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Nart Clinica Dental specialises in dental care. Founded in 1982, this ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic is located in Barcelona, Spain. See customer reviews, before and after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Nart Clinica Dental, Barcelona, Spain

Nart Clinica Dental was founded in 1982 by Dr. José Nart Espinet. It is consolidated as one of the most prestigious dental clinics offering interdisciplinary treatments. Their expertise covers the basics such as check-ups, cleaning and fillings to the most advanced crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, root canal surgery and bleaching. Clínica Dental Nart has everything necessary to make its patients feel comfortable, relaxed and able to receive the best dental treatment.

It has the most modern dental equipment, the best digital radiology equipment, including a scanner, and the latest advances in each dental speciality. The clinic has a team of experienced doctors who offer all dental procedures at affordable prices. Their high level of expertise guarantees a high standard of care, from diagnosis to treatment. They welcome both local and international patients.

Clinic specialty:

Dental care
Dental radiography
Dental cleaning
Dental filling
Dental extraction
Root planing
Dental scanning
Coronary reconstruction
Provisional dental prosthesis
Root canal treatment
Dental veneer
Customized Customized tooth guard
Dental extraction
Mini dental implant
Dental whitening
Bone grafting
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Dental crown
Dental implant
Sinus graft
Hybrid implant-supported prosthesis
Dental bridge on implants
All- on-4
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental checkup
Dental consultation

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Flight booking
Free Wi-Fi
Health insurance
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Interpretation services
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RPM accessible rooms
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City: Barcelona – Country: Spain – Founded in 1982 
Accreditation : ISO 9001:2008 – Language(s) spoken: Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Reviews of Nart Clinica Dental

