Clinique FIV Marbella

Clinique FIV Marbella Marbella

IVF Clinic Marbella specialises in IVF. Founded in 2012, this certified clinic is located in Marbella, Spain. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Clinique FIV Marbella, Marbella, Spain

From IVF Marbella, we are pleased to announce that on the 4th of March at 20:00 we will be inaugurating our IVF Marbella clinic in Ceuta. The event will take place at Paseo de la Marina Española no. 26, where the clinic is located.

Two months ago, we decided to open in this city with the aim of making our experience and technology in the field of assisted reproduction available to its citizens. Two months later, we are proud to announce that 3 patients have achieved the desired pregnancy with the help of their professionals.

We would like to remind you that IVF Marbella has a team of over 100 professionals with extensive experience in the world of fertility. This team is at the service of the patients of Ceuta in order to guarantee the growing demand that exists in this community and to provide the best possible service in each treatment.

With this new opening, there are now 6 cities where we are present: Marbella, Malaga, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona and now Ceuta, which joins the Marbella IVF family.

Specialty of the clinic :

Sperm antibody test
Artificial insemination
Assisted hatching MAP
Embryo transfer
Oocyte freezing
Oocyte retrieval
Embryo freezing
Embryo transfer
Embryo transfer cannula
Fertility testing for women
Fertility assessment
Follicular ultrasound
Hormonal test
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IVF consultation
MACS – Immunomagnetic Cell Selection
Ovarian stimulation
PCT – Post Coital Test
PGD – Pre-implantation diagnosis
Treatment of retrograde ejaculation
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Sperm freezing
Tubal catheterisation

Services offered

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi reservations
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Private rooms
In-room TV

City: Marbella – Country: Spain – Founded in 2012 
Accreditation : No information – Language(s) spoken: Spanish, English, French

