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Dentium Implant Center Budapest

Dentium Implant Center specializes in dental care. Founded in 1979, this certified clinic is located in Budapest, Hungary. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dentium Implant Center, Budapest, Hongrie

Dentium Implant Center offers full-service cosmetic dentistry and treatments include dentures, orthodontics and dental operations of all types. Cosmetic Dentistry: Designed to restore the naturally beautiful colour and shape of teeth, their procedures include cosmetic dental fillings, ceramic veneers, teeth whitening, dental jewellery and porcelain cosmetic veneers. Dentures: Designed to replace damaged or missing teeth, treatments include porcelain crowns, Cercon crowns, root abutments, removable partial dentures, and inlays/onlays (composite, gold and porcelain). Oral Surgery: For extraction of teeth and tooth roots, tooth conservation treatment by surgical methods, treatment of inflammatory lesions and cysts in the jawbone (caused by dental conditions), and surgical removal of cavities

Procedures include tooth extractions, root apex resection, cystectomy, tooth replantation, frenectomy and wisdom tooth extraction. The clinic also offers orthodontic treatment, such as traditional braces, low-intensity braces and removable braces, as well as a range of high quality titanium dental implant procedures. It has a renowned team of dedicated medical specialists, who welcome local and international patients and offer all treatments at affordable prices.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental extraction
Dental filling
Dental scanning
Dental bridge
Dental crown
Prosthetic Inlays / Onlays
Bone Bone
Dental facet
Dental whitening
Sinus transplant
Dental implant
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental checkup
Dental consultation

Services offered

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Medical records transfer
Internet consultation
Translation services

City: Budapest – Country: Hungary – Founded in 1979 
Accreditation : No information – Language(s) spoken: English, Farsi, German, Hungarian, Italian

Reviews of Dentium Implant Center

Chelsea Brownie
Chelsea Brownie
18:03 19 Jan 22
We travelled from Canada. Got a set of crowns and 2 implants. These doctors are so amazing !!! We even through in the Botox. From getting to the airport we got a ride included. Krisztina Tóth made us so comfortable making sure we had a secure hotel and gave us some ideas of what to do in the city. The quality of the work at this practice is amazing. We’ve had not one problem. Booking was simple. I was even offered tea while I sat and waited for my fiancée to get his teeth done. He was offered prescriptions for pain meds and the doctor really listened and understood what we were looking for. The implantologyst is Dr Ali DehghaniThe dentist is Dr Gaál ZoltánThe plastic surgeon is Dr Mohammad Jaberansari. The plastic surgeon did his Botox which has lasted over 3 months so far. Definitely would 10/10 recommend !! Way better then any dentistry I’ve seen in Canada. My fiancé has a BEAUTIFUL smile and we can’t get enough of it.. seriously. Stunning.
Alessandro Spadafora
Alessandro Spadafora
17:24 15 Jan 22
My father had a painless root canal treatment done on a molar by Dr. Sanaz. She is calm, dedicated and thoughtful. Everything was really great. The whole team was professional and friendly. Good price quality ratio. Highly recommended.
Gergely Horváth
Gergely Horváth
19:26 03 Jun 20
Februárban jártam itt bónusz brigádos kuponnal panoráma röntgen felvételen. 4 hónappal később egy másik fogorvoshoz mentem más okból kifolyólag ahol ránézett a panoráma röntgenre és egyből kiszúrta a rendellenességet: egy nagy cisztat látott, amit egy másik röntgen is megerősített. A kezeletlen ciszta egyre csak nő és gyengíti a fogakat, roncsolja a gyökereket. Egy fogamat már gyökerkezelni kellett. Elgondolkoztató, ha akkor a doktornő észre veszi a problémát menthető lett-e volna a fogam/fogaim.Nem tudom minek köszönhető ez a figymetlenség, de nagyon bosszantó. Talán nem volt benne a bónusz brigádos kuponban a röntgen kiértékelése ?.....Az alkalmazottak illetve a doktornő is kedves volt, habár úgy éreztem minél előbb túl akart lenni rajtam. Csalódás
Maziar Dehghani
Maziar Dehghani
10:35 18 Feb 20
This place, is one of the only few dental clinics in whole budapest where you have access to all advanced dental machines required for giving the best dental treatments,(Ct, Intraoral scanner, wands, panoramic and periapical x ray machines...) and that makes it convenient and comfortable for both dental staff and the patients!
Hussen Ali
Hussen Ali
20:45 13 Feb 20
All thanks and appreciation to Dr. Muhammed Jabransari Super, an amazing professional team!  they are nice!  I can only recommend to everyone!  There was no pain in breast reduction  Indeed, all my respect to them !!!  Greetings: 🌷🌷🌹🌹 Fayrwz
Szilvia Barbara Komjáti
Szilvia Barbara Komjáti
13:16 13 Feb 20
Szuper, elkepesztoen profi csapat!Vegtelenul kedvesek!Mindenkinek csak ajanlani tudom!En teljesen meg voltam elegedve!Sot, minden Tiszteletem nekik!!!Udv:Szilvia💐
Scrooge Maidsone
Scrooge Maidsone
23:18 24 Dec 19 awkward service. Booked all in advance. When í came í found out the dentist had not looked at the picture í sent months earlier. Money for nothing. Stay away from this Dental Service
Tony Elliott
Tony Elliott
14:29 14 Dec 19
CAREFUL...came here and after treatment í got infection...had to spendmoney to come again.. And pay fully for it... Bad service
Sigurdur Einarsson
Sigurdur Einarsson
10:48 05 Dec 19æru samlandar. Forðist þennan stað. Fékk sýkingu í tönn eftir aðgerð
Fanni Aradi
Fanni Aradi
21:42 27 Nov 19
Profi-felkészült csapat, barátságos kiszolgálás és környezet! Csak ajánlani tudom őket! 🙂
André Bándi
André Bándi
17:46 22 Nov 19
Very friendly, good and professional dentist for a good price 😁
Jorgen Gudnason
Jorgen Gudnason
13:01 21 Nov 19
One year ago í came to fix my teeth..Had some bredges mate. After that í got infection in one of the roots that they built bridge over. After 3 visit with my dentist at my home í sent Dentium Implant...picture of my root. Er booked á time and when í arrived the dentist had not seen the picture í sent 2 times To Kriztina who works there. He said he needed more time fór this tooth wich í understood í could have booked longer to begin with this was thursday át 18.00 í was leaving early saturday.
Mehdi Ellili
Mehdi Ellili
00:57 28 Feb 19
Unpleasant and dishonest staff. They lie a lot and are very unexperienced. I was told I can make a prothesis in one week. I came one week later the price changed and they could not even make the prothesis (what they made is disgusting and fragile). I do not recommend to go there. It is low quality. We can call it a scam.
Nazanin M.Ch.
Nazanin M.Ch.
17:39 26 Apr 17
very kind caring and precis doctors
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