Gerard Leger
Gerard Leger
18:42 18 Feb 22
I have been attended by the very professional and friendly team at Nart Clinica Dental for almost 10 years now and it has been my best experience ever, and across several countries, where dentistry is concerned.I always got sound advice and never experienced any stress or pain while undergoing a variety of procedures (some of them rather complex).The clinic systematically offers the latest technology and all processes run very smoothly thanks to confident and highly trained personnel communicating well with each other and also very clearly with patients.Whether you require root canal treatment, tooth removal, implants, crown work or teeth straightening I definitely recommend Nart Clinica Dental where you will find the right expert for you.
John Buckley
John Buckley
22:01 26 Nov 21
The team at Nart Clinica Dental have restored my faith in dentistry. I attended with them last year after reading some reviews on Google and easy communication via email and traveled from Ireland to have some major root canal/crown work done with the possible addition of an implant. I was quoted a small fortune for this work at home, but at Nart the costs were well within reach.After detailed assessment and discussion, I proceed with treatment including the implant even though they suggested I could probably manage fine without it. They were kind, honest and professional. The clinic is so peaceful and well laid out that I felt like I was in a wellness spa! No joke, I nearly fell asleep while undergoing a complex multi-channel root canal. I never felt a tingle let alone discomfort or pain.Their equipment is super up to date, with handheld 3D Scanners for your mouth and a stress free 180-degree x-ray machine that I have never seen the like of! Their surgery bays have a shared walkway that allows for easy cross consultation and sharing of knowledge, and everything feels like it’s focused to the best outcome for you because they work as a team.Now everything is functioning perfectly, and I look forward to going back to them when I need major works done in the future.I highly recommend Nart Clinica Dental.
Tatiana Bianca B
Tatiana Bianca B
13:19 16 Feb 21
This place is amazing! Finally I got rid of my dentist fear. The doctors are wonderful! 👏🏼 I strongly recommend Nart Clinica Dental! They solved my teeth issues without pain. The doctors were patient and empathetic. Thank you!😁
Mercedes Zamora
Mercedes Zamora
20:23 13 Dec 20
Soy paciente de la clínica Nart hace varios años, estoy muy contenta con el Dr. José Nart un gran equipo de excelentes profesionales.Recomendable 100%.Saludos.
The Beauty Queen
The Beauty Queen
16:05 13 Nov 20
francisco martinez
francisco martinez
19:02 10 Nov 20
Ils avaient fait l'éloge de cette clinique dentaire et après avoir eu de mauvaises expériences avec d'autres, j'ai décidé de leur rendre visite.Dès mon entrée à la Clinique, j'ai déjà perçu une grande différence.Le traitement est très amical et désireux de vous aider de la part de tous les médecins (en particulier Luis, José et Alina).Très professionnel, rapide dans le traitement et avec des installations modernes.Idéal.En fait, je suis de Majorque et je reviendrais quand même pour les cures ou traitements supplémentaires qui se présenteraient.
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro
19:01 08 Nov 20
La clínica cuenta con grandes profesionales, llevo yendo desde 2017 y mi experiencia siempre ha sido genial. La Doctora Anaïs es un encanto de persona, no hay nadie en quien confíe más para cuidar de mi salud dental. Este año empecé el Invisalign con la doctora María y también estoy muy contenta con el tratamiento. Lo único que mejoraría es el tiempo de espera, que en ocasiones se alarga.
luis estelrich
luis estelrich
20:20 05 Nov 20
Grandísimos profesionales altamente cualificados que acompañado de su exquisita orientación hacia el cliente resulta una experiencia única. Capital humano de gran valor muy próximo y siempre atento a cualquier detalle. Recomendable 100%.
Cristina de Castro Casañas
Cristina de Castro Casañas
13:49 03 Nov 20
Excellent équipement! Super professionnels et toujours avec beaucoup de soin! Judith, Noe, Maria et Vero 🔝🔝 Merci pour tout. Traitement Super Invisalign.
Antonio Robles Ros
Antonio Robles Ros
16:25 20 Oct 20
Una experiencia magnífica, tenía un problema grave con implantes, fundas y algunas infecciones y todo fue perfecto.El personal aparte de muy profesional muy agradable y atento, estas muy relajado ...... y el trago se pasa mejor.Los doctores excelentes tanto José como Lluis muy buenos.Mi agradecimiento a Clinica Nart, por el trato y el trabajo realizado.Un abrazo.
Carlos Garris
Carlos Garris
12:55 20 Oct 20
Muy recomendable. Personal exquisito. Después de 5 implantes todo perfecto y cero molestias. Tengo pánico a las agujas y no te digo nada a los dentistas. Prueba superada. Gracias.
Mar Delgado Ponce
Mar Delgado Ponce
10:01 22 Jul 20
Me realicé un injerto con el doctor José Nart y no puedo estar más contenta con el resultado. Profesionalidad, amabilidad, y tranquilidad de estar en buenas manos para la operación.
samael Sarmiento
samael Sarmiento
17:58 07 Jul 20
Muy buena experiencia, trato excelente y resultados inmejorables. Grandes profesionales con inmensa calidad humana. La recomiendo sin ninguna duda.
Jordi Berrocal Lozano
Jordi Berrocal Lozano