Reviews of Clinique FIV Marbella

Eva Angelina Romero
Eva Angelina Romero
17:39 18 Jan 23
The staff is so amazing and they really care about your care. Michelle and Lindsey have been amazing in our journey. If you want to go to a place that really cares about you and your growing your family, I highly recommend them.
Tania King
Tania King
19:15 08 Mar 22
After a heartbreaking failed IVF in a clinic in Greece, my husband and I chose OVOCLINIC after a thorough search. I can only say that that was literally the best decision we ever made. I got pregnant at the first try. Everything was handled so professionally, with so much precision, but at the same time with so much human warmth. We’re beyond happy. After 10 years of marriage, we’re going to finally have a baby thanks to Ovoclinic ❤️
James Kennedy
James Kennedy
13:33 13 Dec 21
Great experience of the clinic where we had a cycles of IUI and one of IVF. They explained what was going on every step of the way and we never felt we weren’t sure what was coming next.Lindsey is an absolute star, could answer everything we threw at her and was never too busy, made you feel like the only client.This was all during peak covid times as well but their standards or availability never dropped.Only not 5 stars as during IVF kept getting prescribed drugs that were seriously difficult to get and no alternative ever got recommended even though fed it back.We found them all eventually but at one point had to go to 15 pharmacies in an evening!Friendly staff, bi lingual and highly recommended for anyone going through IVF.
Gem 83
Gem 83
21:25 06 Oct 21
From the first time we went to the clinic, we felt in safe hands.We had our first consultation and was given a lot of Information for us to take home and have the time to think.After 8 years of trying for a baby, two ectopic pregnancies and also a miscarriage we decided to try Ivf and we could not be happier or more grateful if we tried.Dr Bravo, Lindsey and the rest of the clinic team are phenomenal!! We have our long awaited, miracle baby boy!!Every step of the journey was planned to perfection, any questions we had answered.From the bottom of our hearts, thank you !!We will be back!Lots of LoveGemma, David & baby RileyXxxxxx
Uli B
Uli B
07:33 06 Sep 21
After many unsuccessful attempts of IVF in Australia we decided to have our treatment done in Spain. Our experience at IVF Marbella has nothing but positive and professional. The medical protocol was different to Australia and all has been organized via email with their international coordinator Michelle. Her replies were quick and detailed, and our treatment carefully planned for our first visit to Marbella in July 2013. The first transfer did not result in a pregnancy, our remaining eggs were frozen and I returned in March 2014, and finally falling pregnant at 42. The entire team at IVF has been warm, supportive and professional.
Nidze Nidze
Nidze Nidze
11:46 21 Aug 21
POOR, UNPROFESSIONAL, INCOMPETENT, UNQUALIFIED AND UNHUMAN APPROACH OF THIS CLINIC IS SHOCKING!I visited this clinic with my husband for initial consultation. I did the blood test for my AMH (which shows the women’s ovarian reserves) and my husband did the spermiogramma. Already in 30 minutes (quite surprisingly, as in other clinics and laboratories AMH takes up to 3 working days to be prepared), the young person who consulted us, his name was Abraham Zavala Garcia, told us that my AMH level was low and in our case we had a very low probability of getting pregnant with a simple IVF. Without any other tests and analyses, in 10 minutes this unqualified person and charlatan (I can’t even call this a doctor) concluded that we had very low pregnancy chance and the best solution for us will be immediately to try an egg donor. I wonder why he chose this option, MAYBE BECAUSE IT COSTED TWICE A NORMAL IVF WOULD COST? WHAT A SHAME!SHOCKING, UNHUMAN AND DECEITFUL!We went to another clinic and I redid the AMH test, the result came in a few days which said that my AMH level are normal for my age…I AM HAPPY WE WERE SMART NOT TO BELIEVE THESE DECEITFUL PEOPLE AND I WISH MY MESSAGE WILL STOP OTHER PEOPLE FROM TRUSTING THEIR LIVES IN THE HANDS OF THESE UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE.
Louise Kathrine Pedersen
Louise Kathrine Pedersen
17:33 06 Jul 21
The best clinic here at the Costa del Sol by far. And I speak from several years of experiences with other clinics here. The staff is extremely professional and compasionate and interested every step of the way from the first appointment. I've done ovononation and got pregnant in the first try.I recommend Ovoclinic Marbella to everyone who wants to become parents or a single patent.
Anna Kovalchenko
Anna Kovalchenko
12:05 24 Dec 20
They are only interested to get as much money as possible from you. Wasted 2 years and thousands and thousands of euros with them with 0 result. Initial estimate grew in geometric proportion, and the "embarazo guarantizado" which they promote is just a marketing trick. Don't repeat my mistake and waste your time with them. Find real professionals.
Rebeca Callado Jiménez
Rebeca Callado Jiménez
10:56 15 Dec 20
Muy contenta de la elección que hice. Son unos profesionales maravillosos, me sentí muy acompañada durante todo el proceso.
ling morris
ling morris
10:34 08 Mar 20
One of the most important and correct decisions my husband and I ever made is coming to this clinic. We can not thank everyone at the clinic enough for helping us fulfil our dreams.We tried to conceive for 5 years before seeking treatment aboard. I was so depressed after 2 surgeries and 1 failed IVF treatment. I was exhausted mentally and physically. We nearly give up trying, until one of my closest friends in the similar situation had successfully conceived with FIV.It was wonderful to hear her story. We followed her recommendation and now I have a most beautiful son sitting in my arms. I am now 11 weeks pregnant with our second baby! All these will not be possible without FIV.The feeling is just amazing. Sometimes when my husband and I look into each others eyes we share tears of joy. The whole thing still seems unreal.Of course it is not a easy journey. there're pains, emotions and stresses along the way. But if you are determined with the right help by the side you dreams can come true too.I am confident to say the staff and doctors we have dealt with at FIV are not only very professional they also care on the personal level. I always felt I able to speak to them about anything on phone, email and WhatsApp.Dr Sosa practices with honesty and integrity. On our first attempted transfer Dr Sosa cancelled the procedure. He did this because conditions was not perfect. We are grateful that he did not simply just carry on with the transfer and take our money.All around great experience. Highly recommend.
