Cohen – Ramat Gan

Dr. Meir Cohen - Ramat Gan Ramat Gan

Dr. Meir Cohen – Ramat Gan specializes in plastic surgery. Founded in 1999, this certified clinic is located in Ramat Gan, Israel. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dr. Meir Cohen, Ramat Gan, Israel

Dr. Meir Cohen – Ramat Gan specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery and the clinic is located on the 21st floor of Israel’s tallest skyscraper, they offer a range of procedures including reconstructive surgery and dermatology. The clinic features a modern, fully equipped operating room, with a sophisticated monitor to track blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood. The operating room is also equipped with defibrillation and resuscitation equipment. The clinic is committed to providing its patients with the safest and highest quality care and welcomes both local and international patients.

Clinic specialty:

Plastic surgery
Plastic surgery consultation
Scar treatment
Wrinkle treatment
Nipple correction
Skin filling
Fat transfer
Pectus excavatum
Lifting the Eyebrow lift
Breast implant removal
Breast implants
Neck lift
Breast lift
Pectoral implants
Calf implants
Mammary reduction
Cervical lift
Facial lift
Breast lift
Facial lift facial lift

Services +

Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Flight booking
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel booking
Interpreting services
Taxi booking
Medical records transfer
Travel insurance Medical insurance
RPM accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Phone in room
Private rooms
Food precautions
Translation services
TV in room

City: Ramat Gan – Country: Israel – Founded in 1999 
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, Italian, Russian

Avis de Dr. Meir Cohen – Ramat Gan

E. A
E. A
07:40 02 Mar 22
Absolutely wonderful.
Sabrina Llorente
Sabrina Llorente
07:40 18 Feb 22
I went to Absolute Care clinic because of their good reviews and I have to say that the results of my procedure is more than I had expected. The doctor and owner are both super knowledgeable and professionals. The clinic is clean and nice. I highly recommend it
Isabelle Reynolds
Isabelle Reynolds
03:47 24 Jan 20
Absolute Care Clinic is amazing! I am a 24 year old female living expat life in CM. I have always struggled with acne and scaring. I have been coming for both IPL and YAG. The team is amazing- they walk you through every procedure, why they are doing it and post-visit tips. The facility is beautiful and very clean. The staff is sanitary at all times and take measures to reduce any discomfort. 10/10! They have been my life saver.
Kit LaTigre
Kit LaTigre
11:00 26 Oct 19
I read the glowing reviews and felt confident to have my first facial cosmetic treatment done here. I had cheek filler to soften my laugh lines and tighten my face. The consultation was great, she was completely open and honest about the procedure and gave her recommendation which I held onto, and booked my appointment.The doctor came in after my face numbing to do the fill, and he confirmed my treatment vs my desires (he made a different suggestion than the consultant but he was not there for the discussion so I stuck with my original decision) I was also terrified because I hate needles and have a very low pain tolerance, but they were very kind and made sure I was comfortable and gave me a teddy bear to squeeze which I definitely did.The numbing agent worked and I felt virtually no pain. Just some pressure, a little pinch. The whole thing took about 45 minutes.I did 1/2 syringe on each side, and the results were AMAZING.now I do not look like a Jenner but I don't want to, I'm so happy with the results.It lifted my cheeks, softened my laugh lines, tightened my jowel AND FOREHEAD. I have no swelling or bruising.I will 100% go back for any future treatments !!!!!!!!
Sarah Guidas
Sarah Guidas
07:04 10 Jul 19
I had a great experience here! The staff is very knowledgeable and was able to give me a thorough understanding of what treatments would help me with my issue. The procedure I chose went very well and I was pleased with the results. Definitely recommend!
Tatiana Stim
Tatiana Stim
11:03 21 Mar 19
J'y suis allée aujourd'hui pour avoir des renseignements , très bon accueil. Agréable et patient , on m'a tout expliqué sans pousser à la consommation . On m à dit ce sont Ma peau avant besoin et ce sont elle n avait pas besoin .Merçi pour votre bienveilllance .
Taylor Buck
Taylor Buck
10:47 08 Jan 19
Great experience—I went in for some insight about a skin issue I’ve had for a while (a blemish that wouldn’t heal) and she really eased my mind with a detailed explanation of what was happening, what I could do at home, and why I shouldn’t worry. Very kind woman, no charge for the consultation and a lengthy conversation. The place is clean and has a great ambience. Highly recommend!
Işılay Ekin
Işılay Ekin
13:28 02 Jul 18
Many foreigners look for a good and professional beauty clinic in Chiang Mai and I was one of them. The climate of Chiang Mai caused a breakout all over my face. Here I read the good comments and since then I have been to this clinic 4 times for different treatments. Aey is a gorgeous person with a lot of knowledge in the field and she, with her all honesty and perfect English, will recommend the best procedure for you, moreover she will accompany you during the procedure. Dr Tum is a very professional, reliable and nice doctor. Prices are reasonable. I highly recommend this clinic.
Emma Donovan
Emma Donovan
00:25 29 Apr 18
I had an incredible experience at Absolute Care Clinic. This was my first time having an appointment like this outside of the United States, so I was a little nervous. But the staff was so knowledgeable and friendly! The lady working at the front desk (I didn’t catch her name. She might have been the owner?) stayed with me the whole time I was waiting for the doctor. She also gave me some skin care tips which were very helpful. Much cheaper than in the United States but the quality of care was the same or better. I’ll be back!
Belloeuf family belloeuf
Belloeuf family belloeuf
07:32 29 Feb 16
Janvier 2016. Je me rends à cette clinique qui est en pleine restructuration pour une injection de botox, et peut être plus.... L'entrée est un peu difficile à trouverLa personne à l'acceuil est très agréable et me renseigne très bien : Tarifs, differentes possibilite... tout est tres bien expliqué. Tarifs à la seringue (plus intéressants) Elle me propose un rdv pour l'après midi avec le docteur.Entre temps, je visite 2 autres clinique. Mais, soit les tarifs (a l'injection ) équivalent à la France (donc pas intéressant. ..), soit je ressent un effet "usine". Je fais donc mon choix : absolute care clinic. 15h, le docteur me reçoit, prend le temps de m'écouter et de me conseiller. Il est jeune et très doux. Je me sent en totale confiance. Mais je n'ai pas les moyens pour tout le traitement. Le docteur me propose alors une solution adaptée avec mon budget.Une jeune fille m'installe dans une petite salle (un peu trop d'air conditionnée ) et me démaquille soigneusement. Elle m'applique une crème anesthésiante et me laisse reposer tranquillement. Le docteur me fait mon traitement botox, puis me propose un remplissage pour "coller" à mon budget. Tout est terminé en 45 minRésultat : un travail superbe, visible dès 48h après, un médecin à votre écoute, un tarif compétitif par rapport à la France, (mais qui reste encore un peu cher, donc qui peut amener le touriste à se poser la question si il peut prendre le risque...)Pour ma part, je n'hésiterai pas à retourner à absolute care clinic, et je la recommande... un autre moyen de s'offrir un super souvenir de Thaïlande !
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