22:13 29 Jun 20
Me recomendaron esta clínica para hacerme un injerto de encía y la verdad que no me arrepiento de nada, trato formidable y en cuanto al injerto simplemente espectacular.
bertina lara gomez
bertina lara gomez
11:22 20 Mar 20
buen trato y reparan errores de la clinica dental ,,devesa,,, de girona
Maria Canals
Maria Canals
19:23 18 Feb 20
Em van cobrar 40 e per una primera visita. Vaig anar per una caries i em van dir que no hi havia caries que tot estava ok i em van informar de la ortodoncia. Les radiografies que em van fer vaig haver de recordar-li a la recepcionista varies vegades que me les envies. Avui he anat a un altra dentista i sí que tinc una caries que es veia a la radiografia de la clinica Nart, tot i que està amagada.
Lavinia Oltean
Lavinia Oltean
00:14 18 Feb 20
I couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and dedication of this clinic! I am of their patients. I came to this clinic 2 months and a half ago(still on going treatment) after a long research and opinion of others doctors. To cut the long story short, I was in awful pain of molar 47, I went to my local dentist and he advised it’s badly damaged and I need to remove it (quoted me €10 fee to remove it). I thought if it has to go, it has to go, right? However he informed me that to remove the molar 47 he will touch my nerve as I have a fine jawline and that would give my a paralysis temporary or forever!! That scared me so much!! And he pretty much said I need to that or I would have been back begging for him to take it out. That was the moment I knew I needed to to something about it and find another clinic.This is where Nart Clinica Dental came to the rescue! Dr Jose Nart Espinet together with his wonderful team helped me save the molar. So many thanks Dr Jose Nart Espinet, Dr Anaïs Ramírez Sebastiá and Dr Jose Nart Molina! I’m truly grateful for your exceptional work!Forever grateful,Lavinia
luigi iannotti
luigi iannotti
20:49 30 Jan 20
La mejor clínica en absoluto. Son muy profesionales, amables y trabajan estupendamente. El doctor Nart, el doctor Galletti, la doctora Ramírez y resto del equipo han hecho un trabajo excelente y estoy más que satisfecho. Recomiendo la clínica al 100%.
Pepe Borrell
Pepe Borrell
11:40 23 Nov 19
Un servicio excelente. Ha sido mi primera experiencia en la Clínica Nart y ya me considero cliente de por vida. La calidad del equipo, el espacio y el trato con el cliente hacen que te sientas como en casa en todo momento. ¡Gracias!
Jose Sañes Iborra
Jose Sañes Iborra
09:48 03 Sep 19
Me habían hablado muy bien de la clínica y, tras mi primera experiencia (fui a hacerme un injerto de encía), puedo corroborar las buenas impresiones. El trato es excelente, la clínica muy moderna (hasta el punto que no parece que estés en el dentista) y el equipo de dentistas y enfermeras es atento, profesional y transmite mucha confianza. Altamente recomendable
Filip Milbredt
Filip Milbredt
18:07 07 Apr 18
Had removed a wisdom tooth back home and only needed to remove the two stitches. First they wanted 40€ just to look in my mouth but since I knew what the problem was they agreed to charge 40€ total. The dentist led me in. She spoke good English, the receptionist didn't. I explained and she understood and looked and removed the stitches and check so there was no infection. Later that day I felt something in the area with my tongue. It felt like a piece of food. Didn't want to poke to much since it was sensitive. After two days of hiking I came to a camping where I could use a mirror and realize that there was a piece of stitching still going through my gum. I was able to pull I out. About 1.5 cm long.So I paid 40€ and they didn't even take all of the two stitches out. Don't care how fancy their clinic looks or how friendly they are. If that is how they work then they simply can't get more then one star and I would never go there again either.
Tito Barcelona
Tito Barcelona
13:01 21 Mar 18
The people were friendly, the facilities were neat and clean, and dentist kindly answered many questions. I highly recommend this dental clinic.
Mina Katchooi
Mina Katchooi
01:56 14 Oct 15
Simply the best dental clinic in Barcelona!It is conveniently located in the heart of the town. As soon as you walk in, you will notice the difference. The office environment is amazing and the blue color across the clinic is so calming. I felt very relaxed as I walked in, no fear or anxiety. The staff welcome you with their beautiful smiles. Everyone is very helpful and professional. It feels like you are in a spa and you just forget about your dental problems, you just like to be there...seriously, how many dental offices make you feel so relaxed. The rooms and the equipment are the state of the art and very up to date.Last but most importantly, the DOCTORS are all amazing. Dr. Nart has many years of experience and offers you the best dental treatment that you can imagine. There are specialist dentists including periodontist, endodontist and orthodontist for all your dental needs. It is very convenient and you don't have go anywhere else. they have it all.All and all, I highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for an exceptional dental office in Barcelona. You have to make your appointment to experience all that comfort and professionalism yourself.
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