Monique Villa
Monique Villa
09:53 06 Mar 20
la mia esperienza è stata più che positiva, dopo un lungo percorso . faticoso, ora ho un bel bimbo di un anno. Trattamento dall'inizio alla conclusione ottimo, mi hanno sempre contattata per controllare il mio percorso, sia prima che dopo l'intervento. Sono stati tutti molto gentili e professionali, dai medici alle infermiere, molto attente e premurose. Poi ogni percorso è individuale e quindi molto personale, ma io mi sono trovata molto bene.
luana lentini
luana lentini
07:18 06 Mar 20
Noi cercavamo una clinica che oltre ad utilizzare le migliori tecniche, avesse anche un supporto umano. La professionalità dello staff dalle infermiere, dottori, biologi, ecc... è veramente al top. Qualche volta abbiamo pensato di mollare, ma lo staff ci ha sempre supportato e sopportato. Ad ogni nostra domanda, dubbio abbiamo avuto sempre una risposta. Per Chi intraprende questo percorso sa quanti ostacoli bisogna affrontare. Finalmente ad Agosto 2019 siamo diventati genitori di una meravigliosa bambina. Siamo felici di avervi scelto, siete stati professionali, in tutto! Grazie ❤️
mario sanna
mario sanna
19:45 05 Mar 20
Un’esperienza bellissima, personale molto competente ed empatico, ci hanno informato e seguito in tutte le fasi nella maniera più semplice, ci siamo affidati con fiducia alla struttura e ne siamo stati ampiamente ripagati, siamo arrivati in due e siamo tornati in tre.. dopo nove mesi è nato il nostro bellissimo bambino. Esperienza estremamente positiva👍🏻
14:49 03 Mar 20
Salut! Je veux partager ma belle expérience et remercier toute l'équipe médicale et tout le personnel qui nous regardait à tout moment, je l'ai vu très loin de réaliser notre rêve, jusqu'à ne pas aller de l'avant et avec les conseils et les belles paroles de les encouragements et la foi que nous avons reçus du personnel nous avons décidé de continuer, et aujourd'hui nous sommes trop heureux de ma grossesse accomplie et avec 7 semaines + 5 jours que nous apprécions beaucoup, tout cela grâce à la Clinique FVI Marbella, je le recommande volontiers, ne pas le regretter et réaliser le rêve souhaité par de nombreux couples qui recherchent la chose la plus précieuse et la plus belle que ce soit d'avoir un enfant.Merci beaucoup FVI Marbella 😍
lea beauty
lea beauty
12:20 13 Oct 19
Clinique..médecine,reception tout est parfaite La réceptionniste de ceuta qui s'appelle diana vraiment magnifique je la donne 10/10 (wiam z)
Andrea Sánchez
Andrea Sánchez
09:03 04 Jul 19
Cada vez que veo esta fachada se me coge un pellizco de alegría en el estómago. Tras un par de intentos de FIV en otra clínica, decidí cambiar y empezar con Fiv Marbella y bendita decisión. Si queréis ser papás o mamás, o recomiendo este centro al 100% Gracias por tanto a todo el equipo, en especial al doctor Sosa por su profesionalidad a lo largo de todo el proceso.
Diana H.
Diana H.
08:35 14 Aug 18
Cero comunicación con los pacientes y fatal trato humano (excepto el 1er día de entrevista). Errores unos tras otro. Hemos estado mas de 2 meses y medio esperando contestación para solventar problemas con ellos sin haberse puesto en contacto ni contestar llamadas ni emails.No enviáis informes de ningún tipo durante el tratamiento, (Tampoco facturas, mandáis un simple recibo que no es válido para nada) y cuando os lo he solicitado para comprobar que todo estaba correcto después de ver varias actuaciones poco transparentes, vemos que en el informe de laboratorio aparece como "No" realizada una técnica adicional por la que nos habíais animado a pagar de manera extra. Os lo hicimos saber, mandando la copia del informe del laboratorio y la copia de la factura (que me costó conseguir) y me contestáis con otro email donde aparece el mismo informe donde ahora pone "Sí" en vez de No. No sé si os parece normal, pero desde luego que tenéis una falta de profesionalidad y buen hacer que clama el cielo. No sé cómo os quedáis tan anchos.Todavía seguimos esperando la devolución de ese dinero, que es lo mínimo que deberíais hacer después de una suma incontable de errores. Al igual que la otra mujer que da su opinión más arriba, también me pasó lo de los efectos secundarios. Llamé a la Clínica y la doctora me dijo que no era posible. En la segunda caja de medicación me volvió a pasar exactamente igual, por lo que claramente eran efectos secundarios de la medicación, que de manera absurda me negaban y me hacía pensar qué tipo de profesionales tenían mi salud en sus manos. Por cierto, la tasa de éxito de la que tanto alardea en su anterior contestación a la otra "clienta", desde luego que animo a que la miren. Yo la llevé a la clínica asustada cuando la vi, para nada era lo que ponéis en vuestras publicidades (que no sé cómo os dejan hacer eso) y en vuestras consultas, alentando a vuestros "clientes" a inexistentes esperanzas, que no es que las tengamos nosotras....son las que vosotros nos decís. También acordamos un ciclo en fresco, que tampoco se hizo por errores vuestros, teniendo que transferir en congelados y perdiendo los posibles embriones sin calidad para congelar y que no transferisteis en fresco. Adjunto fotografías de los Resultados Oficiales de los que alardeais:Foto 1. Fiv Marbella. Resultados oficiales del Registro de la Sociedad española de fertilidad SEF2015 (último Registro Oficial). Resulta raro que vuestros datos sean del 0 al 40% de éxito en mi franja de edad....En mayores de 40 ya ponéis entre 0 y 82%....¿Podéis explicar si es más tirando al cero que al 82? Todas las demás clínicas ponen un ratio razonable....A vosotros tenemos que interpretar el resultado entre un 0 y un 82? Y siendo optimistas en el ciclo entre 35 y 39.....como mucho es de un 40% y como poco un cero. Que me gustaría saber exactamente cuál es. 2. Datos de la Clínica Gutenberg. SEF 2015. Una datos muchos más transparentes (y más altos), con una franja razonable de resultados (46-63%) y por supuesto que no rozan el cero, para comparar que otras clínicas no usan esos ratios tan ambiguos que si fueran buenos no serían así. 3. Web fivmarbella .Los resultados de vuestra web, donde afirmáis que estáis por encima de la media nacional. Es increíble que estéis comparando los datos nacionales de SEF2015 con los datos de vuestra clínica en 2016 e incluso 2017 o incluso de 4 años juntos (Como vemos en muy chiquitito en el apartado de "Notas"). ¿En serio?!! Nos estáis tomando el pelo de nuevo???! Y esto decís que está "Verificado por una consultora externa"? (De la cuál tampoco ponéis el nombre). No me extraña que tengáis que compararos con la media nacional de hace 2 años para poder simplemente estar por encima de la media.
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